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I'm a 63 years old female looking for MFP support with other women my age. I am on a weight maintenance journey right now and would like to encourage others.


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    Hi I'm back after being off the app for about six months. I'm 64 and very active and need to lose about 10 lbs. I'm looking for support and community here and also everyone's ideas and suggestions for living a healthy lifestyle. I'm married, a mom of 3 and a dog mom to two rescue boxers. I love to walk, do yoga, bike, hike, cook and read. I live in Michigan but I'm a Georgia girl born and raised. I'm an alum of the University of Georgia and a huge college football fan! Go Dawgs!!
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    I am 64 and "change" and have really noticed an uphill climb this time around with seeing the needle move on my scale. It is happenning and I have had to adjust and moderate my expectations and not blame my body for its stubborn responses to decreased calories and deficit eating. I suppose in a way, this 64 year old "carcus" has had to respond to whatever I have required of it and done TO it as a result of my eating patterns. So...at my old age I am learning to work in a more cooperative way rather than one of antagonism to get some positive responses. Started the journey this time at around 119 kg and at the moment I am at 96kg so my body is getting with the game. Quite a tough journey but started to enjoy it. Sort of.