Taken a while but results are starting to show..

Hi everyone. I've been using myfitnesspal in my quest to lose weight and get into the best shape possible. So far the journey is going great and i've finally started to see results..its a long road ahead but im determined to keep going!


  • Flowers4Julia
    Flowers4Julia Posts: 521 Member
    Good for you…takes ALOT of work!
  • beautyandababe
    beautyandababe Posts: 26 Member
    You look awesome! How long did it take? What is your exercise routine / calories / macros like?
  • Ktrinbc10
    Ktrinbc10 Posts: 5 Member
    Congratulations! You're making incredible progress. I hope each one of us can celebrate such achievements soon. B)
  • Jacq_qui
    Jacq_qui Posts: 424 Member
    Hard work has paid off, you look great, well done!
  • noumanpasha
    noumanpasha Posts: 7 Member
    Thanks for the positive comments all. Really means alot.
  • SummerBlueSky
    SummerBlueSky Posts: 1 Member
    Well done! You look amazing.
  • RMD131
    RMD131 Posts: 19 Member
    You have a tangible plan that's working. Biggest hurdle is finding a routine. Great job! I might have to adapt mine as yours to see if I can replicate results.
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