Consistency needed!

Hi I am 56 years old male in the U.K. Pretty consistent with the workouts! Mainly weights. However I am not so consistent with the diet!! I know what to eat I just press the F it button too often. I am weight stable but would really like to honour my intentions and hard work in the gym by losing 20-30lbs of fat. Anybody relate or got any consistency tips or inspo


  • evileyefirefly
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    The diet thing is difficult, the self control is usually the hardest thing to figure out. For me I decided I just needed to understand that I'd hit the "F-it" button more than not. So to compensate I checked my portions and ate much less of whatever the craving was, but then supplemented the rest of the meal with good choice items (Salad, roasted veggies, etc.) Keep at it, but find small changes that you can make to control what you eat, maybe just saying wait initially and drinking a cup or two of water before giving into the craving.