Any tips on how to reduce stomach inflammation??

I have exhausted every piece of advice online about how to reduce stomach inflammation and nothing works for me- I have a rare condition called MCAS that causes all the inflammatory responses. Medication for this is expensive af. And cryotherapy has helped in the past but that is also very pricey and I can’t do that. Anyone have tips? I’m really into herbal cures from the earth, and traditional asian medicine- to a point bc At the same time I don’t agree with essential oils and crystals n things
like that. So, holistic but not too


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    I'm guessing you've tried chamomile and lemon balm?
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    certain mineral waters help my tummy - topo chico plain, with pellegrino plain coming in a distant second. i'm guessing one of the minerals or the overall PH is what helps. i assume you've tried pepcid? i also used to drink milk with added calcium, and that seemed to help a lot.

    i find a lot of herb teas recommended for stomach irritation actually hurt my stomach as do many fruits (apples, in particular). sometimes plain water causes discomfort.
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    Did you ever do an exclusion diet? If not then this might be the moment to go and try it. It takes a lot of time and dedication, patience and eating lots of food that might seem boring but at least then you know what works for you and what doesn't. I don't have enough problems to diagnose MCAS but I do know that my triggers are so totally anti-reflux that I can't trust list. Camomille tea and chicken breast for example are total 'reflux' triggers for me. I write 'reflux' because it's not really reflux but feels a bit like it. I can has all the spicy food in the world, mind. And coffee or green tea. Egg is something I completely avoid because I just start feeling miserable right away, egg white and yolk. Too much lean protein in general is a problem.
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    A good brand of probiotics taken on an empty stomach. Also adding a small amount (or more if you like it) of sauerkraut to your diet. The type that must stay refrigerated, such as Kimchi. These are all things that have good bacteria in them . Hope that helps.
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    If you drink alcohol cut it out. If you don’t then start eliminating acidic foods and drinks until you find the culprit. Spicy foods can also be the cause. You start with the most obvious things then go from there