I just want to break my unhealthy relationship with food.

Anyone else struggling to let go of their unhealthy relationship with food? After my divorce I “unhealthily” lost about 25 pounds and while I felt “good” because I was skinnier, but mentally not due to the stress of divorce. Rewind to 3-4 years now I now am healed from that and a lot happier l, but gained some bad eating habits and gained it all back. I overeat way too often and constantly think about my next meal or food in general. I just need ideas, thoughts, prayers, anything to get me more motivated to quit this bad habit and get down to a healthy weight and just feel better overall.


  • Tattoos_and_Tea
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    I too have an unhealthy relationship with food. I'll self sabotage at every opportunity. Really hoping to gain some accountability friends on here to help stay on track! Have added you so maybe we can help each other?!