ever met a famous person face to face?



  • dylsmom99
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    theres no job like it (:
  • Derpes
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    I met former WWF wrestler Virgil while in line at 5 Guys Burgers
  • TeachTheGirl
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    Baseball player Ben Revere. Where I proceeded to blush when I really just wanted to rub my face on his biceps.

    Is that weird?
  • ThinLizzie0802
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    That was randomly at a bar in North Carolina while on a business trip.

    Also, Hank Williams III, Trent Reznor, Nick Lachey, Chris Robinson, Snoop Dogg, and Slug from Atmosphere.
  • heylookitsval
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    WWF- John Cena

    Met Jeremy Renner at Best Buy here in my town where he's also from...
  • IanBee93
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    Justin Bieber, Tim Currey, and Kardashians. The kardasians were not on purpose. They are the most stuck up people I've ever met.
  • SugarBaby71
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    I don't think I have, (a couple of athletes) but years ago my hubby was away on a business trip and was having a beer in the hotel bar watching some game or another... it was super quiet in there. The guy just down a couple of seats starts a conversation and they chat for most of the game. When eh gets up to leave, he asks hub, "Do you want my autograph?" hub says, "No thanks" and the guy walks away. The waitress comes over immediately and says, "Holy crap, you just had beers with Tommy Lee."

    He paid his bill and went to his room and called me immediately and asked, "Who's Tommy Lee?"


    Oh, I rode on Space Mountain with Nicole Ritchie and her entourage about 5 years ago.
  • MyChocolateDiet
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    In the late 80's I was traveling around as a Dead Head. (I always thot I looked like a mix of Jerry Garcia & Tommy Chong) In San Francisco their stage collapsed breaking my left leg. So here I was in downtown San fran and a black BMW pulls up and Carley Simon climbs out!
    She asked me about my leg and I told her about it, and right there in the middle of the afternoon she sang Anticipation to me and my leg! Carley you will always have a special place in my heart!

    So you have any stories to share?

    Wow what a classy lady. I will remember your story next time I am loving "your'e so vain" and that other song I can't remember right now. This time for reals...cool story bro!
  • I won a contest in middle school and got to meet Hulk Hogan. He was really sweet and I still have his autograph on the program. This was in his WWF 80's days!! I also got tickets to the WWF event and my seat was right in the aisle where they come out. I got to be right next to Andre the Giant. It was one of the fights when he had to fight Jake the Snake but didn't want to come out because he was afraid of snakes so he was standing right in front of me...he really was giant lol!!!
  • Jacwhite22
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    Master P, Lil Romeo, Bill Walton, Nancy Kerrigan, Vanna White. Probably some I am forgetting.
  • UsedToBeHusky
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    I crossed paths with TI at Walmart.
  • InForBacon
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    I am famous. Why do you think my profile is private...
  • kikicooks
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    Chris Robinson and Steve Gorman of the Black Crowes, just from being a groupie and going to shows early, caught them in the parking lot. Short conversations but both were pretty cool. Met Jeremy Piven at a Chicago street fest. He was funny, love him!
  • etoiles_argentees
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  • Lisa1971
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    It was Jon Bon freakin' Jovi. And yes, he's hot in person!

    I. HATE.YOU!!!!!! YUMM!
  • QuietBloom
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    I met William Shatner at Griffith Park during a horse show. He hit on me. :sad:
  • jeffryjirraf
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    Ewan McGregor at the opening of a distillery! he was smashed
  • PJ64
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    Tom Petty, he was really nice and took the time to talk, I was a teenager in a band and he gave me a few minutes of his time, very cool guy.
  • suziepoo1984
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    I dreamt last night that Janet Jackson hired me as a dancer in her next tour, and Will Smith was my dance partner. Does that count?:wink: ~Not sure what that dream was all about.....hmmm....

    In my line of work I have met many....too many to list. But I think the first "famous" person I met was on spring break, daytona 1990. I partied with Danny Bonaduce ( patridge family)....passed out for a few minutes, and woke up to him trying to get all kissy face with me. Later that night he was apparently arrested for posession of cocaine. Thank God he tried to kiss me....which sent me fleeing in the opposite direction!!

    My fave celeb is David Schwimmer. I worked with him on a movie he directed. He is such an awesome, hardworking guy. I love to meet people that really earn my respect!!!

    I do like david a lot..such a good actor!
  • MissKalhan
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    Does Hockey players count? I've met Daniel Alfredsson, Bobby Ryan, Chris Niel, Chris Philips and Kyle Turris(I live in Ottawa so all Senators).
    I've also met Drake(on set of Degrassi before he got huge) he's a douche, The Jonas Brothers (on set of Camp Rock) and 30 Seconds to Mars (on set of Degrassi).