ever met a famous person face to face?



  • janecarol61
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    Walked right past Mike Tyson in Walgreens late one night in Scottsdale, AZ.
    He is short!!! (I'm 5'9")
  • kechiemc
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    Yes. I met President Bill Clinton (not the Pres when we met) and Al Gore at an event when I was in college. I could not get over how much Gore looked like Superman in person.:laugh:
  • Mitzki5
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    Sammy Kershaw and Toby Keith
  • missdibs1
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    Met Richard kind just walking down the street near 48th St.

    What a nice man!
  • nena49659
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    Sammy Kershaw and Toby Keith

    Toby Keith! **heavy sigh**

    I had a cousin that looked like Toby Keith. He went to a few concerts and had girls asking him for autographs all the time. Sadly, he passed away at a young age. :cry:
  • ClaudiaBette
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    Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom at the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere at Disneyland, Anaheim, CA. There were also MANY other stars that walked the red carpet that night such as Kobe Bryant, Geoffrey Rush, Bill Nighy, Holly Lauren and Teri Hatcher, just to name a few. Pretty much the whole cast of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies were there. I was right in the front so I was pretty much face to face with Johnny and Orlando. They were super nice and all smiles and shook my hand and signed our autograph books. I posted details on that event on my blog and can be read here (with pictures and video): http://claudiabette.wordpress.com/2013/04/26/my-history-my-pirates-of-the-caribbean-premiere-adventure-at-disneyland/

    Also, at Disneyland, as I go there quite often, back in 2006, my kid, who was about 3 at the time, walked and then ran right into Diane Keaton. She was with her family and being escorted by a "Plaid" (cast members who escort the celebreties around the parks) and she was dressed in ALL black, from head to toe. It was friggin' 100 degrees that day. I thought that was weird for that women to be dressed in all black then realized who she was, apologized for my small child slamming into her then quickly turned away. She also looked VERY old. Her makeup commercials are NOT her. Her skin was ancient.

    Another I remember which happened more recently was walking past Jessica Alba while exiting the Indiana Jones ride, also at Disneyland. We were going up the exit pathway and she was coming down and walked right past us, also escorted by a "Plaid". She is a VERY skinny woman that is for sure. The people walking behind me asked me if that was Jessica Alba and I went "Yup....I believe so!"
  • FrauHaas2013
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    Growing up in So Cal, YES, a lot!!! There were always celebrity charity events going on...also used to run into them in Santa Monica or Malibu, or drive next to/behind/in front of them down the PCH.

    Lots of sports celebrities, too - mostly hockey (NICEST) and baseball players. Some football, very rarely basketball players.

    When I worked for a city down south, I was the one who did the film permits for the city. I was always invited to the set to "watch" what went on.
  • DRJ311
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    I know he is famous for NOTHING, but a group of friends and I went to the premiere of the first Sex and The City movie at our local mall and ran into Rob Kardashian and his girlfriend at the time, Adrienne Bailon.
    So random!
  • dym123
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    A couple of local athletes, Ozzie Smith and Jackie Joyner Kersee. High-fived Oprah Winfrey during the Chicago Marathon many many years ago. Sarah McLachlan at Lillithfair. Bobby Rush at Midway Airport, he was a congressman at the time.
  • Serah87
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    I talked to Christian Slator ( I was hotel reservations), had no idea who he was, back than I did not keep up with movie stars, so he spent 15-20 mins going through movies trying to get me to know who he is. LOL :happy:
  • baldzach
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    A couple of Utah Jazz players, a few Congressmen, Senators, the Governor of my state. Mia Love.

    A more relevant question is have any famous people had the opportunity to meet ME face to face?