Females only - lifting/weight training results?



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    Here for science!
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    LOVE this thread!!
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    So inspirational =)
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    Any tips for a newbie like me? Joining gym in December and with all these amazing results, I want to start off with lifting.
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    Wow! All you ladies are pretty freakin' amazing!!!! So jelly ;)
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    Any tips for a newbie like me? Joining gym in December and with all these amazing results, I want to start off with lifting.

    If your gym gives you a free session with a trainer USE IT. Also make sure you are very specific in that you want to learn proper form for Barbell Squats, Bench Press, Barbell Deadlifts and Overhead Press (these are the usual suspects for lifters. Squats, Bench and deadlifts are considered the "big 3.). Focus on good form before you add to much weight to the bar. Great form lowers chance for injuries. And embrace the soreness that will come from your lifting workouts, it just means it's working. Take progress pix, measurements and throw away your scale (I'm serious about the scale too.) You'll probably gain a little in the beginning and that's normal. Keep your protein intake up too.
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    I got through all 23 pages and oh my goodness you girls are freaking amazing! Just got back into lifting (I'm 15lbs from goal with a 41lb loss so far). I can't wait to be able to contribute to this inspirational thread! THANK YOU, LADIES! <3<3<3:D
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    oh my god, this thread is awesome. Im going to start stronglifts on monday. I am near my goals, but still some fat left to lose (22-25% bf now) and wanting to gain some strenght.

    Fantastic job, Ladies! You all rock! Will keep following this post for motivation, and will post progress photos as soon as progress is made.

    Im 27, 5ft 11in, and 132 lb. Was 143 in February, when i started, slow progress, but i can do push-ups, pull-ups, bench 90 lbs now, so it was all worth it.

    What do you guyz eat, and what are your macros? Do u eat at a deficit or maintenance?
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    I love this thread, you all look amazing!

    I've only been lifting for a few months (started out doing Stronglifts then switched to AllPro's 6 weeks ago) but I'm loving it so far! I find that it makes me feel really awesome when I increase my lifts, its so satisfying! My confidence has shot up and I'm very much enjoying eating more!
    I'm currently trying to bulk and have gained 3 lbs in 6 weeks, which is what I was aiming for. I'm currently eating 2100 calories per day, minimum 100g protein, minimum 50g fat, and the rest can fall wherever! :smile:
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    Motivation is always great. but keep in mind that in order to see the results you want to see, you will need to first lower your body fat percentage. Lifting weights is fine and good to get stronger and it's supposed to be good for your bones, but most people suggest waiting until you reach your goal body fat percentage before trying to build muscle. Unless you're morbidly obese, I hear it's next to impossible to build muscle and lose weight at the same time. Building muscle is difficult for women because they have significantly less testosterone than men, but it can still be done. Best of luck to all the women weight trainers out there!

    I want to get stronger too but I still have some more weight to lose. I'm close to my first goal (when I'll finally not be considered overweight for my height and build) but I want to get even lower so I have a low enough body fat percentage to actually see the muscles I'll be building. :)

    Annnnd this is silly. Lifting as you lose weight will help you retain the muscle you have, help you become stronger, and improve your fitness. More than that you can certainly do it while lowering your bodyfat and seeing great results. I will demonstrate with a tasteful photo collage (I spend a lot of time playing on my phone...)


    There is no reason not to lift as you lose weight.

    I don't think that is what they are saying.

    They're saying "Lifting weights is fine and good to get stronger and it's supposed to be good for your bones, but most people suggest waiting until you reach your goal body fat percentage before trying to build muscle".

    In other words, lift while you cut for strength and bone health (and to preserve muscle - they left that part out). Wait to build muscle, i.e. bulk until you get to low %BF. Which is the general recommendation so your gains are more LBM, less fat.

    Actually, if you're a newbie you can definitely do both, and why wouldn't you want to.

    Bulking & cutting is typically associated with a very specific diet to either help initiate muscle growth or cut body fat respectively. They both require specialized diets and training plans to properly execute and this style of cycle training is typically utilized by those looking to compete in bodybuilding/fitness competitions-although non-competitors bulk & cut. For the sake of this thread I don't believe most women are looking to actual "bulk" if they're overweight. Just because a person is lifting heavy doesn't mean they're "bulking." And just because a person is lifting "light" doesn't mean they're cutting. The goal is to lose fat and maintain muscle. By incorporating heavy lifting into your weight loss plan you will burn more calories which helps to burn more fat. Fat loss = weight loss. Fat loss with heavy lifting helps to preserve muscle.

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    Before: I'm the girl!



    After 2 years of lifting and eating on a reasonable deficit I went from 5'6 165lbs to 133lbs



    After pics are from cell phone so sorry for poor quality

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    Dat booty though!
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    I just started lifting this week and this thread gives me hope!
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    Very inspiring. I started 2 months ago and lost 14 and I have yet to do measurements for my inches lost! Keep up the great progress ladies!!!