Females only - lifting/weight training results?



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    So much info out there, thanks guys! My biggest hurdle right now is that I'm recovering from a shoulder injury that took me out of roller derby. I was playing on a competitive team, trained 3x per week so could pretty much eat what I wanted as the calorie burn each week was huge... so now I'm left to my own motivation to get back into shape doing something I don't enjoy - going to the gym. It's another hurdle for me to get over...
    what league do/did you skate for? I skated with st louis arch rivals from 2005-2008, and now im an NSO for the dudes
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    I'm up in Canada, I skated for the Anarchy Angels :smile: I still ref! Being an official kicks *kitten*, doesn't it :smile:
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    Holy wow! You all look so good!

    I don't have any pictures to prove it unfortunately, been lifting for about a monthish (Stronglifts) and can already see small results, mainly my upper thighs/bum is toning up thanks to squats, and the small amount of cellulite I had has now completely disappeared. I now feel confident wearing skirts again, yay!
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    Wow, these pics are amazing and inspiring. I will now be switching gears and focusing less on cardio and more on a lifting program. Hopefully someday I'll have the before and after like the ones I have seen here!
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    holy wow @Zelinna‌ I want your shoulders!!
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    Girls! You are amazing!

    Here is my progress 62 kg -> 65 kg
    1.5 year of hard weight lifting

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    I've been pretty successful losing about 21 lbs since end of Nov2014 and now I'm noticing a considerable ahem... Small sizing of my chest. (Losing my boobs) I still have about 20 lbs to go to my goal weight and I'm freaking out that when I get there I won't have any left! Has this happened to you? Any tips? Thanks in advance ladies. I've been so happy and excited about new fitness and this is really disappointing for me.
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    @psych101‌ Thanks!

    @Lainx20 This happened to me :( but I didn't really heavy lifting until after I had lost weight, and that helped them look less like pancakes. I am hoping with time and continued lifting they will continue to improve, but it may be too late.
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    change_21 wrote: »
    As much as I enjoy looking at a buff man, it seems much harder to bulk up as a woman.

    When I took a weight training in college it didn't seem to do much at the time. I've always had very weak arms. But I want to change that.

    I'm planning on starting to lift/weight train again but I would love to see some before/after pics to get me more inspired/motivated.

    Ladies, you all look wonderful! I've been attempting to lose this last ten pounds for forever now and cannot do it! I am currently at 122 pounds.

    Will lifting help me get that flat, toned-stomach look? And will my legs slim down?

    This picture is me currently.


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    Very nice!
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    ^amazing biceps :D
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    Bumping cause I want more.....
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    Awesome results everyone! Very impressive! Hoping to post pictures too soon!
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    Love this thread!

    I've been doing kettlebells for a while and use a 12kg but just got some adjustable dumbbells to use at home. They go up to 50kg (25kg each) so I figure that should keep me going a while as I don't go to a gym. I started today and did squats, deadlifts, beach press and overhead press with them, starting with 10kg in total. It was tough but I do enjoy weights much more than cardio.

    I'm hoping my before and after will be good enough for me to post in here one day!
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    My weekly motivation rite here!!! Great job 2 all!
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    There is only about a 5 pound difference here. All I've got to say is when you start lifting weights don't pay attention to the scale as much. I was disappointed for a while when I started lifting but not losing weight like I though I should've been. But when I put a side my side it's hard to believe lol.. I've grown to love lifting!!! Plus for us women its a better stress reliever than eating our emotions lol