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    These are all great, thank you all for sharing!!!!
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    January 2018 vs. December 2018


    Drop dead GORGEOUS you are--YAY YOU & BOOM!!!!!

    Thank you so much @NewLIFEstyle4ME ! <3

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    Awesome progress everyone!!!
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    You all look amazing. Truely inspiring.
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    s7gee wrote: »
    Update: My biggest: qj15aysssr9y.png

    I got to the point where i hated looking at my reflection Walking up To a glass door or passing a window I would look at they ground disgusted with myself I got tired of it my last straw was having to walk back down past the line at a theme park because I couldn’t fit on the ride sitting on the bench why I watch my family have a blast

    Great stuff and congrats on making and sticking with the decision to lose weight.
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    21kgs down

    Oh my god that background..amazing! Great progress too.
  • jacquiearchambaultjacquiearchambault Posts: 86Member Member Posts: 86Member Member
    So inspirational ....I have such a long way to go.....
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