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    Congratulations. That is one heck of an accomplishment. I hope you are as proud of your success as you should be. Keep up the good work.
  • I have pcos n hypothyroidism.. Can u plz help me with weight loss as I am finding difficult to start

    1. There is an awesome hypothyroidism group here.
    Go to the home page on your PC and search for it.
    2. Also go to the MFP announcement threads and read. There is a ton of good info there to get you started.
    3. Try cutting out or at least back processed food from your diet. That alone is a great way to start.
    4. Make sure you are properly dosed on thyroid replacement. Naturethyroid changed my life. As you lose, your pcos will likely improve.

    Best wishes! You CAN do it!!

    Nature thyroid - is this natural dessicated thyroid/thyroxine? I am seriously considering paying the price of a consultation privately to try ndt. I'd have to pay monthly for my prescription too but if it makes loads of difference then it would be worthwhile. Are you UK based do you have a good consultant. X
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    Wow, what a difference, RunningGirlKC!
  • RunningGirlKC
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    Wow, what a difference, RunningGirlKC!

    Thank you! Progress is getting me closer to the goal 🙌🏻
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    Wow @100_Rabbits!
    That's super impressive!
  • RunningGirlKC
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    2023 wrap up

    46.2 lbs gone
    38.62 total inches lost

    You look so youthful. almost like you're the daughter of the woman on the left. Wow! beautiful.

    Wow! Thank you!
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