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Finally my Story Female 130lbs Lost with LOTS of Pics



  • alphabetsoup2013alphabetsoup2013 Posts: 665Member Member Posts: 665Member Member
    Congratulations! You look amazing. Well done!
  • QuietBloomQuietBloom Posts: 5,398Member, Premium Member Posts: 5,398Member, Premium Member
    Amazing transformation! :drinker:
  • ElizaB84ElizaB84 Posts: 106Member Posts: 106Member
    That is so amazing! You look fantastic!
  • dorothytddorothytd Posts: 1,138Member Member Posts: 1,138Member Member
    Holy hotness! Truly inspiring and a great story.
  • SreneesaSreneesa Posts: 1,176Member Member Posts: 1,176Member Member

  • bfpowerbfpower Posts: 97Member Posts: 97Member
    Great job; you look fantastic and you must feel GREAT!
  • ktrn0312ktrn0312 Posts: 723Member Member Posts: 723Member Member
    Awesome job.
  • kimadkimad Posts: 3,042Member Member Posts: 3,042Member Member
    Incredible, you look fantastic!
  • dancinmamadancinmama Posts: 47Member Member Posts: 47Member Member
    Well, you've definitely inspired me!!!! Can I ask how tall you are? You just look amazing!!
  • snowmaniacsnowmaniac Posts: 617Member Member Posts: 617Member Member
    Awesome transformation! You not only look so much leaner, you look younger too. Great job!
  • JaclynSPR13JaclynSPR13 Posts: 68Member Member Posts: 68Member Member
    Well, you've definitely inspired me!!!! Can I ask how tall you are? You just look amazing!!

    I am 5'11''

    When I started my journey I had an original goal of 160 lbs. I thought that was pushing it. As I got closer to my original goal I realized that I could do so much more. It took me much longer to lost that last bit, but it just took a little extra devotion!
  • skinnyminnie1418skinnyminnie1418 Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
    thank you so much for sharing your story. congrats! you look awesome!! and I bet you feel awesome! This is just the story I needed to hear, you have encouraged me, as I am just beginning my journey.
  • soniabogoniasoniabogonia Posts: 780Member Member Posts: 780Member Member
    Congrats! You look amazing!

    Great story. Thank you for sharing!
  • DarthMom280DarthMom280 Posts: 45Member Member Posts: 45Member Member
    Amazing! Congratulations!!!
  • bbubb1bbubb1 Posts: 63Member Member Posts: 63Member Member
    You look fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing your story!!! I also look at these stories for inspiration!!! I'm at the beginning of my journey and I appreciate all the great stories. Again Thank You!!!
  • 100toloose100toloose Posts: 143Member Member Posts: 143Member Member
    Oohhh ,so awesome! Love how dedicated you were,how you just left all the nad stuff behind you!
    You are my new inspiration! Thank you for posting! Beautiful family :)
  • BekaBooluvsuBekaBooluvsu Posts: 475Member Member Posts: 475Member Member
    You look like a totally new person! Way to go! You look wonderful!
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