100lbs in 2 years with PICTURES



  • Inspirational!
  • jaxxkida
    jaxxkida Posts: 27 Member
    That's just awesome! Congrats to you :happy:
  • DblChinz
    DblChinz Posts: 31 Member
    Looking good girl! keep up the awesome work!
  • BekaBooluvsu
    BekaBooluvsu Posts: 470 Member
    WOW!!! Amazing! :flowerforyou:
  • optionalsourcewins
    optionalsourcewins Posts: 457 Member
    Awesome job - congratulations!!
  • Timshel_
    Timshel_ Posts: 22,841 Member
    Doing AWESOME!
  • gracie11lexi13
    gracie11lexi13 Posts: 123 Member
    Thats awesome. You look good. keep it up...
  • Well said - Well done!!
  • determinedgirl1
    determinedgirl1 Posts: 128 Member
    Congrats you look awesome.
  • holliebevineau
    holliebevineau Posts: 441 Member
  • KariOrtiz2014
    KariOrtiz2014 Posts: 343 Member
    You look great!! Keep up the GREAT work!!
  • LesaDave
    LesaDave Posts: 1,480 Member
    How fantastic!! What a great loss--KEEP IT UP!!
  • QueensGirl83
    QueensGirl83 Posts: 54 Member
    You look great! Very inspiring!
  • Fattackler2013
    Fattackler2013 Posts: 142 Member
    You're looking fantastic and it's great that you're feeling a lot healthier. Well done.
  • sewbusy64
    sewbusy64 Posts: 2 Member
    was looking at your pics - how inspirational! hope you're still hanging in there!
  • You are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing and congrats on your hard work and dedication!
  • p444cod41
    p444cod41 Posts: 144 Member
    You look great s huge difference!well done
  • palwithme
    palwithme Posts: 860 Member
    THIS ALL DAY LONG >>>>>>> "I stopped hanging around and doing things for people that didn't care about me. You have to get rid of negativity in your life and truly believe you are FABULOUS and absolutely worth all of the hard work."

    @BlueOrchidMoon77 You are the bomb! You look great and I love your hair! You just made my day girlfriend.
  • SandyCoils
    SandyCoils Posts: 164 Member
    And most importantly...I stopped hanging around and doing things for people that didn't care about me. You have to get rid of negativity in your life...

    Honey, you said a mouthful right there. This is probably the realest thing I've seen in a while. When you get rid of the haters, dream crushers, and over all relationship bullies and trade them in for life coaches and cheerleaders, it's amazing what you can do! Good for you. Keep up the good work, and I'll be looking for you to see more progress.

  • cds_momto3
    cds_momto3 Posts: 316 Member
    You are amazing!!! You've got this!!!!
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