100lbs in 2 years with PICTURES



  • Oh my, was just looking back at this after I've gained some weight back. That whole thing about staying away from negative people, they seem to seek me out. I'm trying to get back on track though. Reading all of these comments is inspiring me. Thanks, everyone!
  • Sugarbeat
    Sugarbeat Posts: 824 Member
    Well done!
  • sharonandwyatt
    sharonandwyatt Posts: 86 Member
    You look wonderful!!!! Congratulations!!!! You have just gave me so much inspiration
  • Seamant
    Seamant Posts: 2 Member
    You looked great a year ago. I can only imagine what you look like today.
  • Angie2822
    Angie2822 Posts: 70 Member
    Congrats girl! You look amazing- keep up the great work.
  • jennylea70
    jennylea70 Posts: 57 Member
    Great job! Keep up the good work!
  • Holla4mom
    Holla4mom Posts: 587 Member
    You're doing an awesome job!! You look great. Keep pushing forward!
  • Rosie5151
    Rosie5151 Posts: 57 Member
    Amazing! Congrats! I only wish I had your outlook! I've lost almost 80lb to date and can not see the difference in my body. You have such a great attitude on life. WTG on all you've accomplished!
  • caperchick78
    caperchick78 Posts: 426 Member
    Congratulations and keep up the great work!
  • tifsimmons91
    tifsimmons91 Posts: 84 Member
    Looking good, keep up the nice work!
  • TracyV125
    TracyV125 Posts: 100 Member
    You look fantastic! Congrats and best wishes to you on your continued journey!
  • Wow. I love your attitude
  • donut0420
    donut0420 Posts: 44 Member
    Wow! You look absolutely beautiful! And it sounds like you made the changes for the "right" reasons. You look happy, healthy and amazing. Congratulations - you are an inspiration!
  • sarahlifts
    sarahlifts Posts: 610 Member
    Congratulations on your hard work!
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