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Women 5'4 - 5"5 with results + Pictures



  • amberrenee813amberrenee813 Posts: 461Member Member Posts: 461Member Member
    You look fantastic!
  • michelle_816michelle_816 Posts: 669Member Member Posts: 669Member Member
    Bumping to keep checking this thread out! Hopefully I will have decent comparison photos in another 6 weeks.
  • drmcglonedrmcglone Posts: 80Member Member Posts: 80Member Member
  • walk757walk757 Posts: 96Member Member Posts: 96Member Member
    You and hubby are awesome, thanks for sharing!
  • lcantrell65lcantrell65 Posts: 216Member Member Posts: 216Member Member
  • mlt2908mlt2908 Posts: 122Member Member Posts: 122Member Member
  • geecee77geecee77 Posts: 150Member Member Posts: 150Member Member
  • kayl3igh88kayl3igh88 Posts: 428Member, Premium Member Posts: 428Member, Premium Member
  • StalgiaPasternakStalgiaPasternak Posts: 55Member Member Posts: 55Member Member
  • curvysurfgirlcurvysurfgirl Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    Wow..thats motivation right there..I hope I can be that successful too! I feel awful with how I am now!
  • elghee123elghee123 Posts: 539Member Member Posts: 539Member Member
    I 5'4" and no photos to show here. I am on my journey from 85.5 kgs to my goal 65kgs. Current weight is 78 and been logging at MFP for 65 days.

    Just BUMP!
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