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    miss_boof wrote: »
    My best friend and I were at the dollar store yesterday, picking up random things for a baby shower she is throwing. As we are leaving, she is backing up her car, and this guy (who happens to be African American) is being kind of weird behind us, so she just backs up slowly and he awkwardly stands there. As she starts to pull forward, he flags us down and walks up to the passenger side (my side) of the car and I roll down the window.

    At this point, I thought he was going to yell or something because, I'm going to be honest, my best friend backed her car out of that parking spot like a complete moron. But, he looks at me, and says "You don't know me, but I just gotta tell you, you got a fine booty". And then he just walks away. My best friend ALMOST DIED laughing and couldn't get over the fact that he just flagged down our car to tell me that my white girl booty was fine.

    I couldn't even believe it was real life and I've never had a weirder (but flattering?) encounter... and now my best friend will never let me live that down. :D:D:D

    That's funny! You may have to change your profile name from miss_boof to miss_booty! :D
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