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    I have lost the disciple to workout since the season changed. I started loosely logging going back to the gym last week, and I already feel the difference!

    Also, December is usually difficult since I was last hospitalized in 2015. My anxiety would go through the roof, I wouldn't leave the house except for work and the gym, and even at work it was difficult to engage with others. Long story short, aside from crappy sleep, I've gone through most of this month with minimal anxiety and fear! Yay!!

    @Hamsibian – Hey this is me too!!! Well I don't have a gym membership but what I mean is that I'm getting anxious and depressed and I'm not sleeping well. I have zero energy. And it's exacerbated by the fact that my roommate/best friend seems to be going through the same thing, but the way it manifests itself is that it feels like we're not close friends suddenly, which is causing more anxiety and depression. My question to you is: is this a Midwest winter thing? I grew up in the Midwest but left for over 20 years and just got back. I don't remember this before, but seeing someone else describe my own emotional state in such similar terms makes me feel a little less scared about it.

    To contribute an NSV, I've done two weeks in a row of staying overall (though not every day) in a deficit. That hasn't happened in a while.

    @HDBKLM It is totally a Midwestern thing! We aren't getting enough sun, getting sick, and insanely busy during the holidays (both at work and home). I can speak from anecdotally that all this has made it so hard to want to do anything other than lounge around. That's why it's recommended to take some sort of vitamin D supplement during this time of year.

    Congrats on the deficit, btw!!!

    Thanks! I've got some Vitamin D3 gummies, then a friend saw them and said, "No, you're supposed to get D3 + K2 to make a supercombo!" I have no freaking idea but presumably 'just D3' is better than nothing :)
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