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  • jarobyjaroby Posts: 109Member Member Posts: 109Member Member
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    My goal shirt fits and I wore it out in public today!

    Now, to try for the next one :) cgme1cg56ylf.jpeg

    Congrats! But why do you have a watermelon on the floor of your bedroom?

    HA! Hahahahaha :D :D :D
    I have a watermelon on the floor of my bedroom because....children. :D 3 of them, a fresh 6, 3.5, & not yet 18m.

    Which is also why those sheets piled on the bed are so darn wrinkly :D

    Our bedroom is just off the front hall and the kitchen is very near to that. We have an old house with limited counter space. Watermelons live on the floor so they don’t take up valuable space/kids can’t roll them off onto the floor to make a mess.

    However, this means watermelons become “balls.” Once it ended up in the bedroom we left it so the kids wouldn’t find it as easily :D

    Didn't look at picture closely so watermelon on floor "went over my head" 🤣

    I was standing in the bedroom taking the picture and didn’t manage to see it until someone else pointed it out :smiley:
  • beerfoamybeerfoamy Posts: 1,497Member Member Posts: 1,497Member Member
    I've learned to cut myself some slack. This is a big thing for me.

    On Monday I had a routine check up for my inflammatory arthritis, which included a chest x-ray to confirm that my lungs aren't being affected by the medications I'm taking. Always been fine before, so thought no more about it.

    Yesterday I got a call from the nurse who's involved with my care to state that there are some issues with the results. Firstly, I have two broken ribs. Secondly, there's an area of concern but they think it's just where I wasn't filling my lungs with air properly due to the broken ribs. More x-rays in 4-6 weeks' time to ensure that the opacity has cleared.

    I can only assume that the collision I was in caused the broken ribs. A&E did not pick this up, despite doing a chest x-ray at the time. And that explains whys the pain I was in, especially when breathing in, seemed over the top in comparison to the injuries at that site.

    I've been so desperate to get back into things, have a new bike (insurance paid out), new helmet, etc, I've been walking miles (15 on Monday, 12 on Tuesday, 8 yesterday) had a physio check me over on Monday (she also gave me clearance to start running, etc again) and now this.

    But you know what? I'm just going to go with the flow on this. I'm hopefully going to talk to the physio again today just to check that I can do the things I'd planned to and if my plans have to be changed, so be it.

    You are seriously inspiring to have been doing all that with broken ribs as well as so soon after such a nasty incident! you definitely deserve all the slack and I hope your physio doesn't change plans too much, whilst at same time I get that you will NOT wanna make anything worse injury wise.
    Glad to hear you have a new bike etc :)
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