What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • teahlee123
    teahlee123 Posts: 41 Member
    I did 2.2 miles on the arc trainer today on resistance 15 in half an hour!!! So proud of myself! I havent done anything run-like in ages, and after only a week after starting to do that machine
  • sarahkanzalone
    sarahkanzalone Posts: 192 Member
    Found out all of my measurements have gone down including going down 6% in body fat since starting my journey

    Realizing that the smaller size pants I order feel like they are going to be my "big pants" soon
  • 120poundstogo
    120poundstogo Posts: 700 Member
    The bottom of my shirts and top of my shorts are way looser! So it's something.
  • 120poundstogo
    120poundstogo Posts: 700 Member
    srecupid wrote: »
    I about down from size 48 to 38. I haven't worn this size since high school.

    Wow that is quite an accomplishment! Keep going.
  • 120poundstogo
    120poundstogo Posts: 700 Member
    lseed87 wrote: »
    1245 day streak
    New protein products to try
    About 75% feeling better. Sinus infection/cold
    Haven't been great with exercise due to being sick but notice some changes still
    That is a long time being on here. I thought 156 days on here was long lol!
  • 120poundstogo
    120poundstogo Posts: 700 Member
    agzram wrote: »
    Had a shocking one the other day...

    I've lost over 40 lbs and my business suits are literally falling off of me. I went in to buy some new suits, and when they measured and fit me, they put me into a slim fit suit!!! :o

    Was NOT expecting that...

    I read something on Facebook the other day..."a well tailored suit to a woman has the same effect lingerie has for men"....great job!

    Wow that is great!
  • meritage4
    meritage4 Posts: 1,441 Member
    I had to enter a new exercise-I've gotten faster with walking-I wear a "misfit" tracker. It's now vigourous exercise so I upped my MFP spped to 3.5 mph and caloire burn is similar. (I don't let them talk electronically)
  • lseed87
    lseed87 Posts: 1,110 Member
    @JanetMMcC @120poundstogo
    Thanks! Pretty much a habit by now

    156 is great! Knew seeing the 100 meant that it was working and more likely to keep going. Really wish I started weight lifting to begin with since would be so much closer to goal instead of mainly doing cardio back then. Healthy mix of doing both and seeing much more progress. Everything is a learning experience!
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