What's Your Most Recent NSV



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    I ventured into the free weight area at the gym today. I think I'll do it again. :)

    yesyesyes. do it again :tongue:

    my sister and i had dinner tonight with my son. haven't seen her for ten years. she's always been four or five inches taller than me; right now she's also 'obese' [i guess. i doubt i could deadlift her, and she said the nhs automatically reads you the same riot act every time if your weight is over some certain number, and they read it to her every time].

    but anyway. we went for dinner tonight. she had pho, i had pho, she ate most of the meat and couldn't finish the rest of her bowl. i ate every scrap of mine and almost licked the bowl clean.

    for some reason i love it that she was sincerely impressed. i never even thought about it being a lot of food, but she only got halfway through her own bowl. and yes, it was 'sincerely' impressed. my sister wears combat boots and tells the nhs to look at her bloodwork and pulse rate and go take a hike when they start in on her. she has no p-a type axes to grind.

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    I can fit back into my wedding band again!

    That's amazing! Gratz :)