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I went from morbidly obese to 6 pack abs! Ask me Anything



  • steve2kaysteve2kay Posts: 197Member Member Posts: 197Member Member
    Congratulations, that's an amazing transformation. What do you think are the top 5 things that led to your success?
  • D_squareGD_squareG Posts: 361Member Member Posts: 361Member Member
    bump for future
  • vismalvismal Posts: 2,465Member Member Posts: 2,465Member Member
    Amazing....truly amazing. :)

    Thank you for having an open diary. I have a recent dietary challenge. I was able to easily meet my fiber needs prior with eating all sorts of whole grains. Now I can't eat anything with gluten and any time I find an MFP member with an open diary I go through to see if they've found a good source that I hadn't considered.

    You have no idea how surprised I am to see that ICE CREAM has fiber! :love:

    I'd write more but I need to go to the grocery store asap. :bigsmile:
    Open diary all the way! Fiber is natures broom. It can't be neglected!
  • StrokingdictionStrokingdiction Posts: 1,164Member Member Posts: 1,164Member Member
    I creeped on your diary. Do you only eat once a day as it suggests? If so, what are your reasons?

    Also, I only went back a week but do you ever drink alcohol?
  • tennisdude2004tennisdude2004 Posts: 5,623Member Member Posts: 5,623Member Member
    No questions - just more power to your elbow dude.:smile:
  • sarahjanescobiesarahjanescobie Posts: 43Member Member Posts: 43Member Member
    Well done! Amazing :-)
  • icydishicydish Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
    I want to loose 40 lbs... I m beginner with this app
    I can't go to gym
    But usually.for my exercise I either play 1 hour badminton or 1 hour walk
    With 1200 calories a day and this much exercise can I achieve my goal?
    If yes how much time?
    If no then plz suggest something
  • stephanieluvspbstephanieluvspb Posts: 1,008Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,008Member, Premium Member
    Ummm you look AMAZING! Any suggestions for ab exercise at home?
  • GundaTheFitGundaTheFit Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
    WoW!! U look amazing, what a job u have done!! I`m proud of you and I have only seen you`re picture:blushing:

    You wanted questions so here goes:
    What is you`re favorite food?
    Favorite treat?
    How often, how much and how do u work out?
    What was the hardest part of the change? The first month, six months or now keeping it up?

    Ps, Just in case u dident know it by now, U look AMAZING!!!
  • Snow3ySnow3y Posts: 1,412Member Member Posts: 1,412Member Member
    I wouldn't call that morbidly obese... but really good job, you should definitely be proud of yourself!
  • missym357missym357 Posts: 210Member Member Posts: 210Member Member
    Just wanted to come in and say WOW! You have done an incredible job. Very well done!
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