What's makes you beautiful?



  • Neeters1969
    Neeters1969 Posts: 53 Member
    Lots and Lots of Alcohol!!!!

    And you have an amazing smile....:smile:

    (sorry I stalked your picture....lol)
  • spacelump
    spacelump Posts: 233 Member
    I know my worth.
  • Neeters1969
    Neeters1969 Posts: 53 Member
    I know my worth.

    Great Answer!!!!
  • _JPunky
    _JPunky Posts: 508 Member
    My eyes. I'm a kind and giving person. I'm a forgiving person. My singing voice. My strength and resiliance.

    Oh...and my *kitten*.
  • fitfabforties
    fitfabforties Posts: 370 Member
    ....turning the lights out.....
  • broox80
    broox80 Posts: 1,195 Member
    My sense of humor!!! I am kind of hilarious and that is beautiful as hell!!!
  • getlean414
    getlean414 Posts: 27
    I love nature and finding beauty in things God has made for us. I think finding beauty in things or in other people is a beautiful trait anyone can have! (Even if you have to dig a little to find it)
  • MelanieMamaof5
    MelanieMamaof5 Posts: 75 Member
    I've been told I have a way of making people feel good about themselves.
  • TheVirgoddess
    TheVirgoddess Posts: 4,535 Member
    I keep coming back to this trying to post, but I'm having a really hard time.

    I'm kind, compassionate and empathic. Or I try to be.
  • surfinbird_1981
    surfinbird_1981 Posts: 946 Member
    I'm a good singer, pianist and guitar player. I love making people happy through my music.
    I'm chilled out and a good friend.
  • Edmond_Dantes
    Edmond_Dantes Posts: 185 Member
    I'm telepathetic.
  • MzOnree
    MzOnree Posts: 124 Member
    I'm friendly and positive and am told I put people at ease (probably because I am an inquisitive chatterbox so ask lots of questions!) I am also good at helping other people feel good about themselves - if I think it in my head I tell them, whether it is that their hair looks nice or that I have noticed a talent or special quality of theirs. What they don't realize is that when I make them feel good I also feel good :smile:

    This is me as well! I love to make people laugh and to be a joker.

    I've always been told that I'm always smiling or laughing and am asked my secret. I tell them I have an excellent pharmacist, lol!

    To those of you who can sing...you are so blessed! I wish I could sing. I always try but it isn't pretty. I've been told it sounds like a cat in heat.
  • leantool
    leantool Posts: 365 Member
    Being born alive was a mistake
  • Tillyecl1
    Tillyecl1 Posts: 189 Member
    I make up for lack of ability with enthusiasm (think dopey, lollopy dog chasing after a tennis ball :-)). I like to encourage others too, seeing other people push themselves to reach their goals makes me happy.
  • greentart
    greentart Posts: 411 Member
    I'm beautiful because I can see the beauty in others. I don't want people to suffer or to be angry. I want people to be happy and smile. I'm beautiful because I try my hardest and even when I give up, I don't give in and I'll eventually get going again. I'm beautiful because I'm flawed and because I've struggled and because I understand what it feels like for someone to talk down to me. I'm beautiful because I stand up for my beliefs, for my friends and for my family. Because I smile and laugh and share my happiness, even when the world around me is bleak. If I can get one person to smile back in a world full of frowns, that's a true accomplishment.

    I am beautiful... because I'm me.

    (Also, I have really cute toes. lol.)
  • mistress1958
    I am intuitive and have beautiful blue eyes.
  • ThisCharmingFellow
    ThisCharmingFellow Posts: 132 Member
    Lots and Lots of Alcohol!!!!

    Was reading through the thread and hoping nobody had said this. You stole my line! :)

    Me? I'm told my accent is pretty 'cute' but who knows.

    I consider myself to be a good listener and I have a sense of humour, so maybe those.
  • 47Jacqueline
    47Jacqueline Posts: 6,993 Member
    I found a picture of myself from high school and realized I had been a pretty teenager. I had a bad body image, although I wasn't fat and I thought of myself as unattractive. I got no support from my parents. I keep that picture where I can see it now. And at 67, it reminds me that I am actually a beautiful woman as my therapist kept telling me for years.
  • beatnik236
    beatnik236 Posts: 120 Member
    my soul sings a sweet song
  • AddieOverhaul
    AddieOverhaul Posts: 734 Member
    I am very honest and treat others well. I'm an excellent friend and as a result have collected an amazing group of them over the years enriching my life profoundly. I am very genuine. I am good at making people laugh. I'm an excellent cat mom. I have a huge heart and love to tell people what they mean to me. My big green eyes don't hurt either ;)

    ETA - I am also Canadian!