Post here if you want more friends!



  • Tracyallonna
    Tracyallonna Posts: 2 Member
    Add me!!!! New here

  • I'm all in!
  • Ashleigh_LP
    Ashleigh_LP Posts: 57 Member
    Go for it :) anyone welcome
  • la_patisserie
    la_patisserie Posts: 6 Member
    I've been really bad at logging lately so I'm on private diary until I get back into the habit of doing it properly but I find it really encouraging to see other people completing their diary entries so looking for a small handful of consistent loggers :)
  • Tbias78
    Tbias78 Posts: 120 Member
    I'm back on track looking to add to my friends again, lost some along the way :(
  • NewMummy96
    NewMummy96 Posts: 19 Member
    Add me please , brand new mummy here x
  • Relajuice
    Relajuice Posts: 24 Member
    Who doesn't want more friends? Add me!
  • missbelladawn
    missbelladawn Posts: 1 Member
    Hello all... I am new to mfp and am hoping to find some friends to give and receive encouragement with... I am from Manitoba Canada...
  • MattNorrisUL
    MattNorrisUL Posts: 100 Member
    Hello all :)
  • Ryandecheney314
    Ryandecheney314 Posts: 139 Member
    I log religiously every day and provide support and motivation for everyone. Please feel free to add me!
  • alanamini95
    alanamini95 Posts: 2 Member
    Looking for friends to help me get started. Feel free to add me =)
  • Cozmetick
    Cozmetick Posts: 94 Member
    Gimme more friends :cookie:

    I love talking and supporting!

  • LMYERS94
    LMYERS94 Posts: 32 Member
    Add Me, Add Me! I like to post and like and comment on everyone's updates :) Please send me a friend request! I love adding new friends who are motivated in this journey.
  • GRoll21
    GRoll21 Posts: 67 Member
    Hey all,
    Almost 50 here, looking to finally get in shape. Lost the same 10lbs at least 10 times! Just started T25 and continue to run. Running my 2nd marathon in April. Add me if you like.
  • thatpowergengirl
    thatpowergengirl Posts: 11 Member
    Sure, I'll play!
  • hickorycutie
    hickorycutie Posts: 210 Member
    feel free to add me ... i need all the support and motivation i can get..
  • jclayton0
    jclayton0 Posts: 10 Member
    I am back on here once again, I lost 75 pounds before, and recently had a baby. So now back to it! Feel free to add me!
  • thejohnnyhand
    thejohnnyhand Posts: 14 Member
    Always looking for a friend.
  • Just had a baby so definitely need the motivation to go beyond the exhaustion and work out. Feel free to add me! (: