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  • Woman from Regina SK lookin for supportive, long term friends for this journey to health!
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    Life is always better with more friends.... Please feel free to add me!
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    Hi guys, new on here, so hello to you all.
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    Hello Everybody! New to fitness pal! Anybody feel free to add me. I'm not new to trying to lose weight but this app looks useful.
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    Looking for some good old fashioned motivation... Looking for a great support team!
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    Hey, looking for some motivating friends'
    I like to run and lift weights although I haven't been able to do either for a while because of a bad bout with Pluerisy, but slowly healing and hoping to dive back into it once I'm deemed healthy enough.
    In the meantime I eat clean healthy foods somewhere close to my daily goal and log every day.
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    Feel free to add me. I'm using MFP to gain weight.
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    Feel free to add me! Always looking for a great support system!
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    you can add me!
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    Always looking for new friends :) This is a great place to find support to achieve your goals
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    It says you've been deactivated
  • This is my 3rd day on program. Lost 5 lbs. :) computer stuff is a challenge, in fact, i don't even know if i posted here or not. well,if not, i am posting now. would like friends that have things in common with me besides dieting. I'm 68 so if rollerblading is you're tip, I guess we should both keep looking. I am strong Independent Baptist Christian, so, that will probable come through if we start chatting. Good listener. like to motivate and be motivated. ladies only please.
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    Always looking for new friends! Anyone, Feel free too add me!! :D
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    yes, friends! i need to be motivated! i'm pretty good about cooking healthy, i love to cook, but i'm terrible with portion control & getting myself to the gym. would love to have others around to hold myself accountable to, and i would love to help motivate you guys as well. feel free to add me.
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    Add me!