Post here if you want more friends!



  • Komble
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    I love meeting new people, feel free to add me :)
  • Add away! Who doesn't like new friends and motivation!?!? B)
  • I'm always looking for new fitness friends for motivation, tracking, and accountability! Add me!
  • prettyface55
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    Add me too
  • I would like ACTIVE members to add me!
  • Motivate Me!!!
  • Add me people...!
  • mmmmcupcake_
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    I'm new! :) Active members add me!
  • ricomincia
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    Feel free to add me! Still pressing on been here for over a year dropped around 11kg and feel awesome! Let get motivated together!
  • I'm new to the site too (and just found the noticeboards). Have been recording data for about a month (sometimes not to seriously) and unfortunately the scales have been going the wrong way (albeit slowly) I could really do with some encouragement and advice.
  • NikkiLouise15
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    Add me as a friend - Already a progress pic on my profile from last time I joined but I'm BACK! no more fad diets just eating clean and working my tushy off
  • _sirenofthesea_
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    edited October 2014
    Always looking for more people to connect with about fitness - and I love stalking food diaries for ideas - so would love you to have yours open :)
    - Warning - I am chatty! If you hate people clogging your feeds with randomness you might not love me (I can't imagine anyone not loving me????)

    BTW - I'm old! LOL 46....and sometimes pretty sarcastic (just another warning...)
  • _sirenofthesea_
    _sirenofthesea_ Posts: 109 Member

    I guess men can't motivate you to lose weight? Sad cuz there are some nice, KNOWLEDGEABLE men on here.

    I agree!!! - I've gotten most of my help, and good solid advice from guys on my friends list - and No - I'm not even that girl looking for flirting - just on here to connect with people about fitness, food plans, exercise, and life :)

  • Desteria
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    Anyone looking for friends, feel free to add me!
  • Aamer_UK
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    add me too :)
  • I need friends and motivation as well! I'm new here and my diet began for real this morning!
  • 111YoYo111
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    More friends would be great :smiley:
  • jondoles
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    Add me to your team if you'd like. I'm in.
  • goalpeace
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    Add me please! I need more friends for motivation!
  • LisaC101
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    Feel free to add me! I'm looking for more friends who are on here often to keep each other motivated and successful!