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Bring your crockpot/slow cooker recipes

sheepysaccountsheepysaccount Posts: 614Member Member Posts: 614Member Member
in Recipes
I got a crockpot for my birthday. And now I am on the hunt for fun recipes. I am willing to try anything...sweet, savory, hot...Bring me your best ones!!!



  • meewiimeewii Posts: 42Member Member Posts: 42Member Member
  • baisleacbaisleac Posts: 2,059Member Member Posts: 2,059Member Member
    Awesome spaghetti sauce -

    I have a chili recipe I need to upload as well, I just keep forgetting to take a picture for it. :blushing:
  • sheepysaccountsheepysaccount Posts: 614Member Member Posts: 614Member Member
    You rock!!! I will definitely try those O.O

    And I am a Facebook addict :) I cannot wait to see how my little pot works wonders.
  • CarolineSuzanneSmithCarolineSuzanneSmith Posts: 127Member Member Posts: 127Member Member
    BUMP! I love my crockpot!!
  • Letty_cLetty_c Posts: 280Member Member Posts: 280Member Member
  • getsveltEagaingetsveltEagain Posts: 1,120Member Member Posts: 1,120Member Member
    I am going to try some of these recipies but I have a favorite of making chili or chicken noodle soup in the crockpot while at work instead of on the stove after work. This way it is ready to eat as soon as I walk in the door!!

    *any chili or chicken noodle soup recipe is good. Just know that the chicken noodle soup has extra time because the noodles will need to be added when you get home so they don't go soggy.
  • kimtpa1417kimtpa1417 Posts: 461Member Member Posts: 461Member Member
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