Burn 5,000 calories/wk in November!! :o)

Hi everyone! I've done this challenge (burning 5,000 calories/week) in September and October and would like to continue on into November. Who's with me? We will throw in today (10/31) and continue until Nov. 28. Just post your calories burned every Monday. See below for an example I posted for this past week. Good luck everyone...see you next Monday! :o)

Week 4:
Monday (10/24): None-left for cruise right after work!!
Tuesday (10/25): 1st day of cruise-769 (62 min. walking; 25 min. elliptical; 10 min. running; 7 min. rock wall climbing!)
Wednesday (10/26): 2nd day of cruise-625 (90 min. walking around Nassau, Bahamas/jogging track; 12 min. running)
Thursday (10/27): 463 (48 min. walking; 10 min. running; 7 min. rock wall climbing!)
Friday (10/28): 1085 (60 min. Zumba class; 60 min. Zumba toning class; 30 min. elliptical)
Saturday (10/29): 499 (45 min. (10 miles) Bicycling outside; 20 min. walking)
Sunday (10/30): 1044 (110 min. singles Tennis)

Total for the week: 4,485 calories burned and 1 pound gained.

*Although I was just shy of goal this week I am pretty proud of myself. I was on a cruise ship 4 out of the 7 days this week and still almost burned 5000 calories! I ate like a starving person hence the 1 pound gain. I think I'll start another thread for November...might as well keep this up until Christmas! Great job, everyone! :o)


  • klynn22091
    klynn22091 Posts: 47 Member
    im in:happy:
  • baptistgirl23
    baptistgirl23 Posts: 237 Member
    Awesome! You can do it!!
  • MummaAimz
    MummaAimz Posts: 81 Member
    I'm in too
  • melkadee
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    I'm in! :flowerforyou:
  • lstnlondry
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    Count me in again! Glad to see you back from your cruise!
  • baptistgirl23
    baptistgirl23 Posts: 237 Member
  • hayes1311
    hayes1311 Posts: 159 Member
    I posted this challange last week, but made it 3500 for the ppl who dnt excercise weekends :-)
    where re doing it, so im in, ill post in here & on mine :-)
  • baptistgirl23
    baptistgirl23 Posts: 237 Member
    Awesome...3500 would be a good goal once I hit maintenance, I think. But I'm going to try to stick with 5,000 until January. See you on here soon! :)
  • splashwags
    splashwags Posts: 262 Member
    I'm in too...Might be a stretch, but I need the challenge. Thx!
  • baptistgirl23
    baptistgirl23 Posts: 237 Member
    It is a challenge...but if you don't make it the first week you can always aim for a higher calorie burn the next week. It never hurt anyone to try, right? Good luck and see you back here soon! :)
  • ElisaRazz
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    Im in, i wanna see if i can do it
  • baptistgirl23
    baptistgirl23 Posts: 237 Member
    Im in, i wanna see if i can do it

    Of course you can do it!! See you back here on Monday! :)
  • wendrz
    wendrz Posts: 118
    What the heck...... I've got everything to lose, right ? LOL. I could use some good motivation that is for sure. Do I just post on this page every Monday, just like your example? Kinda new at this whole challenge n forum stuff. Super excited, so I better get to moving. :happy:
  • loufelleE
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    I'm in! Hopefully i can surpass my digit on the October challenge.
  • k9hrd
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    I am in.
  • FitMama2013
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    I'm in! I posted a 6,000 calorie per week November challenge and got a few takers, so I'll see if I can recruit them over here instead :) Glad to be a part of the group!!
  • MsBrwnSugga
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    I'm in!
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    count me in too!
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    I'm in!!!!
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    I wanna play!