WHY keep your food diary hidden?



  • jlowensby
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    Mine is open. When I first started using MFP I had it closed, just because I didn't want to be crucified by all that happened to view it. But I am here to get something accomplished and my eating habits are a big factor in the achieving that goal or not. So if I am going to be honest with myself I keep it open for others to see and if I am doing something wrong, call me out on it. I want this time around to be successful!
  • I'm on here for a reason, I wasn't even aware mine was private!! I'm not here to scrutinize others and vice versa. But all ideas are welcome as long as they come off as "concerns" and not "demands." I don't follow a strick diet because I would completely fail, so those true "health addicts" might not like what they see on my daily foods, but I'm gonna eat what I want and be smart about it. Mine is open for those who wish to see. Enjoy!!
  • mittle
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    Why do you need to hold me accountable? We are all adults
  • MeghanAM
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    Some people experience anxiety around food-topics, and for them it is probably better if no one is looking and commenting about what they eat. Others are just private.

    Personally I keep mine open (at least I think it's open, it might be friend-locked) since I need that accountability. Not everyone does.
  • Football_N_Guns
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    Because one, nobody on here is a damn expert on how I should eat, and two it's not anyone's business but mine.
  • A couple reasons:

    i don't need FOOD accountability.

    i also find my meals kind of weird and i wouldn't want other people to follow my lead.

    I don't like unsolicited criticism which there seems to be a lot of on here.

    I have it password protected and would share it with individuals I know and trust!
  • fatkidsgottaeat
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    I leave mine public. I am holding myself accountable to all on my friends list, not just to myself! I am thankful for constructive criticism I get when I make poor choices...it helps me refocus! :smile:

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  • ThatsNotMine
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    My MFP friends can see my diary but I'm trying to better myself, not write a blog for the public.
  • tlsegar
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    Excuse me and I mean this in the most polite way possible but - I am a grown *kitten* woman! The only person I need to hold me accountable is me. It is no one's business what I eat and is certainly not information that complete strangers feel they should be entitled to scrutinize.
  • Mine is open because I am glad I have lost 15 pounds without eating all rabbit food.
  • I've earned the right to do whatever I please.

    Why does it please you to keep it private?
  • I've earned the right to do whatever I please.

    I don't think the person who asked this disputes your right to do as you please. She is only wondering why keeping a diary private pleases some people.

    Because it's their right to privacy. They don't want people to see it. Period. Discussion ends there. Everyone has their reason, and it's theirs to have. Personally, I've seen way too many "Diary police" on here. When someone isn't even asking for advice, I've seen their friends pipe in, "you shouldn't eat so much _____. You'll never lose weight that way." or "Wow. You really should not have had such a big meal at night." Who the heck appointed these Diary police anyway???
  • MaximalLife
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    I'm just curious.....I understand if you want your page to be private. However, why keep your food diary private???? Do you do this....if so what's your reasoning? I personally think by making it viewable to friends that it hold you accountable. ;)
    People are afraid of revealing their failure. Others just do not wish to be bothered with people's comments. It's a personal choice.

    Mine is open to all; I seek accountability.
  • jamielr84
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    Because I binge at times and it is bad enough that I have to look at all that food on my diary, I certainly don't want anyone else seeing it. I am more honest and willing to complete my diary truthfully than if I knew others were looking at it.
  • BrendaLee
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    I don't want people judging what I eat. That's my job.
  • ChevyChick88
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    I so agree with you! It makes me want to be good since everyone will see it. I love that it is an option to let my friends see it! Everyone should put their big girl/boy pants on and share with friends and let them either support your good decisions or give motivation with bad ones to make better ones. Why hide????
  • josery1630
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    I was on here for two weeks before I realized that my diary was automatically set to private. Maybe they just don't know.
  • therapyruns
    therapyruns Posts: 165 Member
    I write very personal notes under each log. Hence the word "diary." And do not feel confident/comfortable sharing my habits. I am trying to recover and would love to share my diary when it is well-balanced and nutritious. Not embarrassing, shameful or scary.
  • capriciousmoon
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    I don't think there's any reason for anyone to see what I'm eating. It isn't as if it's interesting or would help them in any way and I don't need anyone to hold me accountable either. I've been maintaining a 100 lb loss for 3 years, so I think I've got it figured out by now. Some days I just quick add it all so you wouldn't even know what I ate. :tongue:
  • ymhand
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    I do not even know if mine is open or closed. Which probably means it's closed. I am accountable to myself and I am honest with myself. I'm making healthier choices than I was before and logging them pretty well I think.