WHY keep your food diary hidden?



  • Jessica0982
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    Being new to MFP, I had no idea that it was an option to make it anything other than for me only. I noticed someone else had theirs showing so I looked around at my settings and there it was!

    I prefer to have it viewed by my friends only but I actually think it's a great idea to see what other people are eating. My own menu gets boring after a while and I love to learn new snacks or meals to make.

    Yes, we're all here for the same reason. But, not everyone takes criticism well. And some people aren't good at putting things nicely which in turn causes hurt feelings. (And stress eating LOL). In the end, we're all here to help one another. At least that's what I'm here for. To support others and learn from others.
  • Fatbuster205
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    Personally if I am logging honestly and my weight isn't going down I would want people to point me in the right direction. I do not understand those who do not publish their diary - after all unless you are a hermit your body is on view all the time to strangers. I thought the point of this site was to offer support and that should include offering views on what you are eating. It seems to me that there are a lot of people who are just not admitting to the simple truth that our weight and fitness is in our own hands! I have had fantastic support and suggestions from people on this site and frankly if someone wants to be my friend but won't accept criticism (which is only intended to be supportive and helpful) then very quickly I find the remove friend button.
  • krystonite
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    I agree.. i think its because they don't want to be held accountable...or to me are they being completely honest?

    lol no

    I hold myself accountable by logging everything - like a big girl.

    Some people just view it as a personal thing, hence "diary."
  • I just made mine public today to friends, because when I started a few days ago, I was struggling and not ready for everyone to be able to see what I was eating and the choices I was making. Today, I am a lot more comfortable and decided to try friends seeing what I am doing.
  • sunkisses
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    Open it, hide it - I won't bother to look at it anyway. :smile:
  • CheleLynn44
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    I have mine open to all my friends, not all of MFP. I like having the help or the comments from my friends. They are one of the main reasons I am suceeding on here. I need all the help I can get. Even when I have a high calorie or over calorie day, it's life and I am living it!!!!!!!
  • luv_lea
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    I guess I don't find it anyone else's business honestly. I found I was more honest in logging when my diary was set to private.
  • cmriverside
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    I've earned the right to do whatever I please.

    I don't think the person who asked this disputes your right to do as you please. She is only wondering why keeping a diary private pleases some people.

    It pleases me to keep all my activity private.

  • Frankly - I could care less what anyone thinks about what I've eaten. Mine is open - and open to anyone on MFP. I hide nothing. I think people don't want others to see what they've eaten for several reasons - they're hiding stuff, not "really" working to lose weight, eat junk, and dont' want comments.
    Why do I look at other people's diaries? For one reason - I'm curious. I want to know what people are eating. Give me ideas on things I'm not eating - and could try something new. Especially desserts/late night stuff that's healthy. Vege's, too - love new ideas.
    It's pretty much a given that when your actions and words are heard and seen by others - they're different than if you were alone or with close/personal friends. When you know others see what you're doing and eating - it helps keep you on track.
    We're all here to lose/maintain or get in better shape. Having others watch and see us in our progress - encourages and supports, and occasionally gets us back on track and out of the mud.
    Accountability is a good thing for a lot of people - which is why the most successful programs have group meetings, group weigh ins. Another way of accountability. You may not like it, but it is successful enough that programs use it.
    If you don't like that aspect - then why bother posting anthing on this site? Close your diary, keep your info private.
    Oh - and someone commented about nasty or hurtful comments - this site shouldn't be for INTENTIONAL comments designed to hurt someone. That being said - when you're NOT eating right, when you're SLACKING and making EXCUSES - you will hear about it. Tough nuts - get over it. If you don't want to hear about it - then stop posting stuff, keep your info closed. We're also here to encourage and get all of us on the right track. Sometimes you need a head thump to get back on track.
    I offer head thumps at a very reasonable rate. Free. lol
  • onefitdiva
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    I keep mine public BUT I have had someone once tell me (cause I was eating Chobani yogurt for breakfast everyday for months) that too much yogurt can permanently mess up my digestive system with the "active yogurt cultures". I was annoyed by this, show me proof or hush.
  • GMPetti82
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    I log everything i eat and feel ok ( most of the time ) with what i eat but if i had to share it - i'm afraid i wouldn't log EVERYTHING! I'm just not comfortable sharing that info xx

    I can absolutely see that point. Mine is open to my friends, but I know that the if someone were to criticize what I ate without being asked for advice, I'm going to close it. I think it's nice to have it there for ideas, if people need them, but if I had 5 beers last night and went way over my calorie goal (and I do have days like that tracked in here) that was my decision for that night. It is much more important that we track and stay accountable to ourselves. If we might play the clean tracker game because someone else is looking at it, then it does us no good. Logging your food only helps weight loss if it's accurate.
  • ruby_red_rose
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    Because I want to track my calories, however, I don't think what I eat is any one else's business :)
  • ChanyRae
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    To each their own! :smile:
  • adjones5
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    Mine is now public but it was private for the first 7 months of me using this site.

    Reason: Its none of your ****ing business.

  • I just opened mine up to public viewing.... talk about anxiety. LOL
  • flabulous4
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    I don't log my food intake - I did when I started for about 3 weeks (in a little book) but I don't choose to find the time to log every little thing I eat. That's my choice and maybe I would do better, or have lost weight faster, if I had - but I think I would have given up if I felt I had to log. I work full time and have 2 small children so time is precious.
  • ngory07
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    Its a personal choice. Some people have medical conditions have to eat an amount of calories that others wouldn't agree with. Mine was set to private because I had wls and at the time could only eat around 1000 calories or less. I didn't want the naysayers. Now that I can eat more its open. Some people are new and just logging and seeing the calories of what they eat and are just becoming aware of what they are consuming and don't want the critizism yet. Tons of reasons. Personally I don't care. I have friends who have theirs open and closed. At least they are logging something!
  • GMPetti82
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    Open it, hide it - I won't bother to look at it anyway. :smile:

    Lol, and to this point, no one has actually ever even mentioned my journal, so they probably don't know or care that it is open.
  • for some they dont want you to know their total cal intake because you can figure out (sot of) their wt...this is what I have been told...others jsut never noticed to change it to public or friends...
  • SabrinaJL
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    Mine is friends only. I know if my friends make a comment, any comment, it is with love in their hearts and hope for my well being. Truthfully, I don't trust the general public to be so kind.

    That. People are on my friends list because I like them and am interested in their opinions, therefore, I welcome their comments (good or bad) on my food log. I'm not so interested in unsolicited comments from people who I don't know and don't know me.