WHY keep your food diary hidden?



  • Qarol
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    I personally think by making it viewable to friends that it hold you accountable.
    I'm more accountable to myself.
  • Helenatrandom
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    Mine is friends only. I know if my friends make a comment, any comment, it is with love in their hearts and hope for my well being. Truthfully, I don't trust the general public to be so kind.
  • khaleesinoodlebelly
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    I keep mine private because I don't need anyone else to hold me accountable to what kinds of foods I eat besides me. I think we all know if what we are eating is good or bad. I suppose if I wanted others to scrutinize the foods I eat then I would leave it to be seen. But people seeing if I stay with in my calories or not is enough for me. And what I do for exercise and I lose or gain. Otherwise. I am good with that much disclosure.

    At the same time though sometimes I do appreciate those who like showing that, I tend to look at the sucessful people for ideas on what to eat.
  • TropicalKitty
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    it's a way to avoid judgement (which of course wouldn't happen here, but it's a valid concern).

    Sarcasm? People on here have been attacked for the foods in their diary when they had it public.

    I have mine open to my friends, only so if I had questions they would know what I was referencing. I don't think it is necessary for everyone to see what I have in there. Plus, I will put some personal thoughts on the day in the notes box at the bottom, that frankly, I don't think people really need to have access too.

    It isn't always just about the food, but there can be other things in there that the public doesn't need access to. :)
  • Sunshine_Girlie
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    I like having my diary available to any and all. I love input. If I'm eating something that would stall weight-loss or if something I eat triggers an idea to someone else, I am all for it. I ask for suggestions and I take it into consideration. Whether I change them or not is all on me

    And to be honest, I haven't really had someone who is not a friend ever say anything. However, this may change now. lol
  • Exactly!!! I make my mine for friends to see but NOT public.
  • TourThePast
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    For a lot of people it's not a conscious decision, having the diary set as private is the default when you join.

    Personally I have mine open, but especially for people whose user name is their real name, I can understand why they don't want certain friends, family or acquaintances seeing the exact details of what they are eating - and maybe how much they are drinking.
  • gseburn
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    Whoops, didn't realize I had mine set to private, :-) it is now open to public scrutiny!

    Then I shall scrutinise it with an inscrutable scrute :bigsmile:

    oh oh! :-)

    I assume most people don't care what I eat. lol
  • ChevyChick88
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    I've earned the right to do whatever I please.

    I don't think the person who asked this disputes your right to do as you please. She is only wondering why keeping a diary private pleases some people.

    Because it's their right to privacy. They don't want people to see it. Period. Discussion ends there. Everyone has their reason, and it's theirs to have. Personally, I've seen way too many "Diary police" on here. When someone isn't even asking for advice, I've seen their friends pipe in, "you shouldn't eat so much _____. You'll never lose weight that way." or "Wow. You really should not have had such a big meal at night." Who the heck appointed these Diary police anyway???

    As far as the "police" go, dont let them get to you. If someone does not like the way another person is responding to their diary, they can either make it private... or no longer be friends with said bully. :-)
  • JackieLM
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    I have mine set to private because I don't want anyone to nit pick my choices.... if I want to spend 80 calories to eat a cookie, I don't want to feel like I need to "justify" it.
  • because way too many "know it alls" judge, and respond when not asked.....I have mine open to my friends...but I have everything closed to anyone who is not a friend...It may sound crazy because it is strangers who shouldn't matter but when i am judged and treated like an idiot it hurts my feelings on here....well anywhere...but especially when people have no idea how hard I work or how much I research....so it is a way of keep people I don't need in my life out of it......This is so not intended to sound rude...:happy:
  • Thomasm198
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    Because it's nobody's business but my own.

    I've seen too many people who think they are experts giving unwanted advice.
  • naturallykat
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    I opened mine up to friends this year. Last year I made some odd food choices which suited me, but attracted well meaning but ultimately demotivational comments from friends. This year I want to be accountable to my MFP friends. It does affect what I put in my mouth... a bit! but then if I have a disaster I just don't log the day, so...
  • I have always wondered this...
  • carriedavis77
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    I think some people don't like the idea of disclosing something so personal; it's a way to avoid judgement (which of course wouldn't happen here, but it's a valid concern). Some people probably don't know how to make their diary public.

    I agree... I almost think that the default should be shared w/your friends like the rest of the defaults for your profile... cause yeah... especially to new users they may not know about that setting
  • SLT4273
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    What I put in my body is my business. I am MORE honest with myself than with anyone else, so having a private diary works for me. If I am ever struggling and need advice, I will open it to my friends, but that isn't the case.

    ^^^^ you took the words right out of my keyboard.
  • twanthe1
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    Mine is open and I enjoy when friends hold me accountable for poor choices - it helps me to remember to make wise choices.

    I can see why some people wouldn't want that scrutiny, we are all in the same boat trying to reach goals and be healthier. It's not a competition and there shouldn't be any insecurity about being open and honest.
  • MissFuchsia
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    Mine's open to mfp friends. I used to keep it hidden at first because I thought I might get judged for eating the same foods all the time. Also I used to eat a lot of processed foods (but within my cal limit). I stopped hiding it because it keeps me accountable.
  • Katefab26
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    Some people write extensive notes, etc. in their diary, which are most definitely not anyone's business. That way they can keep track of everything in one place. Others don't want to be judged. I keep mine open b/c it helps keep me accountable, but I don't judge those who keep it private. Not everyone has to use this site exactly like everyone else for it to be a helpful tool.
  • Tropical_Turtle
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    I am completely honest in mine and I have it private. I dont need others so feel the need to judge me on what they think I should be doing. Everyone is different. But I keep it real, I just do not want judgemental freaks harping on my butt because they think they know what I should be doing, when this is between my MD and myself - NOT them