WHY keep your food diary hidden?

I'm just curious.....I understand if you want your page to be private. However, why keep your food diary private???? Do you do this....if so what's your reasoning? I personally think by making it viewable to friends that it hold you accountable. ;)


  • shovav91
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    I think some people don't like the idea of disclosing something so personal; it's a way to avoid judgement (which of course wouldn't happen here, but it's a valid concern). Some people probably don't know how to make their diary public.
  • cmriverside
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    I've earned the right to do whatever I please.
  • gseburn
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    Whoops, didn't realize I had mine set to private, :-) it is now open to public scrutiny!
  • espence30
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    I agree.. i think its because they don't want to be held accountable...or to me are they being completely honest?
  • wendyannie1976
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    mines open to friends but not to the rest of mfp, guess I'm choosey on who I want looking at my diary lol
  • Because, quite frankly, it's none of your damn business what people are eating. *shrug*

    *Mine is open to friend, btw... but not to just anyone. But it took me a while to get to that.
  • CakeFit21
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    I don't need to be held accountable.
  • CakeFit21
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  • Umpire57
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    Ever since I went maintenance, I don't log like I did when I was actively losing and use the site more for other reasons. When I gain any I will log and get back down and then back to maintenance. By keeping it private it keeps the chatter down.
  • Tink_89
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    I think I've been scared of people judging me. Like, even if I am within the right limits of calories ~ will they judge me for not eating the right sort of food etc.
  • _SusieQ_
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    I have mine open to friends only. I have no desire for someone to push their ideas of what a diet means on me. I have seen too many others criticized (without asking for opinions mind you) for their choices. If I ask for help, then I will open it up and expect criticism. But unwanted, unsolicited advice pisses me off, so I keep it locked except to those I have grown to know and trust. My two cents.
  • manderson27
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    Whoops, didn't realize I had mine set to private, :-) it is now open to public scrutiny!

    Then I shall scrutinise it with an inscrutable scrute :bigsmile:
  • RoanneRed
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    I started tracking calories before MFP because I needed to get on top of it but I work really long, boring days and pick at food for something to do then have to find some more calorie burning activities to balance it out - not really the way I should be working it so I think most people would find my food diary puzzling!

    I've also turned off a lot of the notifications posting to the feed as I'm constantly adding exercises throughout the day and that could be annoying to my friends.
  • Hungry_Tuna
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    Mine's public. I honestly don't care who sees it. I have my good days and my bad ones, but it's out there!
  • Helenatrandom
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    I've earned the right to do whatever I please.

    I don't think the person who asked this disputes your right to do as you please. She is only wondering why keeping a diary private pleases some people.
  • tageekly
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    Mine is open to my friends list, but not all of MFP.
  • Contrarian
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    What I put in my body is my business. I am MORE honest with myself than with anyone else, so having a private diary works for me. If I am ever struggling and need advice, I will open it to my friends, but that isn't the case.
  • PattyCake123
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    I actually just set mine so it was open to everyone, I didn't realize it wasn't until I was looking at my settings the other day and found it was only available to my friends! I do think some people are self concious about it and find it personal, I know it took me a while to get that the people on here looking at my diary aren't here to judge me like I judged myself, or criticize what I have eatten but (typically) are here to be encouraging and help me keep on track and give me helpful words when i do fall off a little.
  • taso42
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    For the first time ever, I closed my food diary yesterday. And the reason is that I'm taking a break from logging for now. I've been eating in surplus, and I'm sure I can continue this and get all my calories, protein, fat, without meticulously counting everything. In a couple of months when I go into calorie deficit again, I'll start logging again and open up my diary.
  • mandycasey
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    I log everything i eat and feel ok ( most of the time ) with what i eat but if i had to share it - i'm afraid i wouldn't log EVERYTHING! I'm just not comfortable sharing that info xx