Meeting your daily iron goal?

Hey guys,
I was going through my food diary and noticed that no matter how well I think I've done for the day, I never reach the iron goal that MFP sets for me (100). In fact, the highest I've gotten is 68 but I usually seem to average closer to around 40.

Anyone else having this problem?
Tips? Anything? :)


  • gingerb85
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    I usually am less than 50, too, unless I had a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses to a smoothie in the morning. Then I'm good. :smile: I'm not a fan of molasses, but I have become used to it. The drawback - it makes your smoothies look terrible! But it gives me my iron and calcium, so I'll take it.
  • SadieHQ
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    I had a concern about that to. 100 of what? According to Eat Right Ontario women 18 to 50 are supposed to get 18 mg a day (men in the same age only need 8). So what's this 100?
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    With a bit of planning it's remarkably easy to get enough iron from plant foods. Spirulina is another easy if slightly nauseating "cheat", but more palatable ones include spinach, flaxseed, leeks, mushrooms, tofu, courgette, dried peaches, nuts, lentils, chickpeas and many more.

    I too am curious about where they get this set goal of 100 from, given that most websites I've seen recommend around 14mg, but I'm still going for it since my ferretin levels have been known to be low and I don't think you can overdose on iron easily.
  • melaniecheeks
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    I wouldn't rely on the database to measure iron. If you eat bread or cereal, choose ones that have been fortified with iron.
  • workerbee2011
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    I think the 100 is a hundred percent of the recommended daily dose? At least I'm pretty sure that's what it is for calcium? But since that varies for men and women I'm not so sure...
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    Most of the food I record doesn't show how much iron is in it, only the raw foods. So measuring your iron intake on this is impossible. I wanted to measure mine to see what I do actually consume as I have an anaemia problem and have to take iron tablets regularly, the doc reckons for the rest of my life.

    I try to eat high iron foods such as nuts, seeds and dark green veg and I used to eat meat, but not so much now. But wanted to record my actual intake. Can mfp do something about this?
  • carrieann1967
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    You can over dose on iron, so be careful, especially if you body doesn't expel it properly.
  • clbdammit
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    @Workorbee: Yes, just worked this out myself, just came back to say so :) Not sure what the differences are about though, but it may be for the same reason that supplements often don't give you 100% of the RDA.
    @cahoughton: Thanks for the warning - though I think personally I have the reverse problem (sluggish absorption, which I'm tring to remedy with more vit c with meals). As for mfp doing something about the database, we don't need to wait for them to. For example, I've just googled butter beans and added a rough guestimate of iron content based on what I found (had to convert from different amounts and measurements). Anyone interested in their iron intake can do the same and or correct entries. This is like the Wikipedia of dieting!
    @melaniecheeks : see above re. database. Re. grains, being gluten-intolerant complicates matters for me, hence being overjoyed at having this (albeit imperfect) tool to help me get there with the foods I can eat!
  • I take a womens one-a-day every morning and that gives me the iron I need. I'm always borderline anemic when I have blood tests done, and pure iron supplements make my stomach VERY angry. These vitamins seem to do the trick and give me TONS of energy.
  • It is true that it is hard to absorb iron. We absorb iron best through eating foods rich in iron. However, iron can be overdosed on and it is very toxic...but that normally happens thru taking iron pills.
  • Shanna_Inc86
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    Coco Wheats have 90% of your daily needed

  • bcattoes
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    Yes!! I have the problem, but have no tips, other than to speak to your doctor about whether you should take a supplement. I don't eat red meat often, but I eat a lot of beans and greens, but I still never manage to hit the goal.

    I sometimes get turned away from giving blood because I don't have enough iron, but my doctor said I didn't need a supplement. Apparently I have enough for me, but not to share. :ohwell:
  • bcattoes
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    I had a concern about that to. 100 of what? According to Eat Right Ontario women 18 to 50 are supposed to get 18 mg a day (men in the same age only need 8). So what's this 100?

    I think it's 100% of the USDA RDA. 50 yo is just a general age for women. The requirement actually drops after menopause, which is generally around age 50.
  • vim_n_vigor
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    I take a B-Complex vitamin
  • Yesterday I ate 152.5% of my daily iron goal. I had one serving of Kellogs Mini Wheats, hoping to get enough fiber and it also gave me 90% iron. I ate a Ms Callander's Frozen Dinner - Swedish Meatballs (only 470 cal) 25% iron. These were the big % of iron.

    I also ate:
    10.5% Cup of long grain white rice
    8% lima beans
    8% Triscuit original baked whole grain crackers
    4% Boneless grilled pork chop
    3.3% hard boiled egg
    3% red seedless grapes
    .7% baby carrots

    Hope this helps with your iron intake
  • Its percent daily value
  • MinaAriel
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    Prenatal vitamins, even if your not planning on a baby. Great source of iron and other vitamins. They really are a lot of bang for the buck.
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    It is % daily value. It is shown in the column header if you add it to the diary.
  • Creiddylad
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    Only been doing the diary for two days and on both days it's noticeable how low my iron is. I am well under the daily requirement, and as a vegetarian this is a little worrying.

    I'm going to try and up the amount of iron rich foods I eat and see if I can correct it with diet, but if not I am going to take a supplement.
  • sistrsprkl
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    I'm always really low too, like in the teens (I'm a vegetarian). I've read that using a cast iron skillet will leach iron into your food so I always use that. There's no way to measure though so who knows. Allegedly, cooking acidic foods in iron will help even more iron to leach out. It can't hurt.