Not sure I see the difference 30 pounds down

I took a second set of progress pics today. These are the first real pics I have to compare to, the ones of the left at 217, and the ones on the right at 187. I know my inches are different, and I feel different, but I really don't see the difference in the pics.
I was really hoping to notice a huge difference, as my motivation was running really low today. Husband says it's super noticeable, and urged me to post them, saying I'm being too hard on myself. Anyhow, putting these up in hopes that the internet will tell me I'm wrong (as it typically does haha).
I know the quality of the pictures are questionable. The only full length mirror we have is in the garage, and it's pretty obvious how often I get out there with a bottle of windex.


Darn it, this is taking more courage to post than anticipated...Okay, hitting Post!
And attempting to fix size, it should stop being enormously large in a minute.


  • Laviegurl25
    Laviegurl25 Posts: 121 Member
    how can you not see a difference?!?! You look awesome! you can definately see the difference in your belly area! Keep it up!
  • I see an awesome difference, keep doing whatever you are doing!
  • Fit_Mama84
    Fit_Mama84 Posts: 234 Member
    I can see a difference too, but I understand where you are coming from. I've lost about 30 pounds so far and have a hard time seeing it too. But rest assured that everyone else can see it. Great job!!
  • colleenob1
    colleenob1 Posts: 22 Member
    I too can see a great difference :) Especially around your stomach & hips...Keep up the good work
  • Looking good!!!
  • mangojh2
    mangojh2 Posts: 175 Member
    It's really obvious in the profile pics on the bottom. Huge difference! Lookin great!
  • MenaMena
    MenaMena Posts: 232 Member
    the difference is very noticeable. Keep up the great work and try not to be so hard on yourself because you have done a great job.
  • You definitely look A LOT more slimmer in your after pictures. I know how frustrating it is though, a few years ago, I lost 30lbs in a nine month period, and other than my face slimming down, I didnt notice it anywhere else either. We are always hardest on ourselves, keep up the good work!
  • sncmaddie
    sncmaddie Posts: 37 Member
    I notice it in the face, arms and stomach. I am down 29 pounds since Christmas and I don't think I notice a difference either. Keep working hard and you'll notice the chages soon!
  • pspetralia
    pspetralia Posts: 965 Member
    Your hips are smaller and your waist is more defined!! You are doing great work. Keep it up!
  • ks_mommaof5
    ks_mommaof5 Posts: 73 Member
    you can ABSOLUTELY see a difference!!! i JUST had this exact same day ... i'm down 25 pounds and am hitting a "wall" mentality ... i want to see an instant, significant, amazing, primetime-tv-ready difference.

    take comfort in knowing you are on the right path!!!! and you are looking dazzling!!!!! :)))))
  • LPinTheD
    LPinTheD Posts: 129
    It's hard to see it in ourselves... But those pictures don't lie, girl... there's definitely a difference! And it's good :)
  • I see a difference in your stomach! Keep going!
  • You are judging your self much to harshly! There is a difference.

    Great job so far!
  • BobbieLee1959
    BobbieLee1959 Posts: 605 Member
    What a wonderful difference! just look at your slim profile (bottom pic) and your lovely face in the middle pic!! You are doing a great job! Keep up the good work and you will look back on this and realize what we all see!! Way to go!!
  • glennam1
    glennam1 Posts: 172 Member
    there is DEFINATELY a look awesome....keep it up :flowerforyou:
  • You can defintely see a difference!! Awesome job! Keep up the great work!!
  • elizabeth51608
    elizabeth51608 Posts: 31 Member
    Yes, there is a very noticeable difference!!! Your hips and waist are much slimmer and your legs are as well. Don't give up...I know how you feel, I have lost 34 pounds so far but I still don't see much of a difference... we are so hard on ourselves! I still have 75 pounds to lose so sometimes I think what I have to go make me unable to see the small positive changes in my body!! Though since working out regularly, I do have some muscle definition and that really helps how I feel about my weight loss!! Keep up the good work and don't give up!! You've only got to lose 11 more pounds till 50 and I'll bet you will see a HUGE difference then--That's when I do. (For me losing 34 pounds is still a size 18, but 47-50 pounds lost is a 14. :)
  • amystpierre
    amystpierre Posts: 52 Member
    Oh there is definitely a difference! I just hit the 24 pound mark and was felling low today wondering the same thing. Then I was walking past my mirror and it was like it jumped out at me how much thinner my face was! I am not noticing much of a difference in my clothes yet, but it will come! Keep up the awesome work!
  • MarileeP
    MarileeP Posts: 32 Member
    Oh yes. I can absolutely see a difference. Believe your husband :smile:
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