to fat to exersize



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    Why not do some workout DVD's in your own home to incorporate some exercise until you feel more confident?


    This. Anxiety is real and can be debilitating, so just "getting over it" may not be the best or most viable option for everyone. But you can definitely take small steps toward building your confidence by working out at home and beginning to feel good about yourself. Those positive feelings about your strength and abilities will translate to confidence and less anxiety around others soon enough. Best wishes :heart:
  • I do Zumba at home. I can get as loud as I want. I can wear crazy stuff to work out in and my dogs ignore me. HAHA!
    Just get up and move. You can work out when washing dishes by doing squats and leg lifts. You can stretch laying in bed when you wake. If you have a back yard, walk in back. I have a friend that was very very overweight and she is very conscious about it. We meet 2x a week for class at the gym, I get to celebrate with her success. She motivates me. You dont know what impact you will have on another person just by getting out and moving. Laugh with them and it could encourage them to do better.

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    You got this!!!
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    Stop making excuses! do this for you! Do not give a Damn what anyone else thinks!! YOU! YOU! YOU! do this for you and your loved ones!

    I don't give a damn what anyone thinks of how I look, either they like me for me, or they don't have to be my friend.

    start now!
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    Focus on only what you are doing!!

    For me, one of the hardest things was and still is how I am perceived. I got through it by focusing on the task at hand and ignoring everything and everyone else.

    Keep your eye on what you eat and focus on the 1 - 2lb loss per week. It will not take long for the loss to accumulate. As it does, you will have more energy and motivation. Before long it will be you that people look to for inspiration!
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    its tough...maybe start out with taking walks instead of running so that youre not "huffing and puffing" so much then slowly build yourself up. the bottom line is what you think of yourself though, not what they think so if you want to then i say get out there and do it :)
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    little by little, start off walking to the corner to just get outside again

    perfect advice :)
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    When I go to the gym and I see a very overweight person faithfully coming every day and plodding away on the treadmill, I am proud of them for making the effort! Who cares what everyone else thinks..this is for YOU!:happy:

    I agree with this one. When I see pregnant women, very obese, or elderly people regularly at the gym it impresses me and gives me motivation. Sure, a few idiots may say something, but a lot of people will look good upon you for getting out and getting active. No need to lock yourself inside.

    Maybe find someone else to walk with you occassionally to take the first step to going outside if you are unable to do it alone.
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    dont be insecure about doing anything that will benefit you or help your health. just always remember, the people who judge are the ones who are actually insecure about themselves and there own issues!!!! get out there and do you and know that your in it to better youself, not anyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck!!!
  • When I started going to the local YMCA, I weighed in at 457 pounds. Was I a bit self conscious? You bet your sweet bippy I was. The main thing is, don't give a dang about what any one else thinks about you and do this for you. You want to run, go out and run. worried people might make fun of you? OK then go for a speed walk. But do not let insecurities keep you from what you want.

    Rock it out.
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    I get it, I do. I used to be 250 and very self concious, Hell I still am. The bottom line is F#$K what everyone else thinks. This journey isn't about them, it's about you. You want to run, go run. Put in some headphones and go kill it. When they're still in plus size clothes and you're in a size 2 you'll be the one chuckling.

    this, this, and more of this!!

    At 250 pounds, I didn't care. I also couldn't run anywhere, so I walked. Then I got a treadmill, and I love it :-) Do what you can, a little each day, and build your fitness. Rome wasn't built in a day!
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    When I started my journey I started cycling, less impact, and I did hear the comments about my padded cycling shorts and how I already had enough padding why did I need more. But this was something that I was doing for myself, not one else, so I just ignored the comments and dod what I needed to do for myself.
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    I would run at a track near my house. There would always be people at the track. Some really fit, some terribly out of shape. You'll run past people who are in worse shape than you. Or you would be running and you would see big women walking slowly around the track. You can use this as motivation. The fit people can motivate you to want to keep working hard so you can be like them. and the people who are less fit than you can motivate you because you don't ever want to be like them again.
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    I have never had this problem, but perhaps you can get a treadmill and walk on it while watching TV?
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    I agree with this advice. You need to ease in slowly when you start a running program. Walking is a GREAT start and when you feel strong slowly add some running in. For example, you could walk 4 blocks and then run 2. Base on how much running you do on how you feel and most importantly see your doctor before starting a new workout regime. Good luck and you are welcome to "friend" me as I am a runner as well. :-) Anne
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    DW and I are kinda in the same boat. So far, we have just been walking on our treadmill at home with some dreams of working up to a jog.

    However, we have both really wanted to do something more to stimulate our weight loss and get us more in the habit of working out. DW is thinking perhaps to do Zumba and I am considering P90X--Which I am sure will kick my #@$, but I have gotten to a point that I feel like I need/want something more.