Summer Challenge



  • meeaham
    meeaham Posts: 882 Member
    My results for today:

    Water: Didn't get in 32 oz, got in 24 oz (I guess that's better than nothing!)
    New exercise: None, just ran on the treadmill today at the gym
    Calories: I'm under! I'm at 5/7 for the week. Not too bad for my first week!

    I hope everyone had a great weekend! =)
  • andreamkelly
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    I weighed in at 224.4 this morning. Stayed under on calories and tried to get extra water. Bought two new exercise games for the WII, but was so busy with life (grandchildren and has 12 over for dinner on Sunday) didn't get a chance to try them out yet.
  • chichi128
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    this was one of the first weekends in a really long time that i didnt over indulge and i feel great. i was able to control myself which as many of you know is not an easy thing!! i feel like MFP community as really helped me with this because i know i have to be accountable for what im doing and when i see other people working just as hard i dont want to let anyone down. i finally bought a scale this weekend and im not sure if today is the day we're supposed to weigh in or tomorrow but im so excited to say that i lost 4.3lbs!! woop woop!! though small i will take anything ...26 more lbs to go by august 28th and i feel like i can really do this!! i have definitely been drinking more water..2 34oz bottles a day plus a few more glasses..staying under my calorie goal throughout the week and my new exercise has been starting the c25k

    sooo i'll make it official..

    sw 214
    cw 209
    gw (8/28) 184
    dw 125-130

    happy monday everyone!!!
  • Ceeceebigs
    Ceeceebigs Posts: 8 Member
    staying strong here....

    added rowing as a new exercise for 10 minutes...

    Sunday was my cheat day.....ate a bit too much....glad its Monday!
  • AstridParties
    AstridParties Posts: 87 Member
    SW 172
    CW 162
    GW 150 (for now...will change once this milestone is met)
  • jillica
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    Weigh-in tomorrow! And I'm not being anybody's inspiration by saying this: I've GAINED WEIGHT!!! But this group is helping me get organized. Here's to a lucky weigh-in tomorrow so maybe I will be even.
  • zerbe6982
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    5/29 Update:
    Water - No
    Exercise - Yes (I added pushups to my routine)
    Calories - Under
    5/30 Update:
    Water - Yes! Drank 6 cups instead of 4
    Exercise - Yes (I added pushups to my routine)
    Calories - Under by 46
    5/31 Update:
    Water - Yes! Drank 6 cups instead of 4
    Exercise - Yes (I added pushups to my routine)
    Calories - Under my calories; That's 3/7
    6/1 Update:
    Water - No ;(
    Exercise - Yes
    Calories - Over today; 3/7

    6/2 Update:
    Water - No ;(
    Exercise - Yes
    Calories - Over today; 3/7

    6/3 Update:
    Water - Yes; 8 cups today
    Exercise - Yes
    Calories - Under today; 4/7
  • weigh in time!
    Have managed to drink a lot more water, stay under my calorie limit, but havent added a new exercize:(

    today, i weighed in at 63kg (138.89lb)
  • EmmaM2211
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    Oooop didnt manage to stay under calories 5/7 days this week :-( and i'm up a pound this morning. But not so bad considering it's a bank holiday weekend here in the UK so been plenty of parties. I'll be happy staying the same tomorrow for weigh in then I'll be ready to kick butt properly with no more parties planned!!! Hope you're all awesome and looking forward to weigh in tomorrow!! xxxxx
  • whoops! thought it was tuesday today ahahaha!
  • raph97
    raph97 Posts: 3
    Hi everyone,

    It's the first time I write on any posting since I joined MFP. I like your idea to set a reachable goal and set a deadline.

    My journey so far is very similar to a lot of you. I started mid-January with MFP and used it for 3 months almost on a daily basis, it help me loose almost 15 pounds. Then life got in the way, and I thought that I was able to manage my weight all by realize last week that I took back 7 pounds. So I am returning to MFP this morning and would like to join you all on the summer challenge.
    I have registered for a 10K run on August 26th and would like to run it under 220.

    Last week, I was 236, so I need to loose 17 pounds te reach my goal.

    I'll write back tomorrow morning to let you know how I am going:smile:
  • llee1025
    llee1025 Posts: 3
    Week 1 Weigh in!

    I'm down 2 pounds! New weight: 153 lb.

    As far as challenges for this week...

    I definitely drank more water, I started a system where I fill up 3 20oz bottles the day before and then it's easier for me to track how much water I have had throughout the day. I finished those water bottles 5/7 days.

    For the new exercises... I started Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

    I did a poor job tracking my eating this week...oops. So, I can't say if I stayed under my calories or not.
  • blackpro
    blackpro Posts: 1
    I'm in, starting today !
  • Noraclark
    Noraclark Posts: 1
    Count me in also!!!
  • I am in starting today as well! :)

    sw: 136
    gw: 121 (by end of august)
  • ginnylee74
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    I am in starting today if that's ok.:)

    187 by the End of August.
  • becsks
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    Hi everyone - I'm new to MFP and I love the idea and accountability of this challenge! Hopefully you don't mind if I jump in a week late.

    My goal is to lose 12 pounds by August 31. My weight in is tonight, but I'm somewhere around 162. I'm aiming for 150 by the end of summer!

    My goals this week are to:
    -track every bite
    -drink 8 glasses of water a day
    -4 low-impact exercise days (I'm injured, but still need to MOVE)
    -plan my meals and nights out in advance.

    Excited to be on MFP and to join you all in this challenge!
  • branohockey
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    I had an up and down weekend. Friday I had a party to go to, I exercised extra to compensate and I came in under calories despite a 1000+ dinner/drinks evening. Then Saturday was a bust because I did not plan! ARGH! But Sunday was ok. I did not get a block of time to exercise because I had a child w/ 2 Lacrosse games at spread out times. So instead I walked fo rthe 20 minutes before each game and at half time and it added up to over 400 cals burned!

    So there is a tip for everybody... you do NOT have to work out for a hour straight. You can break it up into manageable chunks and still get calories burned. Granted it might not be the perfect situation, but at least it's exercise. NO EXCUSES :)

    Tonight I have a workout planned and then my evenings fall apart for the week. That means no excuses and I'll get up earlier to at least get time in on the treadmill.

    No stopping me now!!!

  • bbagnell13
    bbagnell13 Posts: 31
    I would love to join. CW-184 GW 165 (for now)

    I am just reading the challenges from last week, but I have actually done pretty well with them!

    Tuesday 5/29
    water - 10 cups
    Walked 1 mile
    Calories under 1/7

    Wednesday 5/30
    water - 10 cups
    walked 1 mile
    calories under 2/7

    Thursday 5/31
    water - 6 cups
    walked 1 mile
    calories under 3/7

    Friday 6/1
    water - 8 cups
    walked 1 mile
    calories under 4/7

    Saturday 6/2
    Whew - BAD DAY!!
    water-2 cups
    calories OVER

    Sunday 6/3
    water - 3 cups
    calories OVER

    Monday 6/4
    water -
    walked 1 mile
    calories -
  • Curvimami
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    CW: 205lbs

    Goals for June:
    - Lose 6 lbs (199 lbs and under 200!!! )
    - Work out at least 4x a week
    - Drink 10 glasses of water a day
    - Eat every 3hrs
    - Eat all calories and maybe some exercise cals (dont want to go into starvation mode)

    Took forever to find and quote my in tomorrow is not looking too good for me :-(