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  • motherbetty
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    I didn't realize we were supposed to post every day. Oops.Well, I have struggled to drink the extra water but I'm really giving it my best. My new exercise was Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30. So far, I have only completed day 1 (today) but I already like it...probably more than the 30DS which I just finished.

    If I haven't said it before, thanks for doing this.
  • devonette
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    I didn't realize we were supposed to post every day. Oops.Well, I have struggled to drink the extra water but I'm really giving it my best. My new exercise was Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30. So far, I have only completed day 1 (today) but I already like it...probably more than the 30DS which I just finished.

    If I haven't said it before, thanks for doing this.

    I think she said we don't need to report every day. I'm just going to report in on Tuesdays, weigh in day, and report both my weight and if I met the additional little challeges she set for the whole week.
  • Today is a rest day for exercise, no classes tonight.

    It was my birthday yesterday, and so far I have already had two 900 calorie meals that each included cake. I look forward to my third and fourth meals including cake today. I imagine i'll be somewhere around 1000 calories over today.

    That's ok. 3.5 hours of kickboxing tomorrow, plus 1.5 hours of the same on Sunday will make up for it.
  • magtize
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    CW 169.4
    GW 155

    WALK 10,000 STEPS

    8,433 STEPS TODAY 5/31
    4228 STEPS TODAY 6/1
  • branohockey
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    INSKYDIAMONDS please put my start weight at 152.2

    I burned 1045 cals today. I jumped on the treadmill for a precautionary 35 minutes in case my day got away from me. I have a bday party to go to tonight and I k new I'd have a drink or three! :) But I did get in my afternoon workout in and did 701 cals in kickboxing! YAY, now I get to have around 1300 cals earned for tonight.

    I also will have my 3rd liter of water for the day before I go.

    Challenge for additional water - done!
    Challenge for new exercise - done!
    Challenge to stay under cals... will do my best!

    CW: 152.2
    GW: 132.2 (this challenge)

    Have a great weekend everybody. I will check in over the weekend.

  • Checking in for the first time. start weight is 188lbs. My goal is to lose 15 lbs by the end, 173lb sounds nice I have not seen that in years. :smile: Just made a great chicken brown rice soup with lots of veggies Yum. Now to get motivated to go on the tread mill for a bit. Started new ab exercises to help my back.
  • hellosara08
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    A little late but by Aug 28th, I would love to lose about 10-20 lbs. I've been running most days out of the week and it really seems to be helping. :)
  • Can I join? I just got back on MFP and would like to lose about 10lbs and tone up.

    Current weight: 134.5
  • if its not too late count me in. i'm 160 lbs and trying to loose 15lb
  • momshorses
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    The day was almost over before I realized I had not had any water!! Yikes!!! It explains part of why I am feeling the way I am.
    It was a weird day for eating too. I ended up helping with some paperwork and missed lunch....then I was over hungry. I still managed to stay under my calorie goal somehow though.

    I new excercise is sort of strange... yet alot of fun. I still can't use my right foot very much and putting too much weight on it can be painful. So, while shopping with my teenage girls, I borrowed a wheelchair from the mall's customer service. You can really get your heart rate up going up the ramps. :happy: And racing around the mall????? Well, it is a great arm work out! :wink:
  • meeaham
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    Happy Friday everyone! =)

    Water: I've been doing really well so far! I have been drinking at least 32 oz of water every day and it feels great!
    New exercise: Nothing new, just continuing my insanity workouts
    Calories: I went over today. =( I went out to dinner with a couple of friends at Texas Roadhouse. I couldn't help it! I love their cinnamon rolls!! So I'm still at 3/7 for the week.

    Have a great weekend everyone!
  • Hearts_2015
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    My check-in

    Good on water, never really an issue with that but I try and do a 128 oz. a day to cover what my body needs and of course the extra my workouts need as well.

    Working out on the AMT and really loving it, started using the Rowing machine again after being away from it so long. Upped my Strength training days to 3 now and Cardio at 3 also, remaining day is a rest day. Incredible feeling after training, so much energy, it's mind blowing! lol Is my house ever getting clean:blushing: :bigsmile:

    Not the best food day ever that's for sure, simply not the healthiest choices I usually try and get in but redeemed myself at dinner.

    Have a super weekend All, take time for YOU!:wink:
  • kateblue72
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    My checkin - SW 209.7
    Usual weigh in day is Wed ... will try to remember to come here. Thanks for taking this on. Did the 10 pounds in May Challenge and lost 9.9 ... I do find that the mfp support, helps to keep me dedicated. Thanks to all - with this challenge I will be in wonderland!!:flowerforyou:
  • Cateyes0831
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    I've been going up and then down again in weight for about 2-3 months now (between 280ish-270ish). I weighed myself this morning just to see how I was doing and I'm down to 277.4 (started at 285 at the beginning of this week). I'm thinking most of that has had to be water weight. Now to not mess this up over the weekend!!!!!

    I'm doing pretty good on this weeks challenge and looking forward to next week :happy:
  • So far this week I've been doing pretty good :happy: and have managed to stay under my calories every day, plus am drinking an extra 2 glasses of water - up from 8 to 10. I've also started my new exercise and have just done day 4 of Befit in 90 which is killing me!!
    The hard part starts now though as it's Jubilee weekend here in the UK which means lots of socialising, street parties and lots and lots of cake on offer! Must stay strong and try to resist too much temptation :wink:
    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend wherever you are! :heart:
  • Hearts_2015
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    Had a great morning workout today, tried some new equipment and also did the walking track which I'd never taken time to use before. It feels great to add even more to be able to switch things up doing my various workouts!

    I plan to be outside a good part of today and it's supposed to be hot/humid so the water will definitely be flowing, mmm cold water, best drink ever!:love:

    Super Sat. to All :flowerforyou: :happy:
  • renaegry
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    Well yesturday was a bust - but not to get me down. Ate way over calories (partial due to all the beer I drank last night). Today is a new day. Starting off the morning with a healthy omelette. Going to clean out my garge today which will be extra cals burned, then would love to get out for a jog this afternoon. Should sweat out a lot of cals - suppose to be 25C here today. Going to try to stay with in the calories today. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
  • smerr
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    Count me in! I've been losing steadily for the past couple of months but hit a snag this past week so this will help me get back on track. I'm thinking the 15 pounds by the end of August will work for me as well!
  • xmaxine89
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    Hi, could I join as well? I started on MFP about a year and a half ago and completely lost track around February. I think I'll be starting at 124 (but will check Tuesday) and want to go back down to 117. This group sounds like it's exactly what I need!
  • loulou_88
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    I'd really love to join in as well! I will be weighing myself tomorrow and then again on Tuesday to make up for it!

    I lost 20 pounds on here last summer and felt amazing, but i had a stressful year at school and put it all back on. What I hated most was that I really was letting myself down after feeling so good for so long. So this time I'm back and want to learn how to keep it off! I have 12-15 pounds to go and would love to get there by August!:)

    Can't wait!