Sexual benefits of major weight loss?



  • OBXbound4me
    OBXbound4me Posts: 245 Member
    Find that self esteem quickly because you look fantastic. My wife often wishes her body looked better in areas but I think I have convinced her I like her "as is." Good luck. :)
  • docdevore
    docdevore Posts: 39 Member
    Both were true for me, as well as more flexibility which has added some nice variety to our sex life.
    Many men experience an increase in length. Some also, depending on blood pressure changes, experience stronger erections as well.
  • RedBullLiz
    RedBullLiz Posts: 469 Member
    Yeah, definitely confidence.
    No need to fantasize.
    Costumes are more comfortable to wear.
  • stpetegirl
    stpetegirl Posts: 241
    I was already motivated to lose the weight, but I have to say, this gives me even more to look forward to. I was actually a little worried that losing weight could affect this area, but it sounds like it will be in a much more positive way than I was thinking. Thanks!