Down 73 lbs. in 3 months: Ops Shirtless and Shameless



  • nachobunny
    nachobunny Posts: 13 Member
    Great progress! There is no shame in this weight loss game - you are doing awesome!!
  • norzip
    norzip Posts: 174 Member
    You are awesome!!! Keep up the good work.
  • Candi8099
    Candi8099 Posts: 178 Member
    Great work!!! Keep it up!! Such a deep story, but so powerful! I wish you well on your journey!
  • sshap21712
    sshap21712 Posts: 139
    Quite a journey so far! Keep it up, my man!
  • Sunbeam0904
    Sunbeam0904 Posts: 53 Member
    I loved your post- so good u should think about writing. Thanks for being inspiring and keep up the good work!
  • thingal12
    thingal12 Posts: 302 Member
    Way To Go!!!! :glasses: I love reading inspirational stories such as yours!
  • Perfectdiamonds1
    Perfectdiamonds1 Posts: 347 Member
    You go for it. You are amazing. So very inspiring and motivating. You are looking wonderful. Congratulation!!!!:smile:
  • PrncessBre
    PrncessBre Posts: 444 Member
    Great job!!! You are a true Inspiration!!!
  • Pinky1147
    Pinky1147 Posts: 105
    Way to go!!! Such an inspiration!! Keep up the awesome work!!!
  • Jenncoc86
    Jenncoc86 Posts: 203 Member
    you look great
  • SalPal03
    SalPal03 Posts: 90 Member
    Congratulations! You have done such an amazing job!
  • lori__lynn
    lori__lynn Posts: 59
    great job!
  • tlynnclemmons
    tlynnclemmons Posts: 79 Member
    holy cow you look fabulous! Go shirtless and shameless now! I am having a hard time staying motivated due to some setbacks in the last 6 months but reading your story (yes I've had almost all of those same problems except I REFUSE to get on an airplane at all) and your story gives me new faith that it can be done. Thanks for sharing!
  • Dayna154
    Dayna154 Posts: 910 Member
    You are doing some great things for yourself and your family as well in the long run.. Good job... You are looking great!
  • essenceofk
    essenceofk Posts: 18 Member
    Great job, great inspiration, and phenomenal loss!!!! You Go Boy!
  • scapez
    scapez Posts: 2,019 Member
    I looked up "success" in the dictionary and saw your picture! :drinker: Great job!
  • jyuubi
    jyuubi Posts: 109
    I'm only 20 years old, and have gotten close to being turned around on amusement park rides, and it's the most humiliating feelings ever. It's awful that I don't even want to go to amusement parks anymore (despite LOVING them) because I'm afraid I just won't fit. The amount you have lost is so impressive, congratulations!
  • anku08
    anku08 Posts: 82 Member
    inspiring... :) good going pal!!
  • CarynCharB
    CarynCharB Posts: 215 Member
    Damn Red!!! Lookin' good, keep up the good work!!
  • Congrats.
    Great job you did, keep it up :wink: