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  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,763 Member Member Posts: 2,763 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Got some not so good news yesterday. My Dad had a stroke during the night. He is able to talk, and the Dr says that there is no brain damage. The left side of his body is of course not functioning. Just hope that he will work hard when he gets to rehab. ;) My Mom is doing pretty good, but she isn't able to be with him of course. The good thing is that my SIL is a nurse at the hospital, so she is able to go see him. She said that he is being ornery, but that is normal for my Dad. :)

    The ride into work was horrible because of poor driving and it is still snowing outside.

    This morning I did 30MTF Split Sessions Upper Body. Figured that it would be a good upper body sub.

    Laurel, Wow on that puzzle, I have never attempted anything larger than 1500. Great job on all the workouts! Nice that Cathe is mixing up those live workouts. I'm sure that she is having fun thinking up some of the formats.
    That is what I thought about the rotation also. Can't imagine doing two lower body workouts and no upper during the week. I'm okay with changing things up when I need to. I hope that you stay warm. I have been seeing a lot of pictures of people, to the south of us, having to run their water so the pipes don't freeze up. Glad to hear that you are getting rain, but that ice isn't fun.

    Thelma, Love the workouts, and glad to hear that you enjoyed Sydney's band workout. Sounds like it was a tough one. I have noticed that there is only a small portion of north America that isn't in the freezing temps. Hope that it continues to miss you. LOL about the lasagna on Valentines Day. Nice that your fix of the recipe was tastier than the recipe that you had and lost. I will have to squeeze that Kelly lower body workout into my schedule at some point. I have the new bands that Cathe has, and the blue band in that set is way different than the previous set that she had. I don't think that I will be able to break this one like the last set. :D

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,014 Member Member Posts: 3,014 Member
    Hi Ladies! Well, we woke up to 12 degrees and snow here. For this area, this is pretty cold. It is still only 16 degrees at noon....and still snowing. DH knocked the ice off of the HVAC this morning since it was taking forever to heat the house up, but at least we still have heat and electricity. It is quite pretty to be honest. But I am glad we don’t have to go anywhere. DH is supposed to be headed to Atlanta tomorrow, but we’ll see what happens to our roads tonight.

    Anyhow, for my workout today, I did RUUB Shouldersx3 premix....and stuck with Cathe’s weights for all 3 rounds which is not normal for me. That made me very happy. I followed it with Cathe Live Cathe’s Birthday Blast and a 30 minute yoga/Pilates workout with Kristin McGee and Peloton which was really fantastic.

    Laurie, I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. I am glad he is able to speak and will pray the therapy helps him with regaining motion on his left side. I have no doubt it will be difficult for your mom not being able to be with him, though. Great workout this morning, despite the bad news yesterday. I am sorry to hear about the drive this morning, though. I am sure right about now you are pretty much done with winter. I know I would be. The 3000 piece puzzle is fun, but we had to be careful when separating the pieces initially because I don’t have room to lay out 3000 pieces anywhere. And the puzzle takes up most of our dining room table, so this is as big as we will ever go. But it is a beautiful picture from Norway, so it has been worth it.

    Thelma, great workouts! I love the description you posted. I would love to join you on Friday but that is my afternoon for Zoom calling my sisters. Thank you for the invitation, though. I am signed up for tomorrow’s barre and have my fingers crossed I don’t have the same problems I had last week. I am so glad you like the idea change for the STS rotation. What I will do is include substitutes for the STS workouts that could be used for either week, so if you don’t want to do, as an example, Week 3 of Meso 1 workouts, you can substitute in XTrain or something like that. I will ruminate on this for awhile, but I know I am looking forward to this rotation more already!

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Tuesday were Peloton Beginner Ride and Ramped Up Upper Body Shouldersx3 premix followed by a nice stretch and massage session.
    My body felt really tired today I had to push myself to workout and I'm glad I did.

    It was on the cold side here. We didn't get above 26 and the temp has dropped to 18 tonight. I have to go out early tomorrow morning for my yearly physical. It will be freezing!

    Laurie, I'm so sorry about your dad but I glad the doctor doesn't think there is brain damage. Thank God your SIL can go visit him! I would think that after what he's been through being ornery is a good thing!
    Hopefully he'll be able to get transferred to rehab soon.

    I'm so glad your mom is doing well. I can just imagine she's worried about your dad. Prayers for your dad's recovery.

    Sorry about your commute! I hope tomorrow will be an easier commute. How much snow did you get?

    Great workout! I really like that Kelly did a Split sessions workout.

    The Sydney workout I did the other day didn't use the bands but it was tough. I doubt that lady does easy workouts.
    I think you're going to love Kelly's Lower Body split session workout.
    I tried to stretch the medium resistance band and I could barely move stretch it!

    Laurel, you were definitely much colder than we were! We had a little dusting of snow. How much snow did you end up getting? Your DH won't have any issues with the weather in GA.

    Great workouts!! That shoulder workout was hard! I discovered that Peloton has restorative yoga workouts. I was going to try one of Kristin McGee's but I ran out of time.

    I think you would love Sydney's workouts Laurel. She is a tough instructor.

    I am so looking forward to the hip opener yoga session on Friday. I woke up a very tight pelvic bone region. I clearly have been pushing myself too hard and probably I did too much with the fabric resistance band. I eventually loosened up but it was scary.

    I'm so glad you signed up for Barre! If you get disconnected wait a little while for it to restart again.
    Thank you for including STS substitute workouts. I definitely want to do the full STS workouts. I may even do it on the single body part week too but it's good to have other choices available. Thank you so much for doing this for us!
  • fitzfourfitzfour Member Posts: 1,299 Member Member Posts: 1,299 Member
    Happy Wednesday!!

    Monday was KCM Strength and Stamina, both workouts. Yesterday I was sore!!! Finally getting out of the extreme cold today, yay! Work is busy, but I'm helping out in the role I want to be in, so I'm happy right now!

    Laurie, I'm glad to hear your dad is doing ok and keeping the staff on their toes! Ornery is a good thing...he probably will push harder to get through therapy! I hope you have a better drive today and a break from the snow. We are going to get our first snow today. It's been a few weeks. Great job on your workouts!

    Laurel, glad you are staying as warm as possible and the major ice missed you. I'm sure it will melt fast, which makes it even prettier! Excellent job on the workouts!

    Thelma, cold for you too--isn't this weather nuts? Good thing we all have our workouts to warm us up! Good job getting through your Zumba/Yoga day. Sounds like that was a lot of work!!

    Have a great day! Talk to you later.

  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,763 Member Member Posts: 2,763 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    My Dad is out of ICU, but still has to go through a bunch of test. They think his heart is pumping out clots. It sure is nice to have my SIL there, and I'm sure that my Mom is comforted by that fact also. He can only have one visitor a day, and my Mom is going to visit him today. I must admit that it might be a good thing that he is in isolation, he has to do more things for himself instead of relying on my Mom. I think you all know how men are when they are sick.... :D Thanks everyone for your prayers. We all know that things like this start to happen as our parents get older, but it just sucks. :(

    My workout this morning was 30MTF Super Sculpt W2, this one was a lot of fun. Got to use my new blue band for the leg work, and boy was that tough. The band is thicker so it didn't roll down at all.

    Laurel, Hope that things start to improve weather wise for your area. We are above zero today, so the road conditions are great. I'm sure that the roads in your area are a way different experience than what you are used to in states that are prepared for snow. Hope that you stay warm during all of this also. Awesome workouts! After doing all the RUUB workouts 3x that has to really fatigue the muscle. That puzzle sounds pretty, but dang is that huge. I will be waiting to see how long it takes the two of you to finish that one. ;)

    Thelma, Great job on the workouts, and pushing through. I have been trying really hard to make sure that I put my all into my workouts. I have been finding that it makes the workouts a lot more fun, even if I am bending over trying to catch my breath. :D At least then I know I'm working hard. My commute was way better this morning. Here at work we had about 10 inches, but at home we had about 4. This dumping had a lot to do with the lake, so if you where closer to it you had a lot more snow. It is getting to the point that the streets are only two way, because the second lane is becoming the snow bank. :o

    Erika, Great job on the workout, that one is tough when you do both of them. Glad to hear that you are also getting out of the really cold temps, it seems so much warmer when it gets above zero doesn't it? :D Very happy to hear that you are getting some work that you enjoy doing. I hope that you are right on my Dad, I still remember how DH's father was with rehab. My Mom will for sure be reminding him of that, and I hope that it is motivation for him. Maybe these storms will start moving further up north so that we have some relief. The forecast is clear for us until Sunday.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Cathe Live Legs For Days followed by a 45 minute HiiT and Hills ride with Peloton. It felt good today, but I do wonder if I will be thinking the same thing after Barre this afternoon. :o

    It got back down to 14 last night, which is much colder than they predicted. But we are finally up above freezing now, so our snow is melting,...just in time for another storm tonight. We are supposed to get a mix of rain and sleet here and fingers crossed that is all. But after that, we are going to warm up....I hope!

    Thelma, great workouts. I am sorry you are feeling tired. You have been pushing through some tough workouts, especially adding that meaty class on Saturday. We only got about an inch of snow, but we had flurries all day yesterday. I was mostly surprised that it was just so cold it didn’t melt at all until just now. But DH called when he got down our little hill this morning and said there was no snow in the valley, so we had our own little winter wonderland for 24 hours. :) I liked it....for a day. See you later!

    Erika, great workouts. I am glad you are finally warming up there. I will have my fingers crossed that this trial run in your work is going to lead to a permanent position doing what you want to be doing.

    Laurie, another great workout. I am glad your dad is out of ICU, and that your mom is going to be able to visit with him. That will probably do here quite a bit of good. It is tough to watch parents age, that is for certain. And it certainly isn’t helped by having to keep a distance because of a pandemic. I am just happy your SIL can give you all regular reports on how he is doing. Well, it took us 2 1/2 weeks to do that 3000 piece puzzle! DH just loved doing it, and once we finished it last night asked me to order another one that size. So....I did. It has become our hobby of choice during free time as we are both just tired of TV anymore. Anyhow, here is a photo:


    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Wednesday were Gina B. Low Impact Cardio, S&S Total Body Giant Sets Lower Body and Pure Barre.

    The Barre class was brutal today. At least it felt that way for me because I was tired. There was a point where I felt I couldn't do it anymore and wanted to quit. I kept going though.

    Erika, great job with the KCM workouts!! I'm so glad you're getting out of the extreme cold. I heard there was another storm coming that was going to hit the same areas the last one hit.

    It definitely has been cold here but it warmed up in the afternoon. Now we're getting heavy rain. The yoga class last Saturday turned out to be a workout I wasn't expecting! LOL

    Laurie, I'm so glad your dad is out of the ICU! OMG with his heart pumping out clots! Thank God your mom will be able to visit him!
    I think your dad has to rely on the nurses now. In my house things are totally the opposite when it comes to getting sick. I am the one who gets sick always relies on my husband.
    It does suck when parents get older and fragile. Continues prayers going your dad's way.

    Great job with the KCM workout! Those bands are killers but I do love that they don't roll down.

    Good for you for giving your workouts your all. They really are more fun that way and I think the motivation level goes up too. Sometimes when I feel fatigued from a series of exercises I simply hit the pause button and give myself a longer break. Some days Cathe goes way too fast for my 'speed'.
    I am glad your commute was easier. 10 inches! That is a lot. At least you have less snow at home which is a good thing for Rocket.
    Those snow banks are so dangerous! Be careful out there.

    Laurel, great workouts and good for you for sticking around the Barre class when you were having those connectivity issues. Sometimes what works for me is to completely turn off the wifi setting and turn it back on. Maybe try this next time before the class.
    Erin was a killer this afternoon! OMG! I came really close to giving up today. I was tired.

    Wow, it really got cold there! Thank God for the warmer temps. Was your DH able to make it to Atlanta?

    My body is definitely asking for a break. I was happy that the Total Body Giant Sets lower body premix was a short one.
    It is so unusual for snow to stick around for more than a few hours here. You guys have had cold temps.

    Laurel, that puzzle IS beautiful! Are the pieces really small? You and my friend are making want to do a puzzle. It would take me years to do it though and I would have to do it in the guest room where the cats aren't allowed.

    Good night ladies!

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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning my workout was P30 Perfect Pump Lower Body <3

    Laurel, Nice workouts! Hope that the warmth continues to come your way. We where in the double digits this morning, so off on our walk we went. I'm sure that Rocket was very happy to get back into his routine. That is a beautiful puzzle! I'm impressed that it only took you three weeks. Those two blue areas must have been interesting to deal with the color variances. I love that they do that in puzzles, just to throw you off on what pieces go in those areas. I don't blame you for not watching tv. DH and I have been still watching, but we have a subscription to Acorn TV. Right now we are on a New Zealand kick.

    Thelma, Great job on the workouts! I was surprised at how my backside felt this morning, and then having Cathe torture my lower body. But Cathe concentrated more on the legs, so that wasn't so bad. Speed with workouts is one of the things that I have a problem with also. I can't do some of those moves as fast either. It is funny to watch Rocket go outside. The snow is up to his belly. When he is done, he starts running to the house and the snow if flying. He comes in out of breath, but I think he is happy about the resistance. Crazy dog.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! We had another weird weather night last night. It started with sleet and snow which had them shutting down all of the road in the city. Then in the middle of the night, it turned to rain, so DH and I were awakened by all of the ice falling off the trees onto the house. It was surprisingly loud. Then, we got up this morning to fog. DH went to work....and there was still about five inches of snow he said at his office! Crazy stuff. Honestly, I am kind of ready for this week’s weather to end, even though I know I have nothing to complain about.

    Anyhow, my workout today was RUUB Backx3 premix. I followed it with the core work from Perfect 30. Then, for cardio, I did Perfect 30 Bonus Pyramid HiiT into Cathe Live IMAX. That was a great combination.

    Thelma, great workouts. Even with all of the interruptions I had during the class yesterday, my thighs were not happy with me this morning at all. My connectivity issues are definitely with my computer because once I restarted it, I was good to go for the rest of the class. I will probably reset everything before next week’s class, including our router. I meant to do that this week but....I didn’t. If you are still feeling like you need a break next week, I would suggest skipping the Meso 2 workouts because I know, for me, those always exhaust me. I would recommend substituting in the work from XT Burn Sets instead. You still get heavy lifting without as many sets as Meso 2. And a bonus plus is no pull-ups! Just a suggestion, though. I know I was feeling exhausted all last week but this week I am much better. But these workouts effect each of us differently. Yes, DH made it to Atlanta and home again safely and just in time before the snow hit....thankfully. The pieces in that puzzle are standard size. Here is a photo of one corner piece next to my thumb for reference:


    Ravensburger is my favorite puzzle manufacturer because their pieces are pretty standard, and since they are based in Germany, we get to do a lot of puzzles from places we visited or lived near in Europe, which makes for a nice mental vacation with each puzzle. That has helped a lot this year. :)

    Laurie, great workout! I seriously think I could do nothing but Perfect 30 workouts for a month and be happy. I just love them all. You nailed it on this puzzle’s challenge.....those blues! I have a lamp I have used for cross stitching that helps when the days are dark because the light color doesn’t wash out the shades of the pieces. But there is no substitute for sunshine and like I said earlier this week....we didn’t have much of that working on this puzzle. But I love that is is big enough DH and I could work on it together without any issues. I hope you continue warming up! I bet it felt nice this morning.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Thursday were Zumba, Feel Good Flow and Ramped Up Upper Body Backx3 premix.

    Laurie, great job with the P30 workout!
    How is your dad doing?

    A little workout with those fabric bands goes a looooonnngg way!!! LOL
    In some workouts Cathe goes too fast, specially when you're already fatigued.
    Funny about Rocket running back in the house when it's cold outside. I don't blame him. Someone posted a picture of his curly dog after a walk on the snow. I thought the dog was wearing a once that looked like a lamb. It was snow! Apparently that happens to dog such as poodles.

    Laurel, you did have crazy weather! We only had heavy rain and wind.

    Great workouts!! That is a good strategy to reset everything before class next week.
    Thanks for the XT Burn Sets suggestion as a sub for Meso 2 next week. My lower back has been bothering me this week so I've been doing a lot of stretching after my workouts. I think this gloomy weather is really affecting me.
    I'm so glad your DH made it to Atlanta and back home safely.
    Thanks for the puzzle piece picture and the name of the puzzle manufacturer! I am really surprised that they are standard size pieces. Great idea to do puzzles from places you've visited!

    Have a wonderful weekend Ladies!

  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,763 Member Member Posts: 2,763 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was P30 Perfect Flow: Mobility Basics + Core Bonus.

    Laurel, Awesome workouts! I really enjoy the core work from P30. Of course I enjoy most of the workouts in P30, just like you said. They are perfect. :D Those pieces are really small on that puzzle. That looks like it was fun, and now I want to pull out some of the puzzles that I have not done in my stash. ;) That ice coming off the trees is very interesting. We have had them hitting the windows, and that can get you jumping in your chair. My youngest sister is up with my Mom and she said that Duluth doesn't have as much snow as we do. They did have much colder temps than us, but not getting the snow.

    Thelma, Good job on the workouts! My Dad is doing good. He is cracking jokes, and is getting tingling in his left arm. Still nothing in his leg, but good news overall. He is missing my Mom, and enjoys when she gets to visit. I will be heading up there next weekend. My oldest and maybe DH will be going up with me. That is the one thing that I'm very glad of, Rocket doesn't accumulate snow on his fur. His fur actually resists water, so getting him dry is easy.

    Have a wonderful Weekend!

  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,014 Member Member Posts: 3,014 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout started with RUUB Tricepsx3 premix and the core work from S&S. For cardio, I did a 45 minute ride from Peloton which was more fun than tough....and I needed that today! But, at long last, we have sunshine. Hopefully that improves my mood. B)

    Thelma, great workout. Like you, my back is bothering me this week, but I attribute that to leaning over that puzzle all weekend. But it could also be that, like you, these days of gloominess have really started getting to me. The worst days are when the fog is so thick I can’t see the street in front of the house. I start getting claustrophobic. Hopefully your weather is nice this weekend.

    Laurie, great workout! I am so glad your Dad is doing okay....and that you are going to get up there soon to see both of your parents. Yes, the ice hitting the house in the middle of the night was not a fun way to wake up. Once I realized what it was, I was fine. But at first :o . My next puzzle is called ‘Hawaiian Life’. After the wintry Norway scene, I need a beach in my life. :D But this is a small puzzle (500 pieces) since DH will be gone next week. I will save the big ones for when he is here to do them. :)

    Enjoy the weekend.

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    Hi Ladies, I hope you had a nice weekend. Ours was nice. We had to go pickup my new glasses 45 minutes south of here and they have a Publix supermarket there. We went grocery shopping there and I was like a kid in a candy store! The joys of shopping at a large supermarket! That was our excitement for the weekend! LOL.
    They had incredible specials like buy one tray of boneless/skinless chicken breast and get one free! The chicken breasts were huge! Lots of 'buy one, get one free' specials. No wonder people love that place!

    My workouts on Friday were Peloton Beginner Ride, Ramped Up Upper Body Tricepsx3 premix and Jessica Smith Standing Abs.
    Sunday's workouts: Peloton Beginner Ride, STS Disc 13/Chest Only and PHA 3 - Timesaver #6: Lower Body.

    Laurie, great workout on Friday!
    I'm glad your sister is with your mom in Duluth, and that your dad is doing better. Hopefully, he will regain his leg movement soon. Will you be able to visit your dad when you go there next weekend?

    Laurel, great workouts on Friday! Thank God we have sunshine again! This week will be warmer and I believe in two weeks will be setting the clocks ahead!
    My back is finally feeling better. I hope I can keep it that way! I hope yours is feeling better too.

    Have a wonderful week!
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    Morning Ladies,

    I don't know what happened but I had typed up a bunch of things, and it just blew away. My computer has been acting strange this morning. My Dad is dong good, and my Mom was able to get on a chat with him. That is pretty good since she isn't tech savvy at all. My sister must have coached her pretty good on how to do it. Overall he is doing fairly well, and we should know more on when he will be going to rehab this week.

    Workouts where Saturday PHA, Sunday 30MTF SuperSculpt W1, and this morning BoxFit W1.

    Laurel, Great job on all the workouts! I love the sound of that puzzle, it sure would be nice to see a scene like that instead of the white stuff that keeps falling from the sky around here. I'm sure that a 500 piece will not take you very long to finish.

    Thelma, Love the workouts! LOL about having so much fun shopping. I'm sure that is a treat when you are so far away from major shopping sites. No we will not be able to visit. Most of the places only allow one visit per day, and one person. So we will probably bring my Mom up to visit.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,014 Member Member Posts: 3,014 Member
    Hi Ladies! Hope you had a good weekend. Mine was quiet. DH left for a week in Nevada yesterday so Saturday we spent preparing for that. Thankfully our weather has improved so we also were finally able to get out for a long walk. The sunshine is much welcome right now and both yesterday and today I ended up taking much longer walks than I originally planned, but I suppose that is a good thing. For workouts, on Saturday I did a Jessica Smith power walk followed by 75 minutes of yoga with Kristin McGee. Yesterday was STS Disc 13/Chest, followed by a 20 minute spin from Peloton and Cathe live class from last week which was Lower Body Core Circuit, which was a fantastic workout. Today was STS Disc 13/Shoulders, STS No Equipment Abs and a 45 minute spin from Peloton.

    Thelma, great workouts! I absolutely love our Publix. The BOGOs are always good, and the store is always exceptionally clean. I am glad you were able to do some shopping there. Like you, my back is better this week. I think some of it was the cold weather. We change clocks on March 14....and I am counting the days! :D But I feel much better with the warmer weather and sunshine now. I have even been able to open up the house. How spoiled we have gotten with our Southern Living!! I would have slapped myself silly three years ago when we were living in Alaska for something as nice as last week in February! B)

    Laurie, great workouts. I am glad your Dad is still doing okay and your mom was able to video chat with him. I hope they can set up his rehab soon. The 500 piece puzzle is going quickly! I needed this kind of puzzle after that last one.

    Enjoy the day.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Monday were Gina B. Latin Pop Dance Cardio and
    STS Disc 13/Shoulders Only. I am loving these one body part workouts!

    Monday started very rainy and ended up sunny and much warmer! I heard that we may hit 70 over the weekend!

    Laurie, I hate it when computers do weird things. My laptop was acting up tonight too. I am so glad your dad is doing good enough to be transferred to rehab and that your mom was able to chat with him! Sorry you won't be able to visit your dad.

    Fantastic workouts!!

    DH didn't really want to spend more than 15 minutes at the supermarket. I told him I needed 1/2 hour. Once in there though, he was also like a kid in a candy store! LOL

    Laurel, great workouts! I am so glad you're enjoying the sun and your longer walks!

    Now I understand why people who move here are always asking for a Publix; which drives the natives crazy! LOL
    I'm glad your back is doing better too! I can't believe you already opened up the house! We really are spoiled with our Southern Living! I was telling DH pretty soon he'll be moving his home office from the dining room table to the deck.

    Good night ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,763 Member Member Posts: 2,763 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    What a lovely morning with 36 deg. Of course we are going to get more snow tonight apparently. My workout this morning was Tri Sets Upper Body.

    Laurel, Great job on all the workout. Impressive 70 min. of yoga. Have you done the P90X yoga at any point in the last few years? I remember it being really good, but just to dang long. ;) Of course you also did one of the STS Ab workouts that is probably one of the few that I will do on that DVD. :D I can understand your need to take it easy on a smaller puzzle after that last one. ;)

    Thelma, Love the workouts! Sounds like the one body part STS is working for you. I have noticed that there are a lot more people out and about. Now for us it could be that the weather is a lot better, but it is older adults that I'm seeing. There where a lot more people in church on Sunday, so it probably has to do with them getting their vaccine.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,014 Member Member Posts: 3,014 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was STS Disc 13/Triceps, followed by Cathe Live Rock It Sock It, and finished off with 30 minutes of Peloton Pilates. And since it is sunny and 65, I also went for a very nice long walk. B) It is amazing how much more energy I have when the weather is better.

    Thelma, great workouts. Like you, I love doing Meso 2 workouts as one body part a day workouts. It is enough of a push without being too much. I have tried to keep the house open as much as possible this winter to keep me from feeling ‘closed in’, and until last week, I was opening it at least once a week and we often slept with our window open this winter. I think that is part of why that 10 day stretch of bad weather felt really long. When I got home from my walk today, I looked over our garden and we have daffodils beginning to peak out! Spring is just around the corner, and that makes me very happy.

    Laurie, another great workout. It is funny you asked about P90X Yoga, because I was thinking about it today for some reason. I know I did P90X2 Yoga since we moved here, but I don’t think I have done the P90X Yoga in a few years or more. It is so good but just so long at just over 90 minutes. I was surprised to be able to do 75 minutes of yoga last Saturday since I am usually doing 30-45 minutes, and as our Saturday’s get busier with the garden and, hopefully, a return to golf, I think 30 minutes will be my standard. But I won’t let go of Tony Horton’s yoga because I really did enjoy those workouts.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Tuesday were Peloton Beginner Advanced Ride and STS Disc 13/Triceps Only.
    We had a beautiful sunny day today and temps were in the low 60's.

    Laurie, perfect walking temps! Great workout!!
    The one body part workouts are great because I can go heavier on the specific body part because the other parts are not fatigued! LOL
    Our friends are getting together at outdoor restaurants again. Some of them have gotten the vaccine but not all of them. I've read that people died right after they got the vaccine. Some of them were young, healthy people too. Scary stuff because the vaccines haven't been fully tested.
    We have a lot of retirees here and they go out all the time!

    Laurel, fantastic workouts! I also feel more energetic this week.
    I am loving the one body part workouts because I don't end up fatigued and can do other things.
    The weather makes such a huge difference. I think we are on a warm temp trend now. People here say there's a second winter around Easter so they don't plant anything until late April or early May.
    I love daffodils!! I miss my little garden. There's no way we could have a garden here with all the wildlife.

    Good night ladies!
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