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  • fitzfourfitzfour Member Posts: 1,306 Member Member Posts: 1,306 Member
    Hi Ladies!!

    With these crazy days/nights, it's getting harder and harder to find time to get on here and say hi! The weekend was fabulous...we did nothing all weekend. Lounged around, cuddled and watched movies, went for walks, and I did get my gardening done early on Saturday morning. It was great! :bigsmile: Today was the boys' 1st day of school, and all went well. They love their teacher and class, and can't wait to go back!

    I managed to get in several JNL workouts this weekend, which was nice. I'll get in another once the boys go to bed tonight too.

    Tami--Nice workouts, I like the sound of the add ons! :bigsmile: I'm glad you had a nice weekend with some relaxing and time with the pups too! :bigsmile:

    Laurel--Way to go on getting in the workouts, and extra with the golfing! :bigsmile: Take advantage of that weather, it's going to be much cooler before we know it! We have our last really warm day today, and then we're moving into the fall like weather, which I happen to love!

    Michelle--I'm glad to hear you got some R&R in this weekend! Sounds like you got some nice workouts in too...that Zumba for Wii is a killer! Sending some good vibes your way for your eldest DD. It's always tough being in a new town, and trying to make new friends, especially when the shyness kicks in. I'm sure some Mom and DD time will cure that!


    Off to bed!!

  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,810 Member Member Posts: 2,810 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    I took the day off yesterday, and did absolutely nothing. :yawn: It felt wonderful. Well I probably shouldn't say I didn't do anything, went shopping with the youngest so that she had something "different" to wear to school. :laugh: She did look very pretty this morning as she was getting on the bus. I'm super happy that the weekend is over with. We had downpouring rain from the hurricane, wind, heat, humidity and blazing sun. I thought that we just might see some snow, because dang it just seemed appropriate. :laugh: Got through the weekend, but everyone said that a third day of faire was truly torture. :wink:

    I got up on Saturday morning and did 30 Day Shred Levels 1,2 & 3. :noway: It actually was fun. Nothing Sunday thru Tuesday, just way to tired. This morning was 6 Week 6 Pack Level 1, Skogg Flow Level 2 and Roots Level 2.

    Tami, You have some great gyms that are in your area. All of ours are just regular gyms with some fitness classes. Not really a motivation to try them out, and I probably wouldn't since I don't like all those people. :huh: That is a great line up of Cathe workouts that are in the rotation. I am doing rotations a month at a time, maybe after Bob I should look at one of Cathe's rotations. Can't say that I have done one of her complete rotations in years. Might be fun! :happy:

    Laurel, Glad your weekend was so fun, and the AF won the game! :drinker: WTG on getting some golfing into the weekend also. Oh yes those weekends are over with now, Dh has to go down on Sunday to get everything packed up, but I'm staying home. I'm hoping that my first Saturday doesn't find me just being lazy. I need to get some neglected parts of my house cleaned, and I also need to clean out my car. It is full of faire dust, so it really needs to get some TLC also. I'm so glad to hear that the X2 workouts are increasing your core strength.

    Michelle, Oh I know that feeling with the girls. My youngest makes friends very easily, and the oldest has always been super shy and didn't make friends easily. I feel for you. :flowerforyou: I vote for kickboxing, you and I are of like minds with that form of exercise. :laugh: Oh yes that Pumpking Spice latte is amazing, and I will be getting some as soon as I can get my butt to Starbucks! :bigsmile:

    Erika, Glad that the boys really like their teachers. My dd was dreading her World History teacher, she has heard that she is tough. Hopefully that isn't the case. Glad that you had such an enjoyable weekend. It is good to do some relaxing when you can.

    Have a wonderful day!
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    Morning Ladies,

    I finished cleaning the house and have been doing admin stuff on the computer for the past hour but the system here seems soo slow which is painful:grumble: Time Warner servcie has been piss poor from the beginning and the horrible post-hurricane rains is not helping the situation. This morning was an early wake up call to get the girls ready and on the bus. I had planned to attack some boxes but I have someone coming over to grab some boxes and I'm unsure as to when. Yesterday I forgot someone was coming and I had put some Nair on as I was about to jump in the shower, so here I am half-naked and then the dog is barking and I grab my sweats and put those on and of course the nair is now all over me as I'm trying to help this guy get his boxes without getting too close for him to smell the chemical on me:blushing: It is freaking hilarious now but yesterday I was sooo mortified that I told myself when he returns today I will look nothing like the hot mess I was yesterday:noway:

    Erika- It seems so strange to hear the kids starting school this week when my girls are entering into their 3rd week already and other states are in their fourth:huh: At least the boys are excited with their school and teacher:bigsmile: Yeah on the cuddling, we did that late monday and rented Batteship which we enjoyed with the girls:bigsmile:

    Laurie- Yummy on Starbucks, but there is only 1 Starbucks here and it is on the base, not sure where so it will have to wait for now. My mom is coing to visit in th enext two weeks os I'm trying to be good and save my calories for her homemade soup and anything else she is willing to cook while here:laugh: :wink:

    Tami- I was on Cathe's site yesterday and saw the new Xtrain, have you pre-ordered or are you being good?:laugh:

    Laurel- Uh so much for rest day, too funny B&G is not for the faint of heart:laugh: Very funny that P90X2 is not wearing you down.

    Off to get this hair curled and myself decent for the box exchange:tongue:

  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,067 Member Member Posts: 3,067 Member
    Hey Ladies! Back to P90X2 today with X2 Total Body. The workout absolutely flew by today. I'm using heavier weight, so it is beginning to feel more like a weight workout now that I've got some of the balance moves worked out. Great workout. I followed it with X2 Ab Ripper, and I was feeling Butts and Guts abs during that one, that's for sure. And then I finished it all off with Turbo Fire 60 because it is so much fun.....and I needed to work the DOMS out of my legs from yesterday's workout. It seems to have done the trick.

    Michelle, I'm with you on Fall. It is my favorite season, though I think I was spoiled for life on it being in Virginia the last two autumns. I've never lived anywhere with as beautiful a fall as there. Colorado has a tendency to skip spring and fall and go directly from winter into summer and back again. :grumble: But, hopefully, we'll get at least a few weeks of good autumn weather this year before the snow hits. You had me :laugh: with the image of you answering the door yesterday! I've had days like that too!! I'm sure you looked much better today.

    Laurie, I'm glad you enjoyed your day off! That sounds so good right now. I bet you are relieved the faire is over now and you can get back to your normal weekends. Sounds like you experienced every weather type this weekend. Not fun! We found out yesterday this has been the hottest summer on record in Colorado Springs. Glad I could be a part of it.....except not. :ohwell: A little AC would have gone a long way this summer, that's for sure. Great job on the workouts!

    Tami, I know you were teasing me about Idaho State!! I thought about you this weekend when we were playing them. Lucky for us we aren't playing Boise State this year because that would definitely be a game we lose! You did one of my favorite workouts....LBB. Love that one. Hope the step class was fun!

    Erika, sounds like you had a perfect weekend. I'd like one of those soon! I'm glad the first day of school went well. I love that you don't start school up there until after Labor Day. Here they have been complaining on the news about how hot the schools have been for the kids and I keep thinking to myself it wouldn't be such a big issue if they started school in September like they used to. August is definitely hotter than May/June, so I can't figure out why they don't go back to starting school in September and finishing in mid-June like they did when I was a kid (back in dinosaur days apparently! :wink: ) But nobody asked me, so......:ohwell: Good job getting your workout in despite the hectic schedule. Hope things are going well for you at work. Any news of a replacement yet?

    Until tomorrow....

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    Hi Ladies ~ So my plans changed last night ….. my friend CXLD on the Step class :frown: so I went home and did Insanity’s Max Interval Circuit! :bigsmile: DH was gone picking his Fantasy Football league at his friends house so it worked out perfectly for me. I thought it was a good idea since Insane-X will be starting up again soon. This a.m. was Cathe’s KPC workout and Spinning after work tonight! :wink:

    Erika: Sounds like you had the perfect weekend, that’s so great! I’m sure the boys loved being with mom too. :happy: That’s so awesome that you’re loving the JNL workouts, great job with those. Yes, the add-ons with this rotation should be good. Some of them I am going to make sure I start my workout even earlier or I will run out of time.

    Laurie: Sounds like you had a very relaxing weekend that was well deserved! Nice job taking that down time you needed. Your weather sounds like it was absolute craziness! Hopefully it gets some consistency soon for you all. We have been lucky having some beautiful “summery” days but it’s definitely cool in the eve & a.m. Yes, I am very glad I found out that the Peak gym offers so many great classes…. I really enjoy them. This Fall I will be busy each weeknight forsure if I want to be. I have printed off various rotations over the years that Cathe posts that sound interesting …. Well it has developed into quite a few choices, this was one of them. I can’t say that I have ever done one of her set rotations either other than STS of course. She has a lot of good ones. I’d be happy to share this one with you as well.

    Michelle: That is so hilarious! :laugh: Now that you are a day past the actual experience of course ….:laugh: I can just picture the whole scene. Very funny. I’m sure today was much better! I answered the door one time dripping sweat during a workout with my headband on and the guy wanted to continue trying to sell me something. :huh: Really?!? Good grief! Of course I was bad and ordered X-Train! :bigsmile: I’m super excited for it to come out, which will be a while but that’s ok, gives me a program to really look forward to.

    Laurel: Nice lineup today! Sounds like P90X2 is working out into a great program. :smile: Very nice. Great job getting the DOMS worked out with TF. I keep forgetting about those ones. ….. but again, so many workouts, only so much time. Sounds like Colorado and Idaho follow each other’s suit. We seem to have 9 months of winter and a short summers anymore. Although part of our summer is Fall so that’s good I suppose. I just love LBB too.:happy: Always look forward to it. She has it in this rotation a few times, so that’s good for me. Glad you knew I was teasing you. Yes, BSU is amazing. I've been meaning to ask you, how is your mom doing?

    I’ll talk to you all tomorrow ~ Tami
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    Morning Ladies,

    Two new workouts for me today Jillian's Extreme Shed & Shred Level 1, and Shred-It with Weights Level 2. Both of the workouts where pretty good, will take some getting used to with the Shred-it workout. I didn't use my kettlebell, because mine was to heavy for some of the moves that Jillian does. :wink: The ESS workout had everyting in it from kickboxing to yoga. Overall I really did enjoy that one. :wink:

    Michelle, Sorry to hear about the Time Warner, you might need them to do a diagnostic on the line. It sure does sound like you might have a problem with the cable itself. :wink: We had that problem, and they came out and replaced it. LOL on the Nair situation, sounds like you really handled it with grace. :bigsmile: That is something to save the calories for, Mom's are some great cooks. :happy:

    Laurel, Yes I am super happy about my first weekend. I only have two more days to sleep a little later in the morning. I can actually workout without having to worry that I need to get going by a certain time. :laugh: I can do my workout at anytime! I will be a busy lady though, because I really need to do some cleaning and getting the faire stuff packed away. I would like to have my dining room back. :laugh: :drinker: on the leg DOMS.

    Tami, I looked at Cathe's rotation page, and I also have some of her older ones. I was looking at a really old one April 03, it has a different circuit workout every week. I guess I really liked the looks of having the opportunity to do Bootcamp and Power Hour, but may have to sub a different workout for the Muscle Endurance, that one has to much dread factor for me. :laugh: I think that I have plenty of workouts to do a substitution.

    Have a wonderful day!
  • fitzfourfitzfour Member Posts: 1,306 Member Member Posts: 1,306 Member
    :bigsmile: Hi Ladies!! :bigsmile:

    I missed my evening check-in with you all! :ohwell: Last night I swapped a JNL workout for a 6 mile bike ride with my youngest. He is 7, but up until just a few months ago, still didn't know how to ride a bike without training wheels. He had no interest in learning. Well, on Monday night, I told him he had to give it a go, or he had to go to bed a 6pm, as he's the only one in the family that has to walk or scooter when we go on a family ride. Well, he nailed it on Monday, and now wants to go biking every night! :bigsmile: Such a fun time with my little guy, and made me feel better about eating my sugary treat, with having to do a 6 mile round trip ride to get there!

    Laurie--I had looked at both of those Jillian workouts once before, and they looked...interesting. I can't say why, but I wasn't sure about them. I'm glad to hear that you liked them though! Great job on the JM workout Saturday, that sounds like a lot of tough work!:wink: I'm glad you enjoyed your day off, and DD got some new clothes to wear. I was just talking with my coworker (he has 2 girls and a boy) and about how girls always need something "new" to wear when school starts up, and boys (for the most part) are ok with whatever is already in their closet. His daughter had 1st day of school drama because she couldn't find anything to wear! :laugh:

    Tami--Nice that the evening workout at home worked for you, I'd call that perfect timing! My hubby was away at his FF league too, which allowed me to get my workout in without him coming downstairs to bug me! He always seems to have questions to ask while I'm working out! :laugh:

    Laurel--I'm so happy to hear that you were able to increase the weights...just goes to show that your balance is really getting good! :bigsmile: I bet your results with P90X2 will be a lot of core definition/strength! I'm with you on the school starting before Labor Day. It just throws everyone off starting when summer isn't really even done. However, a lot of parents here (not me!) would like school to start earlier, so that their kids aren't so tired coming off of Labor Day weekend. I really like the schools that do a mid week start, what a good idea. Several schools here started yesterday, so kids had an extra day to prepare following the holiday weekend! Great idea, I think. No replacement for my position yet...I'm praying that it comes soon, as I am really enjoying the no traveling (I'm not being asked to be out as much as I'm taking on some of my new job functions, and my clients aren't asking me to come out as much, knowing I'm really busy). Soon, hopefully!

    Michelle--I'm sorry, but I got an awesome laugh out of your Nair fiasco! :laugh: I don't know what I would have done! I hope things at your house get a little bit more "normal" as the days go by. Maybe some free time to get your boxes unpacked while you let your Nair cure in peace! :wink: Can't belive the girls have been in school that long already!

    Back to work, talk to you later!

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    Hi Ladies! Quite the busy morning this morning, and it is only going to get worse over the next few days. Tomorrow and Monday I have crews of people in the house finally cleaning it from the smoke/fire last June. I'm really looking forward to getting it cleaned, especially things like the heat filters because I definitely don't want to turn on the furnace knowing that all of that stuff is covered in ash and smoke residue. But it also ties up my days a bit when it comes to working out as I don't think they'd appreciate me jumping around the room when they are trying to clean the carpets! :laugh: So it will be very early mornings for me. On top of that, I'm off to Denver both days this for my sister's birthday and the next to pick DH up from the airport. I wish I could consolidate it into one trip and just stay the night, but too many things to be done at home for that unfortunately.

    But I did start today off with some good workouts. I did Cross Fire followed by X2 Yoga. I'm loving both of these workouts more and more that I do them. I can't believe I only have one day left in my third week of P90X2. Technically I could move on to the next cycle next week....and I'm not ready to do that! I think that speaks volumes for these workouts because I'm not one that loves doing the same workout over and over again. But I really feel like I'm still getting too much out of these workouts to move on from them right now. Really good stuff!

    Tami, I'm sorry you had to skip the step class but sounds like you got a great substitute workout in! I keep thinking I need to pull out my Insanity/Asylum workouts, but I'm just having too much fun doing other stuff right now. Besides, I actually think they might be a tad too much with the X2 workouts. At least that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it! :tongue: Thanks for asking about my Mom. She is doing really well actually. She just got a clean bill of health from her Oncologist a couple of weeks ago, and seems to be feeling all right. DH and I are planning on getting back down to see her in January or February (a great time to leave Colorado for Phoenix, that's for sure!) and I'm looking forward to that. Thanks again for asking. :flowerforyou:

    Laurie, great job on the workouts. Sounds like you enjoyed the new workouts. Jillian keeps pumping them out, doesn't she? She has quite a selection of workouts anymore. I go back to the older Cathe rotations at times as well. If you decide to do that 2003 rotation, I would suggest substituting High Reps (if you have it) for Muscle Endurance. I'm with you on Muscle Endurance (never been my favorite, that's for sure) but High Reps is great AND it doesn't require much equipment at all. That's one of the reasons I enjoy it so much. Just a suggestion......

    Erika, sounds like you had fun with your little one last night! That's quite a bike ride for a 7 yo. I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was 7 either.....for the same reason as your son--I just wasn't interested. But once I learned, I went everywhere on my bike. Sounds like he's going to be the same way. I'm glad things are working out for you at work and that you aren't being asked to do both jobs full-up right now. That would be crazy. I still can't believe they haven't replaced you yet given this job market. But I guess that's just how things work.

    I will try to check in tomorrow. I plan on being up before the crack of dawn to get my workouts in, but I'm not sure how this cleaning thing is going to work. Hopefully I will have access to my computer!

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    Hi Ladies ~

    Spinning was great last night and it felt perfect for the little bit of DOMS I had going.:wink: This a.m. was HiiT 40/20 and I followed it up with JM’s 6W6P – Level #2. It was a great combo! :bigsmile: I am going to the Group Strength class tonight after work. Tomorrow a.m. is Athletic Step followed by her “BBW” (Butt Blast Workout) which will be short but fun I think; this is one of the “add-ons” I mentioned.

    Laurie: Very fun on the new workouts! ESS sounds really good with all the variety in it. That rotation sounds like it would be lots of fun. There really are so many great rotations she has there! :smile: Yes, I don’t think you will have a hard time searching for any substitutions ~ I agree with Laurel’s recommendations on High Reps. I just did that one last Sat and loved it!

    Erika: What a great workout! :bigsmile: I bet your little guy enjoyed it as much/perhaps more than you even! So great and good on him for getting rid of the trainers. WooHoo!! :drinker: Yes, perfect timing is right the other night, I was glad that worked out. Sounds like work is going way better even if they haven’t found that replacement just yet. The non-travel is huge I’m sure for you.

    Laurel: Great news to hear you are getting all the smoke/ash cleaned up but I know what you mean about how much time and coordinating it takes. It will feel good when it’s all done though. Sounds like you have some busy days and weekend ahead. Yahoo on Cross Fire :bigsmile: sounds like X2 Yoga was a perfect follow up as well. I’m so happy to hear that you are enjoying these workouts regardless of repetition. :wink: That was one thing about P90X that got me kind of bored with the workouts I think. I think your excuse is good enough! :laugh: I felt it was kind of necessary with the class starting on the 18th to see how it felt. Couldn’t believe it had been a month since my last Insanity workout. I’m so glad to hear that your mom is doing so well and a clean bill of health! That is fantastic. Sounds like we’ll be up at the same time tomorrow …. I’ll be sending you good workout vibes!

    Hi Michelle – Hope you had a good day yesterday and all is right with your Nair application! :laugh: :happy: :laugh:

    Talk to you tomorrow ~ Tami
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    TGIF Ladies,

    So it seems my energy may be surging in the evenings especially wiith my 4am wake up when Mr. C is headed to our bedroom and the click of his claws on the wood floors wake me up:grumble: Unfortunately he is not allowed to sleep in our room but tends to try to sneak in during the night to be near me:blushing: So although he will stand in the hallway outside the door, he still arrives like clockwork every morning at 4am:grumble: My DD is learning the fundamentals of volleyball in PE and she asked me to play last night:bigsmile: which I followed up with 10min KB with Jessica, tossed in some push-ups and some Barre LB moves and my quads was toast:blushing: Today I have someone picking up boxes and then an appt with the new groomer before the girls arrive by bus so I may schedule an upper body workout this evening or do a really lengthy routine in the morning. I also ordered some new bookcases for the office so hopefully hubby will assemble them tonight so I can empty out tons of office boxes as the office right now is sooo chaotic:noway:

    Erika- Six miles is a nice hike and definitely burned off those calories:wink: Sometimes it takes an ultimatum to get our children to overcome their fears and it definitely worked:laugh:

    Tami-Spinning curing DOMS...ouchie my poor quads just flinched thinking of it:laugh: That combo does sound great! I'm thinking of buying Cath'e latest non-step was that for you as I might of missed it during the craziness of the remodeling and moving:blushing:

    Laurel- Have a safe trip and yippee on the clean up. As for the early workout hopefully you were able to get it done before the crew shows up..

    Laurie- Hmmn I have not looked at that one yet but although I'm looking for something new to get my mojo back..I'm not sure if JM will do it for me right now. I'm also looking at a few of Jessica's dvds and then Kelly but her new dvds seems too out of her norm:huh: ...too dancy and Tracy Andersonish:grumble:

    Have a great day!

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    Hi Ladies! I am sitting here waiting for my home cleaning invasion to start. I have one guy already in the basement working on the heating unit. I'm just waiting for the wall, ceiling, window, everything cleaners. Apparently they are sending quite a crew. :noway: My house isn't that big!! Anyhow, I did manage to get up this morning and get most of my workout in. I was a bit lazy, though, so I didn't complete all of my first workout. I started with Cathe's Athletic Training, but skipped the core work because of time. I figure with all the core work in X2, I didn't really need it. I followed it with X2 Balance and Power which felt surprisingly easy today!

    Tami, great set of workouts there!! Sounds like alot of fun. I love 40/20. Short but good!! I really am surprised I'm not bored with these workouts yet. The neat thing about X2 is the only workout you do throughout all three cycles is the yoga workout, so there is alot less repetition than in P90X. Plyocide is done through two cycles but the rest of the workouts (the recovery workout aside, but I don't do that one :tongue: ) are just done for one cycle. Maybe that is why I'm not minding sticking with these workouts a tad longer since I know I'm not going to have to repeat them again.

    Michelle, glad to hear you are getting some energy back. Sounds like you are getting settled in a bit more. Great job getting some activity in. I love the day they come get the boxes! That when I start feeling like I'm home....when all that mess gets trucked away.

    Laurie and Erika, hope you are well.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  • fitzfourfitzfour Member Posts: 1,306 Member Member Posts: 1,306 Member
    TGIF Ladies!!! :bigsmile:

    Last night was JNL Lean Legs :bigsmile: DOMS today for sure! I just love how much she packs into 30 minutes, and I love her. She talks non stop, but I like her chatter. Something about her just seems so real to me...she sweats like everyone else, she's out of breath like everyone else, and she brings up members of her crew to demonstrate exercises, which is fun! I'll likely get in another of her workouts tonight! :bigsmile:

    Laurel--I hope the cleaning is going well, I'm glad you were able to get in your workout (you're right, eliminating the abs is probably a good idea with all the core work in P90X2) in before the crew showed up! I love the Cross Fire workout, except I think the warm-up is a bit long, and sometimes the music feels like it's overpowering Cathe's voice (which I just noticed, is today's songs, but with different words!), but I got over that quickly. Enjoy your weekend, even though it sounds like you'll be doing a lot of driving.

    Michelle--I can totally relate to the dog waking you up at 4am! My pups are so used to me getting up at 4:30, that it turns into a pace/scratch/whine fest at 4:30 in our bedroom. It has been at least 2 weeks of me not getting up at 4:30 to workout, and they still are trying to wake me up! :grumble: I have been tired in the evenings, but I've been forcing myself to still get my workout in, or trying to get it in during lunch, while I'm playing with the boys, etc. I love that you are squeezing it in when you can, which is the best way to do it! I hope the unpacking continues to go well, and you're able to get hubby to do the bookshelves, so you can get more organized! That totally makes everything better! :bigsmile:

    Tami--Nice class the other night, and I love that add-on for your workout today. Butt Blast sounds fun! :wink: What do you think of 6W6P? I have that on my radar, but haven't caved yet. Is it more cardio or toning type work?

    Laurie--Hello! :bigsmile:

    Have an awesome weekend everyone!

  • 2BLean2BLean Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member
    Yahoo for Friday! :bigsmile:

    What is it about short weeks that don’t feel short? :huh: So last night’s Gr Strength class was a little bit disappointing. I have tried this one a few times and depending on the instructor is what makes it or breaks it. Very straightforward, basic lifting working total body, which is good but I guess it was the format :ohwell: I was glad that I went but was just hoping for something more I guess. My friend felt the same way… she left during the stretch. So this a.m. was Athletic Step followed by the BBW which consists of:

    • 1 min Squats w/ challenging weight followed by 20 seconds of squat jumps
    • 1 min Walking lunges w/ 10 lb vest or 8 lb hand weights followed by 20 seconds power scissors
    • 1 min Plie squats w/ challenging weight followed by 20 seconds of ice breakers
    • 2 min of Firewalkers (4 to 6 steps ea direction)
    • Barbell Deadlifts – 2 slow sets of 15 reps
    Conclude w/ Bonus Barre segment of Lower Body Blast.
    (This was the only part I had to miss due to my timeframe)

    Michelle: Mr C sounds like such a rascal, I love it! Sorry to hear he is waking you up though. Sounds like you had a nice variety of exercises. That’s fun she is learning V-ball, she must like it if she wanted you to practice with her? I know, it sounds strange to say that Spinning would help but it always seems to loosen me up, even if my legs are burning during the class. Lots of blood whipping through those muscles I suppose. :wink: I would HIGHLY recommend either (both) her Cathe’s new ones. They are two of my favorites!! :bigsmile: CrossFire is the one without the step. It reminds me of her AfterBurn workout (from her Low Impact Series). She uses the blue band in quite a few exercises (ie: jumping jacks & plyo jacks w/ band). The plates are used for push-ups and I really enjoyed the ab section of CrossFire. There are lots of premixes on this workout too for longer or shorter mixes. Hope this helps! Hope the new groomer went well and you are able to get your new bookcases up.

    Laurel: I hope your house is all clean and shiny now! :happy: I bet it feels great. Great job getting in your workouts before they arrived. Yes, I’m really enjoying the combos she has put together in this rotation. Tomorrow is Plyo Legs and KickMax! I’ll be anxious to see how you feel about your results w/ P90X2 as well. I’m enjoying your reviews.

    Erika: TGIF is right! So great to hear on the JNL workouts! Just what you needed and it sounds like she is really motivating you. I looked those up because I knew I had heard about them. They do look like a great system. Yes, the BBW add-on was fun, next time I’ll have to start a tad earlier so I can fit in the Barre workout portion. I really enjoy JM 6W6P workout. Each one is 30 min and it’s one of those (at least in level 2) that kind of sneaks up on ya as far as the cardio factor. Not Cardio intensive necessarily, but you are doing moves that get your HR up. I love the intensity of it, you are absolutely working your core and you feel it but I don’t get bored at all. Sometimes with abwork my mind will wander, not here! Lots of standing abwork and several with a dumbbell in your hand.

    Have an awesome weekend everyone! :flowerforyou:

  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,810 Member Member Posts: 2,810 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Sorry I was MIA on Friday! Found out that I really need to get up and workout on the weekends, because there are way to many other distractions that needed to get done. I ended up cleaning inside and outside this weekend. Then I look out the window on Sunday, and watch a squirrel digging in all my hard work! :grumble: Dang squirrel. Anyway this morning I did Ripped in 30 Week 3, 30 Day Shred Level 3 and Skogg Intervals Level 3. Had a three thing going on this morning. :laugh:

    Laurel, High Reps was the one workout that I had thought would be a good sub for MS! Great minds and all that. :laugh: I bet with that big of a crew, they where done quickly. At least I would hope so. :wink:

    Michelle, Great job on mixing up your workout. I love volleyball, and it sounds like your dd really enjoyed the gym class if she asked you to play with her. :wink: I also didn't like the looks of Kelly's new workouts. I tend to like her boxing/kickboxing the most, but her step kickboxing I am staying away from. :wink: My dog does the same thing at 4am, but she wants to go for a walk. :huh:

    Tami, So far this rotation is fun, it I would actually get some exercise done on the weekends! :laugh: I did get a lot done outside and inside the house so I shouldn't complain. :blushing: I have found that I need to get up earlier to get in some of the Skogg workouts that I have been adding onto this rotation. Now that I'm in Level 3 the workouts are longer.

    Erika, I have heard that she talks a lot in the JNL workouts. Guess if I can take Barry Jay and Jillian, I probably won't have a problem with JNL. :laugh: I still want to get Jillians Body Revolution, but seems like the first two week workouts are easy. Don't know if I want to spend that kind of money either. Hope these go retail and get cheap! I really like 6W6P, she does at least one cardio move in the ab circuit.

    Have a wonderful day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,067 Member Member Posts: 3,067 Member
    Hi Ladies! I hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was very busy with all the driving to and from Denver, but I also had a good time with my sisters and nieces on Saturday, so that was good. Of course, today is Day Two of the Great House Cleaning Event here at the Air Force Academy. They are currently power-washing the outside of the house and cleaning the carpets inside the house. I'll be glad when this is over with. :ohwell: I appreciate what they are doing, but it is also kind of a pain.

    Anyhow, I started week 4 of P90X2 yesterday was X2 Core. I also did Cathe's To The Max and enjoyed both. Today was Plyocide followed by the upper body work from Cathe's Pure Strength series. Good fun with both of them.

    Erika, I am really surprised by the music in Cathe's new DVDs. This is stuff that I listen to on the radio (from the original artists, of course). I think this is the first time she has used music so current and I like it. So I don't even notice it being too loud. I tolerate Cathe's music as I have never felt she has had the best music for her a very long shot. So I will take the loud better music over pretty much anything she has done in the past! Isn't that sad? I'm glad you are enjoying your new workouts. I love fitness instructors that come across as human beings as well!

    Tami, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy your strength class on Thursday night. But it sounds like you made up for it with your workout on Friday morning! That BBW add-on sounds great! I am going to have to look into that, because that really looks like a great addition to any workout! I'll keep you posted on my results from P90X2 but, as I've said before, to date, I am impressed. And even though I'm not lifting weights as regularly as I was with STS, I'm not noticing a drop in my strength. That makes me most impressed right now!

    Laurie, sounds like a great workout this morning. I think all the cleaning you did this weekend makes up for missing a couple of workouts! The cleaning is going relatively quickly, but, you know, there are alot of 'breaks' too because they are trying to fill in their day. So where they started out fast on Friday, towards the afternoon, things starting dragging along. I think today will be the same. What I'm not looking forward to today is the fact they are going to be moving the furniture around. I really don't want to be left with having to move it back when the carpet dries. We'll see how that works out. :huh:

    Michelle, I hope you are well. I echo Tami's comments about Cathe's new workouts. They are both really good and full of variety. There is a little something for everybody in them.

    See you tomorrow!

  • bajangrl29bajangrl29 Member Posts: 691 Member Member Posts: 691 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    So I have been dealing with a stomach bug since last week, just a sense of not feeling well along with a few side affects:blushing: Needless to say we can't figure out what the culprit is as nothing has changed beyond our location:grumble: , even the dog was sick too:huh: On Saturday I was in bed by 9pm:blushing: so our family night was postponed until yesterday. I enjoyed a great day with the girls and did The Black Eye Peas Wii experience:noway:Music gets me motivated and unfortunately lots of my dvds really stink in the music department, so I was truly excited to do this workout. Whew it was blast but my heartrate was up there and even the youngest said to me that her heart was beating fast:laugh: ..ahem I don't recall her doing all of the moves but that is how intense it gets:bigsmile: So after a great day with the girls I decided to close the door on Mr. C in my DD room to prevent the early wake up click-click and it worked, at least partially because then hubby's crazy alarm sounded off at 5am:grumble: Today I'm feeling some tightness in my glutes probably from Saturday's Barre routine but my mission today is to spray the new sectional with 3M protective cover and unpack some office boxes unto the new bookcase:bigsmile:

    Erika- 30 mins of intense legs sounds great and although I'm not interested in the system, it does look awesome:wink: plus it is short:laugh:

    Laurie- The best of 3 apparently!:laugh: Some days the energizer bunny is really ready and rearing to go:wink: I'm chuckling at the thought of the squirrel although I would be ticked off too after your hard work:grumble: Volleyball is one of my favorite games and I taught the girls the basics when hubby was deployed years ago so it is pretty cool that she is asking as she tends to hate to sweat:grumble: but has the tall lean body perfect for volleyball or swimming.

    Tami- Sorry to hear about the workout. Ok that helps as I love the look of the new non-step dvd but unfortunately space is still a problem here and I'm afraid to work out on these wood floors:blushing: I'm hoping that the garage will be ready by the end of October so that I canI prepare for my Christmas cruise vacation.:ohwell:

    Laurel- Plyocide...should I ask?:laugh: Glad to hear that the weekend in Denver was fun but yes driving can be a pain. Hopefully the crew will be gone soon and life can get back to normal for you soon and the "intruders" can go away:laugh:

    Fall weather is here at least in the mornings and it was great to put sweaters on the girls this morning as they headed out the door, well at least for me:blushing:

    Have a great Monday:flowerforyou:
  • fitzfourfitzfour Member Posts: 1,306 Member Member Posts: 1,306 Member
    Hi Ladies!!! :bigsmile:

    Great weekend at our home...lots of time to just relax and do a whole lot of nothing! :bigsmile: Of course, my Friday night was spoiled by news that our team is moving to the other side of our floor, right in front of my boss and his boss. This means micromanaging to the max, especially with me being in the office all the time starting sometime soon. Ugh, I swear they are trying to make us all hate it here! :grumble:

    Workouts were great...lots of biking with my youngest and JNL workouts too. I decided on a 60 day JNL rotation to see what this system can do for me! :wink:

    Michelle--LOVE LOVE LOVE your new picture!!! :bigsmile: You are smokin hot lady! :wink: I'm hoping that the bug is leaving your house, and you all (including Mr. C) are feeling better. Sounds like an awesome workout with the girls! Something about great music just gets me all revved up for a good workout! Good luck on your mission today...sounds like that will be a couple major items off the checklist! :wink:

    Laurel--I'm glad you had a good weekend, despite all the driving...I can totally relate on too much driving! :wink: Hopefully once your house is thoroughly cleaned, there will not be a need to do that again for a long time. I agree, that is nice, but also interrupts your day terribly. Congrats on starting week #4 of P90X2! It was interesting the 1st time I did Cathe's Cross Fire...I was so confused as I was singing along and the words were different, that I actually stopped the workout and started it again. I thought maybe I had always been singing the wrong words to the song, but realized it was different words, and for some reason it just threw my whole workout off. Now, I know better, but still it's a distraction to me. Weird. Good thing I love the workout or it would be a goner just because of the music issue! :bigsmile:

    Laurie---I like your 3's workouts, they sound fun! :bigsmile: I would say that Jennifer talks as much as JIllian and Barry, but it's more of the "I believe in you" and motivational talk and not any yelling or drill sargent kind of talk. She does have her coined phrases "kiss my abs", "earn your shower", "tight and tiny", etc, but for some reason they don't bother me. I am so focused on pushing myself, I am not even looking at the screen much (which is good, because there is one guy that would drive me batty if I really watched it closely!). I love that you can do light weight and lots of reps, or heavy weight and low reps...whatever you feel like. Seriously, best system I've ever owned. Not for everyone, but a perfect fit for me! :happy:

    Tami--How disappointing that class was so "vanilla!" I'm glad you were able to get in some good workouts at home to change things up, and the add-on sounds killer!!! :bigsmile:

    Back to work. Talk to you all tomorrow!

  • 2BLean2BLean Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member
    Hi Ladies ~ :smile:

    My weekend was just “ok” if I’m being honest. :ohwell: DH is preparing to leave for his Fall Fishing season that he guides every year. Those of you that have had your husband’s leave for a length of time it just creates kind of a stressful environment prior . . or at least for my hubby. :frown: Just stressed a bit preparing & then some of the things he put off until now have to be done. So the weekend was a lot of “all that” but had a fun lunch with my BFF Sat and a little shopping therapy as well! :happy: :laugh: Due to his stuff being spread out a bit I was only able to get in my Plyo Workout yesterday in the a.m. and not KickMax later on. I did take a rest day on Sat. In hindsight I should have flip-flopped the days & both would have worked out just fine but oh well. Today’s workout is BootCamp after work. Tomorrow a.m. with Drill Max followed by 200 walking lunges!

    Laurie: Sounds like you got in some nice house cleaning which is always such a great feeling and hey, that burns some calories forsure! I learned that when I was wearing my BodyBugg all the time. Great job with today’s workout, another fun combo.

    Laurel: That is so fun that you were able to see your family and it was a nice time. Great job on the workouts yesterday and starting Week #4! Congrats. Did Plyocide feel intense? The name sounds like it would be. :laugh: Yes, I felt good about making up for the workout on Friday forsure! This week I am planning on Insanity for Thurs evening at home.

    Michelle: Great photo! :bigsmile: I’m sorry to hear you have had a stomach bug … never fun. Sounds like you were able to get in a fun day with the family yesterday though. Great job with the Barre workout on Sat as well. Just an idea because I have wood floors in my workout area. I put mats down so that my step, weights, etc. are on top of a mat. I use one for my step and either one or two on either side. Works good. Sometimes I have to weight them down at the very corners so they don’t slide. Depending on the workout.

    Erika: Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! That's so great. :smile: Darn on the office move ... Not what you wanted to hear at all I'm sure. Fingers crossed that it can be better than what you imagine. (Trying to think positive for you). From your enthusiasm for the JNL program, I think that will be a great idea. Yahoo! :drinker:

    Talk to you all tomorrow ~
  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,810 Member Member Posts: 2,810 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    No workout for me this morning, let us just say that it was a Midol night. :huh: Never have had cramps that bad before, and it just happened to start when I went to bed. Just to tired this morning, so I slept later. I will see how I feel after work. My Jillian workout is Killer Buns & Thighs, so that might not be to bad to try out. :wink:

    Laurel, Doesn't sound like a fun time today, hope they move your funiture back! It is very nice that they are getting all that smoke mess cleaned up though. Found out yesterday that we need to get a pest control company out to our house to get rid of hornets nests. So I started looking at our house, and there are so many nests! :noway: Apparently we are a house that has great hiding places! :tongue: The painter will not come out to paint until we get them taken care of.

    Michelle, Very pretty pic! Sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well. Glad that you had a good day despite being unwell. :wink: But you where able to work those legs! LOL on putting Mr. C. in your dd's room, I have done the same thing. Right now she has taken over our oldest dd's old bed. I know she is in there, because she bumbs into some of the plastic bins in the room. :laugh: Oh the squirrel was pretty cute, but he must have dug 10 holes in my mulch! :laugh: I don't have any clue what he was hoping to find.

    Erika, Sorry to hear about the office move, I do sit right next to my boss, but I really like him a lot. Which reminds me that I googled my old boss, and it appears that he spent a month in jail. Oh how he has fallen into a pit. I just can't imagine how ones life can change so much. Glad you are having so much fun with the JNL workouts, I just wish that I could afford all these workout systems. Not that I have all that much time to try them all out though. :laugh:

    Tami, Oh how we love those spouses of ours! Mine is always looking for his ear plugs before he has to fly out! Why don't you keep them in one spot, then we wouldn't have to go looking for them every time he flies! :laugh: Glad you where able to get in a good workout though. Oh yes the house is much better than it was, still don't have the faire stuff put away. DH has to help with that. Do you do those walking lunges outdoors? I don't know if I would have the space to do those in my house. :wink:

    Have a great day!
  • bajangrl29bajangrl29 Member Posts: 691 Member Member Posts: 691 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Last night I slept the best in months..TG! My youngest entered around 4:30am but with the chilly temperatures it was a perfect time to snuggle in tighter:bigsmile: Hubby has been on this pigs-in-a blanket breakfast for the youngest all week and this morning I opted to sleep in and let him handle everything:bigsmile: . With major back pain due to pending TOM and perfect chilly temps I staye din bed until 9:30am and it was great, even Mr. C snuck in and was curled in a ball next to my side:laugh:

    Erika- Thanks for the compliment, although I feel bigger in that picture which was taken during my S90 rotation:blushing: It was during the move that things started to streamline as usual.:laugh: Sorry to hear about the crap at the office, hopefully it will not permeate and affect employee morale too much.

    Laurie- I'm feeling your pain but since the last birthday everything is changing with my body and not for the best, I feel as if my hormones has reversed to pre-pubescence:blushing: Unfortunately Mr. C is still waking up as his usual schedule and when I check in in the early hours he is actually behind the door waiting for me and wagging his nub:laugh:

    Tami- Ah thos wonderful spouses of ours:grumble: My hubby is also the do everything the night before departure kind of guy which drives me nuts as I'm type A organizer:blushing: Great tip on the wood floors, I actually have a nice size mat that would help with that but as the new setup has the tv above the fireplace the dvd player which is lost in boxes has not been connected yet. Shopping therapy with the BFF is always a great way to spend "me time":wink:

    Laurel- Good morning:flowerforyou:

    Ok today my exercise takes place in the garage with these gazillion boxes.

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