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Cathe Fans Part 5



  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,069 Member Member Posts: 3,069 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today was my rest day from X2 so I did a fun combination.....KickMax followed by Legs and Glutes. It has been forever since I've done either, and I surprisingly found both a bit easy today. Not too easy though as I'm sure I will feel Legs and Glutes tomorrow. But the workout just flew by today. I was left wanting for more, but no time allowed! I love days like that!

    Tami, I'm so glad you enjoyed spinning! Great workouts this weekend. Yes, please send me the rotation as it really looks like one I'd truly enjoy. And it looks perfect for getting me through the holidays, which is when I will be doing it. Lots and lots of fun factor which I need that time of the year! The next phase of X2 looks like it is structured alot like the first phase of P90X, so this will be interesting. I have only previewed the first workout of the phase, and it is all push-ups and pull-ups, but everything with a focus on core and balance as well. I'll let you know what I think when I start. Since I don't have a pull-up option (yet), I'm not sure how I will feel about it, but I did P90X the first time with bands and enjoyed it, so here's hoping the same thing happens with X2. Hawaii is just five days away!!! Can you believe it? Both DH and I are very excited right now for just a little getaway. It has been so busy since we got here to Colorado, and the next few months look like they are going to be equally if not more busy, so seven straight days of no plans, no schedule, no nothing makes me very happy right now. I'm even thinking about taking the entire time off from workouts. :blushing: We will be active, no doubt. But I just like the idea that I will have a few days where I don't feel like I need to do something. We'll see how that goes when I start packing. If I know myself, I'll take something with me to make sure I can workout if I want. :ohwell:

    Jen, don't let Cathe intimidate you! I remember the first time I watched one of her workouts (PowerMax--way back in the mid-90s), I was scared to death. It was, without a doubt, my favorite workout for a long time....until it was passed by another Cathe workout and so on. You look like you are in great shape so you should be all right. As Michelle said, the premixes are your friends if you want to start out with a shorter workout and then work up to the full workout. I know Cross Fire has a low impact premix option as well that is easier than the full-on workout, so give that one a shot too if you are interested. Both workouts are terrific because she includes so much variety in them that, for me, the time flies by. But she also includes some short breaks between segments so you may find that while you are doing the exercises you are winded and tired, but the breaks will be enough to sustain you through the workout. Good luck and please let us know if you have any other questions. I'm one of those people that owns everything Cathe has put out because I gel with her as an instructor and find her workouts very effective for me. I hope you feel the same way about her.

    Laurie, great job with the workouts. If you aren't sure about Cathe's new workouts, I see no harm in waiting. I know the money savings are great on the pre-sales, but it isn't worth it if you don't like the workouts in the end.

    Michelle, how fun that you surprised your family with your mother! I'm sure it is great to have her there with you right now. Happy Anniversary, though I'm sorry to hear you didn't get to spend it with your DH. I hope everything goes well with his father. I like the idea of your new rotation. I love the Turbo Fire workouts, of course, so you aren't going to hear a bad thing from me with those included....though I know they aren't for everybody. To me, they are just pure fun.

    Erika, I hope you are well. I still have my fingers crossed for you!

    Until tomorrow!

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    Thanks for the encouragement, I really appreciate it! One other quick question - the firewalker band - where can I get that and are their different resistance levels?

  • 2BLean2BLean Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member
    Hi Ladies ~ :smile:

    BootCamp was good …. A ton of core work at our 10 stations including Superman push-ups, Spiderman push-ups, heavy medicine ball throws to the wall & squat, etc. All felt great in between the sprints and running around the facility as well. We are having fabulous weather so of course she will continue to have us run outside. This a.m. was DrillMax - regular full version w/ weights & cardio and tonight will be Insane-X after work! Looking forward to it and wondering what her style will be like. She is a tough Spinning instructor so I think she is just the person for this!

    Jen: Let me first say a HUGE congrats to your successful weight loss journey! :drinker: WOW, that is beyond fantastic. These two workouts are really great! If you have never done a Cathe workout or feeling nervous about the intensity level of it, do a pre-mix first! That would be my suggestion. You WILL be able to do the workout, don’t be scared. :wink: Cathe’s approach to her workouts is always friendly and encouraging! Start with a shorter pre-mix, get a feel for it and add on. One thing with both of those workouts she offers multiple pre-mixes on both so you won’t get bored at all if you are doing those for a while. Good Luck and let us know how you did! PS. There are different firewalker bands, comes in a pack of 3 for lowest to more resistance! sells them.

    Laurie: Great combo of workouts this a.m.! :wink: I actually remembered Pyramid being your favorite as I was doing it the other day & thought of you. Yes, the legs were feeling it at the end, but it was really a fun combo. Have a nice hair appt tonight! Always a good thing.

    Michelle: Happy Anniversary! Sorry to hear your hubby wasn’t there but sounds like he is where he needs to be right now with his dad. I hope all goes well there. Very fun that you arranged a surprise visit! Sounds like you are already having a great time …. Including her cooking for you all! :tongue: How nice, Mom’s are always good at that. My mom does that for my sister when she goes for visits because of the kids and their busy schedules. I hope that pinch in your back goes away very soon, that can be annoying forsure. Sounds like if you got through your workouts it probably helped loosen it up a bit ~ nice job! Great to hear your new space is just about ready and you are excited for a new combo/rotation. Have fun with mom.

    Laurel: Your workout combo sounds great today! Very fun and glad that it flew by …. Wanting more?!??! :huh: Great job. Only 5 days away …… that is so exciting! :bigsmile: I’m thrilled for you and your hubby. I say go for it, take a couple days of just relaxation, you deserve it! There will always be options for you to get some kind of workout in. Just plan on enjoying your time forsure.

    Erika: Thinking about you and my fingers crossed for you! :flowerforyou:

    Talk to you all tomorrow ~ Tami
  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,812 Member Member Posts: 2,812 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was Jillian's Kickbox FastFix Levels 2 & 3, and Skogg Flow Level 3. At first I didn't know if I was going to like Jillians new kickboxing workout, but doing the two 20 min. workouts today may have changed my mind. The flow is a little different than what I'm used to, so I think it is just doing the workout more and I will like them more. :wink:

    Michelle, Sounds like your Mom is enjoying spoiling all of you. :wink: My Mom does the same thing, but she makes me cinnamon bread. :laugh: Sorry to hear about your back, hope it starts getting better for you. Hope you where able to relax yesterday. :wink:

    Laurel, I'm sure that you will be feeling the leg work from yesterday, since both of those really work the legs. :wink: But I'm sure that you will be fine, since you are so dang fit. :bigsmile: So jealous that you are going to Hawaii, and I'm sure that you are going to have a great time there.

    Jen, I actually found those bands at a store called Tuesday Morning. That was about a year ago, so don't know if they carry them anymore.

    Tami, OK who every invented Superman Push-Ups is a crazy person! :laugh: Those things are evil. Our weather has turned cold, it was in the 40's this morning when I walked the dog. :noway: Couldn't believe that DH was sleeping without any covers on last night, I was snuggled in all the blankets. :laugh: I got a lot of hair chopped off, and I really love the new cut. Will be different for me having to actually make sure it is styled before I head out the door. :laugh: I'm one of those that lets it air dry, but she did say that I still could do that so I was happy.

    Have a wonderful day!
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    Morning Ladies,

    Wierd sleeping pattern for me, my mom, and the dog as he has decided that he likes to sleep in her room and she tends to need a TV to fall asleep:grumble: Now Mr. Capone wakes every morning at 2:30, requires fresh water and then of course wakes me again to come and get me at 4:30 or 5am:noway: No major soreness this morning which is disappointing:blushing: so hoping to try Toby's Sculpt workout using the step for a kick butt routine.

    Laurie- Yes she is spoiling us and we are loving it as we have not seen her in more than 2years since I started the position with the DoD, really crazy when we think about it as she usually visits yearly if not twice a year:laugh: I have tried Fastfix but it is so different from a traditional KB dvd that I did not enjoy that one, will keep that in mind.

    Laurel- Thanks, yes Jessica Smith had some Superman type workouts which actually help loosen the area and the multiple flys during the upper body routine was uncomfortable initially but today I feel way better.

    Erika- Good morning...any news?

    Tami- Thanks, Insane X..gulp!:bigsmile: Those classes always sounds soooo brutal but yet exciting:laugh:

    Ok ladies I actually started my day with a bowl of my mom's soup and I'm feeling pretty great right now:blushing: but I have also cleaned the backyard, the house and now I'm finishing up laundry:wink:

  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,069 Member Member Posts: 3,069 Member
    Hi Ladies! Late check-in for me today, but I wanted to make sure I got it in because it is going to be difficult for me to check-in the next couple of days....and then off we go to Hawaii! I did manage to get my workouts in this morning. I started with X2 Total Body, which felt really good today. I also did X2 Ab Ripper, and followed it all up with TF 60. Lots of fun.

    Tami, glad you enjoyed the Bootcamp! Sounds like a couple of tough workouts today too! Amazing. Thanks for the encouragement to take some time off in Hawaii. I just really feel like I could use it, more mentally than physically. We'll see how it goes. Usually by the fourth day, I'm climbing the walls! But I may not feel that way if we're out and about, taking walks, playing golf, etc.

    Laurie, I bet you are enjoying the new haircut! Sounds terrific. Like you, I don't normally style my hair much (dry and flat iron is all). The last time I got it done, my stylist was trying to convince me to change. This was the first time she had worked on my hair, and I tried explaining to her that my hair is really unmanageable. She believed me once she started drying it!! She couldn't believe how much curl there was too it. I just said 'Now you see why I keep it simple'! :laugh: Hope you enjoy the new style!

    Michelle, sorry to hear about the weird sleep patterns. I can't believe it has been that long since you've seen your mother! You must really enjoy having her there. I bet she's happy with the chance to spoil all of you.

    Erika, I'm thinking about you! :flowerforyou:

    Well, in case I don't get a chance to check-in the next couple of days, enjoy the week! I will be back in October. So hard to believe how time is flying. :noway:

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    Hi Ladies ~ Insane-X last night was really good! The “new” instructor was so nervous but she did great. At first there was only 2 of us and she almost cxld it (gym rule of at least 5 people) but then more showed up. Everyone stood in the back, including my friend who quickly darted behind me when we started! :noway: SO yours truly was in the front! Talk about pressure. I’m not a front row person but twice in one week it has happened to me now. Yowsa! This a.m. was 4DS KickBox and tonight will be Spinning. :wink:

    Laurie: Glad to hear you enjoyed the Jillian KB workouts! Your hair sounds like it is darling and easy, that’s so great. I have longer hair so it is never easy other than a pony tail. :laugh: Those superman push-ups are tough forsure, she has us do them for a minute straight. That can be quite a few actually. We have had cooler temps in the evening and a.m. but during the day nice and warm. This weekend is supposed to be 90!! :bigsmile:

    Michelle: Sorry about the early wake-up & crazy sleep patterns with Mr. C ….. I woke to a random alarm this a.m. that I had set on my Ipad a month ago when I left for L.A. to visit my sister. Which never went off …. Apparently I set it for Sept 19 not Aug 19:frown: Sheesh! Scared me & Emma too at 3:30. It sounds like this visit from your mom is way overdue! I hope you are having a blast. Sorry no DOMs hope Toby’s Sculpt goes well if you get a chance to try that one. Yes, it sounds kind of like “gulp” doesn’t it? I would say everyone at the gym that doesn’t know what it is takes a “miss” because of the name.

    Erika – Any news?!?

    Hi Laurel - Fabulous workouts!!!! Have a fantastic trip:flowerforyou:

    Talk to you all tomorrow ~ Tami
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    Hey Ladies, sorry I've been MIA! It has been a LONG last few days. The good news is that I got the job!!!!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: The not so good news is that putting in my notice this morning didn't go as smoothly as I wanted, and my employer is trying to pursue some sort of legal action regarding my non-compete agreement. So, it is very uncomfortable in the office right now. Normally they walk a person out when they are leaving to go somewhere else in the industry, but they have been making me sit there, with nothing to do all day. I got a text from my boss tonight saying he needed to meet with my tomorrow morning for 15 minutes (he's supposed to be going out of town on vacation), my guess is to walk me out, but who knows. Anyway, my new boss is AWESOME and has been in constant contact with me making sure that I'm being treated fairly and is willing to talk with our legal team and get me out of the middle of it. I'm VERY happy about my decision after my employer once again showing me how unprofessional and difficult they can be.

    Ok, so workouts have been ok. I have taken a couple rest days due to exhaustion (I didn't realize how much sleep I was losing over this whole decision) and DOMS. But, I kicked out a good workout tonight, and should be back on schedule tomorrow.

    You ladies have been awesome on the workouts, WOWSA! Great variety, intensity and overall drive! Laurel, enjoy Hawaii! Michelle, enjoy the rest of the time with your mom visiting! Laurie, the haircut sounds fun, enjoy!!! Tami, I hope you are enjoying your time with the pups--and your girlfriends--while the hubby is away.

    Off to get the boys ready for bed, and get some sleep tonight. I only managed 5 hours last night, I need to do better tonight!

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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was 6W6P Level 2, and Shred-It with Weights Level 1. This was a nice combo, and I was able to use my 15# kb with the Shred-It workout. The level 2 shred-it has some unusual exercises, that do not work well with a heavy kb. :wink:

    Michelle, I thought the same thing about the FastFix workout the first time I did it. I actually like the 2nd workout the most. It bothers me a ton that she only does the kickboxing moves on one side. :grumble: But this time, since I knew the moves a bit better, it was a much better workout. I didn't try to do the moves on the opposite side, so maybe that was the reason I enjoyed it more. :wink: Hope you where able to get some good rest last night. :smile:

    Laurel, You are going to be having such a great time in Hawaii that having to worrry about getting a workout in will make that trip less enjoyable. And Hawaii is one place that you need to totally enjoy! :wink: So I agree with Tami on that one. :happy: I have a lot of curl in my hair also, when I air dry I put some gel in it, fluff it up, and the curls are there instantly. When I blow dry my hair it just tends to look like a mess! :laugh: I love the flat iron also.

    Tami, Sorry to hear that you where pushed to the front of the class. :huh: Guess you have a lot of people in the class that don't like the front row. :laugh: I bet you did a great job. :smile: Wow that is really warm for this time of the year! I hope that we stay with these temps, because it sure is nice to be outdoors.

    Erika, Congrats on the new job! I think those non-competes are crazy, and that company would be idiots to persue it. JMO of course. :wink: WTG on getting those workouts in, and it can only get better when you don't have to deal with all the stress. Hope you are able to get some rest tonight.

    Have a wonderful day!
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    Hi Ladies ~
    This a.m. I caught a few extra zzzzzzzzz’s :yawn: So planning on my workout tonight which will be Lower Body Blast followed by Abs and before it gets dark take the kids for a walk (might have to do that first) . :wink: So far, no evening class on Thurs. that calls my name. Last night’s spinning was good – very full. They are having their 2nd Biggest Loser Competition that started this week as well so the classes are filling up. They do this twice a year I guess.

    Erika: Yahoo!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS :drinker: :bigsmile: :drinker: I just knew this was going to be your job. That is awful that the current place is treating you that way but it definitely gives you final confirmation as well that you need to be out of there! So cool the new employer is keeping in touch with you and wanting to help. Great job getting in some workouts in the meantime and I’m sure the stress of the decision has you exhausted! Hope you get some good sleep tonight and this weekend too.

    Laurie: That sounds like a really great combo.:happy: I was thinking tonight after LBB getting in some 6W6P or maybe even Ult Ball for my abwork. Yes the front row is dreaded especially in the Insane-X class. When Chris was teaching it all the young girls loved the front because they would mostly stare at him. The “new” instructor (spinning instructor from last night as well) came up to me and thanked me for being there and supporting her & told me I am very “fit”. That felt nice coming from a trainer. Yes, our weather is very warm for this time of year. However with the shorter days and lots of smoke in the air from fires in Central Washington it isn’t quite as “summery hot” feeling, if that makes sense? How are your DD's doing?

    HI Michelle & Laurel :flowerforyou:

    Talk to you all tomorrow ~ Tami
  • fitzfourfitzfour Member Posts: 1,306 Member Member Posts: 1,306 Member
    Hi Ladies!!! TGIF!

    Well, yesterday got even more interesting at the office. I've now had "warnings" from my boss and his boss that my company plans to take me and my new employer to court if I go through with the job there. Ugh, I'm so unsure of what to do! I feel like they are making empty threats, as if I get out of there, there are about 10-15 other people that will likely follow! I think the department knows that, so wants to make an example out of my case, in that they are being VERY strict on our non-compete. Basically, according to our non-compete, I can not work anywhere in our service area (MN/WI) in any type of medical, dental, EAP, FSA, capacity. I just don't think that's legal, but I haven't done enough research. So, I'm leaning on my new employer, hoping they have the necessary legal ammo to fight this thing! If not, I'm going to end up working somewhere like Target PT, until I get out of my non-compete (12 months). Send lots of good vibes my way, I need them!

    Workouts have been going great, although I'm experiencing a lot of lower back pain since I started JNL. The only thin I can think of that makes this workout different than others (as far as moves goes) is that she does A LOT of burpee type moves. Something about that must aggrevate my lower back. But, I'm sticking with it, and just adding in lots of extra stretches, and taking 2 rest days per week.

    Tami--Ya know what, good for you on the extra zzz's! Your body probably needed them, and I bet you felt well rested. I'm sure you kicked butt with your evening workout, which more than makes up for no morning one! :wink:

    Laurie--Great job on the JM workouts! :bigsmile: I know what you mean about awkward moves with a heavy KB...I've seen my fair share of those in workout videos!

    Michelle--Hello! :flowerforyou:

    Have a great weekend. I'll be back on Monday!

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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was Extreme Shed & Shred Level 2, and Shred-It with Weights Level 2. Was more comfortable with the 2nd workout this time, so was able to use my kb on some moves. The ESS workout was around 50 min. One thing I am going to try at some point is the combo of both levels, she actually has them combined on the DVD. That is a surprise.:wink:

    Tami, Guess they try to get as much business as possible during the year, just makes it more aggrivating for the regulars at times. :wink: That is very nice of the instructor to thank you like that, and of course giving you the compliment. :drinker: That really must have been a boost for you. Now you won't feel so bad about getting in the front of the class. :wink:

    Erika, Sorry to hear about the threats, that could backfire on them. I think that threats could make the non-compete voided! Hope everything works out for you, and that the new company can deal with the issues. Burpees are not one of my favorites, and it really is nice when the time doing them is short (at least for me. :laugh: )

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Just wanted to pop in for a quick moment and say 'hi' before I say 'goodbye' tomorrow! I was supposed to be at a lunch right now, but I'm stuck in the house waiting for pest control to come. We're having a bit of a problem with mice right now. :huh: No fun. No fun at all. But, hopefully, this will take care of it, and I will be able to sleep in peace once again.

    Anyhow, I also finished my first phase of X2 today. Really enjoyed this set of workouts, and I'm kinda sad to know I won't be doing many of them again during this rotation. But I finished it with X2 Balance and Power, which I followed up with Cathe's HiiT Double Wave Pyramid and Power Hour. It was a great workout today, and I'm all ready for my beach time in Hawaii. :tongue: Of course, my husband inadvertently talked me into taking workout stuff with me, so I am prepared to workout down there if I want. But I'm only taking fun workouts!

    Erika, congratulations on the job!!! But, boy, does it sound like you are in for some pain from your current employer. I really hope your new employer can help you through this and you can move on. I can't imagine having to stay in your current position (if that is even an option right now) given all of this. Great job on pushing through with some workouts through all of this stress. No doubt some of that stress may be playing into your lower back pain as well. I hope to return to some good news from you that you are free at last and with a better employer!

    Tami, I hear you on not being a front row person. But what a great compliment from your instructor. I'm glad the class went well. I'm sorry to hear you are still getting smoke from the Washington fires. At least after our fire, things calmed down here in Colorado. We are still outrageously dry, but less fire than we had in June for sure.

    Laurie, sounds like you are doing great with these Jillian workouts! Thanks for the encouragement to just go and enjoy Hawaii. That is exactly what I plan on doing, and if a workout slips in there.....great! And if not......great! I'm certainly not going to sweat it (no pun intended! :laugh: )

    Well, the guy came a set all of the traps around the house. Yuck. I'm glad we will be leaving tomorrow, and they will come in and check them while we are gone. I hate the thought of a bunch of dead mice around the house. Of all of the places we've lived, this is [another] first for us. I'm thinking I've had enough of the 'firsts' here in Colorado. You would think I would have less of them here since I lived here for 27 years!! But, sadly, that hasn't been the case. :ohwell:

    I hope you all have a great week!

  • 2BLean2BLean Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member
    Hi Ladies ~ TGIF!!!!!!:drinker:

    Well, as life goes sometimes my p.m. workout didn’t happen.:ohwell: I took the dogs for a walk first because I didn’t want it to be too dark …. All the eve’s they stare at me when I get home and then don’t take them I couldn’t “not” last night. When I got home the young man who is mowing our lawn while DH is gone was there and we chatted until about 7:40 in the driveway. So no workout, took it as a REST day. This a.m. then turning into Lower Body Blast and tonight is Spinning. Lots of good ones lined up for the weekend, so a REST day was probably in order. . . I suppose:wink:

    Erika: I cannot even imagine why companies feel they can threaten or bully an employee into staying.:grumble: It is so crazy. I do hope that your “new” employers are prepared to help out in full force if it does come to that but again, thank goodness you have the new job waiting. I’m sorry this transition isn’t the celebration I’m sure you would have originally imagined. Like Laurel mentioned, I think some of the tight, lower back pain is also stress happening. Good on ya for getting in some workouts through this but be sure to take care of that too & watch those burpees if you think that is the culprit. :smile: Thanks for the encouragement on the extra zzzzz’s – I kind of felt that way too so didn’t have the guilt’s too much.

    Laurie: You are really doing some great combos with your Jillian rotation right now, that’s so great! :bigsmile: Sounds like you are enjoying them too. Yes, the gym definitely comes up with some creative contests it seems to keep attendance up, which is smart. Just creates a bit of frustration for the regulars sometimes.:frown: Katy’s compliment to me was very much a boost.

    Laurel: Fantastic job with the workouts!!!! Wahoo and shall I say ALOHA ~ have a fabulous trip and thank goodness someone is coming to check the traps while you are gone. That would freak me out to come home to “that”. :noway: It goes without saying that you will have a blast but I hope it is an amazing trip with all the relaxation, sunshine, umbrella drinks and of course sunshine your little heart desires! Talk to you soon. Safe travels. :flowerforyou:

    Hi Michelle ~ Hope you are having a great time with “mom”:bigsmile:

    Have a great weekend ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    My mom left on Thursday and although she tried to extend her vacation the shortage of nurses prevented that good fortune. It has beena bit lonely and the girls miss her but she is hoping to come again next month. This weekend we were suppose to pick up th ein-laws and drive them home and then return on Sunday but due to medical issues he was unable to do his lat test, thus an early discharge from the hospital and he was physically able to drive himself home. Today on the schedule is JM Body Rev wk1 and Kb, so hopefully after I finish unload these boxes I dragged in from the garage I can get started on myself:blushing:

    Laurel- Safe travels and enjoy the beach for all of us:drinker:

    Laurie- Hopefully JM will release the improved version of that workou:grumble: t. Sometimes in her quest to have signature moves she creates a Miss instead of a Hit:bigsmile:

    Erika- Congratulations on the new job!:flowerforyou: How unprofessional that your company would become so aggressive and come at you in attack mode. At this point you need to have the legal team of the new company review what you sign to determine if there is a breach in your non-compete clause. I hate when you have given more than 110% in an organization and when it is time to move on they turn against you, geesh...glad you are walking away:grumble:

    Tami- It sounds like you are definitely keeping yourself busy, before you know it hubby will be back:laugh: Are you planning on meeting up with him this time around?

    Ok off of the computer for me as time is running along. Have a great day ladies:flowerforyou:

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    Hi Ladies ~:smile:
    Nice weekend for me … until yesterday when my sweet Bernie became sick.:frown: He’s our yellow lab. After not eating since Sat night and he threw up twice :noway: I decided to take him in first thing this a.m. He is a HUGE eater so this was a big red flag! Turns out after x-rays to make sure no blockage and bloodwork he does have an infection …. Stemming from the ol anal gland :noway: :noway: Poor guy. So they have him on fluids all day today and heavy antibiotics. I’ll pick him up after work ~ so no BootCamp tonight but hoping to get in a workout when I get home and have him settled. I’m sure Emma is pacing the yard wondering where her pal is. Up to that happening I had a great workout on Sat a.m. with High Step Training followed by a nice walk w/ the pups (Bernie was fine that a.m.). Yesterday was Plyo Legs and coffee/lunch w/ my BFF, errands and just a little relaxation.

    Michelle: Sounds like you had a great time with your mom and always hard when they leave …. Hopefully she can come back very soon for a visit. :smile: So FIL going to be alright? Hopefully after those boxes you were able to get in your JM workout.:wink: Definitely trying to keep busy …. It always seems to go pretty fast when he is away. I do have my annual fishing trip with him; I will go see him on Oct 5 – 7 so looking forward to that forsure. He will be home about 10 days after that.

    Hello Laurie & Erika and ALOHA to you Laurel! :flowerforyou:

    Talk to you all tomorrow ~ Tami
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    Hi Girls!

    Sorry I didn't post earlier today...not really trusting my current company, and I'm thinking they are watching everything I write on that computer lately!

    Things haven't changed much, but I got my "legal letter" today stating if I am employed with the new company, I'm violating my non-compete, and they intend to take legal action. I had a couple people make a very good point to me today...there has to be proof that I in some way hurt my current company by something I did, to pursue the violation of the non-compete. Simply going to work for an employer doesn't have a way of proving I am sharing trade secrets, etc. I know this letter that was given to me has been given to multiple others, with nothing else to follow. I did share it with my new employer, and they just agreed I should do as planned an not work on any accounts outwardly facing clients. I honestly just want this all over with, so I can move on.

    No workouts for awhile for lower back is hurting so bad I can barely walk at times. I haven't worked out since last Wednesday, so not sure what's going on.

    Tami--I hope Bernie is feeling better and able to come home and settle in with Emma while you got your workout in!:smile:

    Laurel--Enjoy Hawaii, I'm jealous! :tongue:

    Michelle--Bummer that Mom had to leave, sounds like you all had a great time while she was visiting! :bigsmile: I hope your FIL is able to get back into good health to get the test he needs.

    Laurie--Nice workouts!!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

    Off to bed! The days at work are getting long with not much to do, but they do not want to let me go!

  • bajangrl29bajangrl29 Member Posts: 691 Member Member Posts: 691 Member
    Wierd week in my family, three members in different states hospitalized within days of each other:huh: My mom's oldest brother was taken to ICU, this uncle lives in NY with his spouse who suffered a stroke and was not found for 8 hrs nearly 9 years ago so she was left unable to talk or car for herself without an aide. Upon hearing of his collapse and being in ICU she too collapses, which led to my mom's sister being taken to the ER and suffering a minor heart attack. So far my aunt was released yesterday but now word on the others in New York:frown:

    This morning I started late on JM but I'm enjoying the brief, not really intense at all style of training with a class like environment:bigsmile: She keeps reminding us that she is building up to the kick butt routine which is good to know:laugh:

    Tami- Sorry to hear about Bernie:flowerforyou: Yesterday Mr. C threw up over the rug and has been having some issues in the last two weeks, so I'm thinking its time for a check up or maybe time for his Nutro dog food in lieu of cooked meals:frown: My girlfriend in Texas had to take Macy in last week and she was diagnosed with Bronchitis, the wierd thing is Macy is a ****zu, very prissy and does not go out and the vet can not determine where she picked it up from, ironically Dee was sick with Bronchitis two weeks ago:huh:

    Erika- The environment sounds stressful, but just play their game and research all that you can or have an outside lawyer review your agreement to ensure compliance with policy. I hear you on th eback pain but mine has been occurring with TOM but it seems to be increasing past my usual threshold where I'm unable to move comfortable, more in a hunched position:noway:

    Laurie and Laurel- Good afternoon? How is the weather? cool air is moving in and I'm loving these Fall temps here as Iknow Texas is still hot:laugh:

    Off to grab some lunch as I'm starving already although hubby left me an omelet with sausage this morning:blushing:

  • 2BLean2BLean Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member
    Hi Ladies ~ :smile:
    Well I’m happy to report that Bernard (the nickname my vet made up for him:laugh: ) is doing really, really good! :bigsmile: Once I arrived last night at the vet he went over all the testing results and it is actually an infection inside his colon. :huh: He said it would be like if you had a sore throat …. How the lining gets red and irritated, same thing but some sort of infection. He apparently ate something strange :noway: :grumble: (the list is long of what he could have had) poor guy. So he had me leave the catheter in his arm overnight and bring him back this a.m. for another round “just to be sure” but he seemed 100% this a.m. Ate all his oatmeal & eggs looking at me like “that’s all I get?” They are also going to give him a nice bath today. So my Bernie is back …. So relieved. :tongue: Needless to say, by the time I got home after going over all of the x-rays, etc. and making his special dinner I didn’t get in my workout. So planning on Cathe’s Intensity when I get home tonight :bigsmile: …. Will have to miss the PEAK class tonight to get “Bernard” before they close at 6.

    Erika: I’m so sorry that you are going through these challenges with your current workplace. :sad: Also to hear your lower back has not loosened up at all …. What a time of it you are having right now. Looking on the horizon ~ I can’t wait for the amazing feeling you will have with your “new” and normal workplace! :wink: Along with your back feeling back to normal. Both will happen soon …. :flowerforyou:

    Michelle: Funny how random things happen to our little four legged family members. :frown: The vet said it was just something he “picked up” by eating. Could have been anything. The bizarre thing is that Emma had a very similar experience 2 yrs ago which we figured was from a bone we had given her. You have had some weird happenings with your family, that sounds like a scary string of events. Hopefully the remaining family members in NY are released soon. Great job getting in your JM workout, even if brief! :wink: She does like to train in an "add-on" style I've noticed in the workouts I have done with her.

    Hello Laurie ~ Hope all is well with you!

    Until tomorrow Ladies,
  • 2BLean2BLean Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member
    Hi Ladies :bigsmile:

    Very happy to report that Bernie is doing great! So last night I was able to get him all settled in with some special food and then did Cathe's Intensity (the Max pre-mix) :wink: as planned and it felt great! I had all kinds of energy. :smile: Today is Spinning after work. No a.m. workout :yawn: I think I finally slept so soundly with no worry in my brain it just felt good to stay there a little longer.

    Hope you are all doing well!
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