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Was I being ignorant to my vegetarian friend?



  • SoDamnHungrySoDamnHungry Member Posts: 7,000 Member Member Posts: 7,000 Member
    Technically you were ignorant of her vegetarian status, but how would you have known? You, however, weren't being inconsiderate. She stated that a little rudely. Just let it go. Things don't come across as they're meant to in text. Or maybe she's just rude.
  • shaynak112shaynak112 Member Posts: 815 Member Member Posts: 815 Member
    I don't think her response was rude, honestly. I think you were just mis-reading it. Or over analyzing it.
  • MissFit0101MissFit0101 Member Posts: 2,382 Member Posts: 2,382
    I think you're reading way too much into it.
  • DoomCakesDoomCakes Member Posts: 808 Member Posts: 808
    I was a vegan for years. I think your friend was rude. I would have said - "Oh, that sounds interesting, but I'm a vegetarian! Got any other suggestions?"

    That's how I would have handled it too.
  • Spartan_MakerSpartan_Maker Member Posts: 683 Member Member Posts: 683 Member
    Why would you be wrong for suggesting that someone try a famous hamburger? I don't get it. You said you didn't know she was a vegetarian.

    And, yes, her response was snarky, to belabor the obvious.
  • heretoloseit95heretoloseit95 Member Posts: 78 Member Posts: 78
    I think i would have been bothered a bit by her response, that was a little bit defensive, she could have answered in a much nicer way like :- This sounds interesting but i'm a vegeterian, do you know a good place for vegeterians ? etc... , although i don't think you were ignorant because you didn't know !!
  • KittieLeaKittieLea Member Posts: 1,161 Member Posts: 1,161
    You're putting too much energy and effort into analyzing her response.
    However, I am offended about how you described that burger. Now I'm hungry. See what you've done?
  • _Timmeh__Timmeh_ Member Posts: 2,193 Member Posts: 2,193
    So it was "Uuuumm..." ? I think that means she is pissed off. If it was "UuMm" or "uuuuuuum" or "uuuuUMMMM" she is kindly thanking you for the suggestion.
  • gdbadassgdbadass Member Posts: 60 Member Posts: 60
    To be totally honest, I think she was being a little *****y and "holier-than-thou" - lots of vegetarians are like reformed smokers, and they can't help but put a little passive aggressive twist into their communication about thier lifestyle.

    I worked with a woman who would say things to me like:* " No, no I don't mind that you eat meat. Me, I *love* animals so I don't eat them - but *you*, you go ahead and do whatever you want. No judgement from me!"

    This while sitting at my table, enjoying a perfectly divine vegan meal that I had prepared for her, with my undeniably adored dog and cat nearby.

    Your friend should have at least thanked you for trying :)

    BUT - whatever her motivation, best to shrug it off.
  • lizziebeth1028lizziebeth1028 Member Posts: 3,602 Member Member Posts: 3,602 Member
    Her response was worded rudely. I'm an almost vegetarian lol (eat chicken, dogs and bacon, bad I know)....anyway, Since I don't eat burgers I probably would have responded something like this -

    Sounds good, I'll check it out online, thanks for the suggestion.

    There's no need to get all uppity like the whole world is supposed to know you're a vegetarian.
  • PLUMSGRLPLUMSGRL Member Posts: 1,134 Member Member Posts: 1,134 Member
    I think you're reading to much into what she said.
    It wasn't rude, she probably thought you knew she was a vegetarian, hence her response~
  • Brunner26_2Brunner26_2 Member Posts: 1,152 Member Posts: 1,152
    Technically you were ignorant of her vegetarian status, but how would you have known? You, however, weren't being inconsiderate. She stated that a little rudely. Just let it go. Things don't come across as they're meant to in text. Or maybe she's just rude.


    You WERE being ignorant.


    Lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.
    Lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular: "ignorant of astronomy".

    You were ignorant of her vegetarian lifestyle, but you were not rude.
  • dane11235813dane11235813 Member Posts: 692 Member Member Posts: 692 Member

    I am not overly sensitive to things such as this

    posting it on here kinda shows that you are.
  • ElizabethRoadElizabethRoad Member Posts: 5,156 Member Member Posts: 5,156 Member
    For heaven's sake, she made an off-the-cuff comment that didn't come across as you liked it. She didn't sit around thinking of a way to offend you. You have officially put 20 times more thought into her comment than she has.
  • rikkeeroosrikkeeroos Member Posts: 28 Member Posts: 28
    Uuuummm...don't you know that vegans are superior to the rest of us, and we should all be aware of their veganism? You should check the register before you go trying to give recommendations on food. How dare you suggest that she should eat something with meat in it? The poor girl is probably still trembling at the thought of your suggestion. I hope that she can still enjoy her vacation. Uuummm, where did you say that I could find that burger? It sounds pretty awesome.
  • Yasmine91Yasmine91 Member Posts: 599 Member Member Posts: 599 Member
    Many vegetarians are up their own arses...don't take it personally xxx
  • waster196waster196 Member Posts: 138 Member Member Posts: 138 Member
    Do you really have nothing else to do, so you clutter up the boards with this? Seriously. Go weigh a pound of baby back ribs, and a pound of tofu....and see which weighs more.


    ^ this is a fine example of someone being ignorant / rude. find something better to do than trolling these boards. perhaps you could weigh a pound of courtesy against a pound of idiocy and see which one you're lacking.

    op: what you said to your friend was just you being friendly and helpful, i'm sure. the response from your friend sounds a little rude, but it's hard to know how things are meant online and i think someone already said facebook is a breeding ground for passive-aggressive behaviour so i wouldn't sweat over it.

    suggesting meat to a vegetarian isn't like suggesting pork to a muslim (unless of course they're vegie for religious purposes) so really i wouldn't be worried about if you've done something wrong. surely it's just the same as suggesting a cheeseburger to someone who doesn't like cheese or a chocolate bar to someone who doesn't like chocolate?
  • DanaDarkDanaDark Member Posts: 2,184 Member Member Posts: 2,184 Member
    Most hamburger places have veggie burgers. I am sure a place that is famous for burgers would have a vegetarian alternative as well.
  • rml_16rml_16 Member Posts: 16,484 Member Member Posts: 16,484 Member
    If you didn't know she was vegetarian, you did absolutely nothing wrong. And even if you did know and had a brain fart, you did nothing wrong. Are you sure her response wasn't just being sort of silly, though? I can't tell from what you posted that she was actually offended. It's tough with writing on FB or message boards and things.

    I'm veg for moral reasons (I just feel bad eating meat) and when I went to the fair with my BF and some friends last year, we walked through the cow barn and they kept going on and on about how good they taste and saying really awful things. THAT was insensitive! lol But I laughed and told them they were mean and that was it.
  • CMDCMstr3CMDCMstr3 Member Posts: 15 Member Member Posts: 15 Member
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