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    Fall Challenge Report - Week 5 Okay folks I waited until tonight hoping that some people were just behind and yes a couple of you did post somewhat late but that was fine. We are still missing 5 people that have been regulars with their updates hopefully they'll return next week. We also have several new people taking part, welcome to you all. Unfortunately, we didn't have the greatest week. :( I entered all the regulars first before I added the new folks, only because they were already set up in the program. But to my chagrin I noticed that with the just regulars we had actually gained a pound for our average, thank goodness for the new participants, once they were added we have a cumulative loss for this week of 4.4 pounds. That's quite a bit down from our loss of 28.5 pounds last week. Looks like we are all seesawing somewhat. As a group we have lost 80.6 pounds in 5 weeks. Lets get that cumulative weekly loss back up in the 20 pound range, I know we can do it, we've done it before and we can do it again. Remember, if it was easy this wouldn't be call a "Challenge"!

    Just a few notes because I want to get this posted. @happygirlxxx hope your little dog is okay.
    @samiyha I too like the projected weight. I must ask you, are you sure you are correctly measuring and weighing your food and logging everything? One reason it might be off is if you mistakenly enter things too low or forget to enter something then it will project lower than what you will really see on the scales. Are you retaining fluids? That also might cause the projections to be off. Good luck, I'm sure you'll figure it out.

    Welcome to all the new people, I hope you keep coming back. This is an excellent site for encouragement and advice from others in the same boat. :)
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    I'm super late again. I've been super busy and the times I'm not busy with work I'm busy with other projects. On top of that everyone in my house, except me, is sick. Yuck.


    Name: Lydia
    Age: 45
    Height: 5’8”

    Start Weight (as of Sept. 16th):240.4
    Goal Weight (for Nov. 18th): 228

    Weigh in Weeks (listed by Wednesdays)

    1. Sept. 20: 236.2
    2. Sept. 27: 233.8
    3. Oct. 4: 234.6
    4. Oct. 11: 234.2
    5. Oct. 18: 237
    7. Oct. 25:
    8. Nov. 1:
    9. Nov. 8:
    10. Nov. 15:
    Final Weigh in: Nov. 18:

    Weight -/+ this week: +2.8
    Total weight -/+ this challenge: -3.4
    Total overall weight lost so far: 23

    I'm not doing well these days. I've lost a good bit of my motivation. I feel like I have too much going on with work and that whole life thing. I've done it to myself, getting involved with projects, keep adding more and more on top of an already full plate. So ... by the end of the day I'm so stressed I end up not taking care of myself.

    Most of my life I've been the dependable one, never late, stepping up and taking care of things no one else wants to do. Always there when needed. The past few weeks I am anything but that person. Have I mentioned I need a vacation? :wink:

    I'll get back to my normal ... Next week is already looking better.
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    @lydiapassthedonuts You definitely sound overtaxed. Sometimes you just have to say no, as hard as that may be. I have a friend who is in your exact boat, never says no, takes care of everything and everyone, takes on more than she can handle and forgets about herself. Just remember if you're not good to your own self, you won't be good for others either. Something's got to give and you don't want it to be your health, whether physical or mental.

    Saturday success...My daughter invited us out to dinner last night, to a place that is not normally a dieter's haven, but I went online, looked at their menu, did my research and entered into my tracker exactly what I was going to order and happy to say, I made it all work, and felt good about enjoying the evening without stressing over what to pick. That felt like a NSV to me. :) Happy Saturday everyone.
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    @happygirlxxx ... I hope your dog is ok, actually that both of them are. I totally missed what your wrote cause I skipped right past your post when I saw you were talking to Barb.

    @b_lisieux ... that was a good move on your part last night ... planning what you would eat out so you stayed within your food budget. I keep telling myself that one day soon I am going to allow myself to have a cold-cut submarine (bomber) sandwich ... well, half of one anyway. Just don't want to either spend the money or the calories on one just yet!

    @lydiapassthedonuts ...You write you've lost a good bit of self motivation, and I can so much relate to that. Yesterday I was very 'down' about it all myself and shared my misery on a group chat I belong to. Several people quoted me to suggest things I could try to overcome it. And you know what ... I was grateful for their care and concern, their suggestions were the very same ones I would offer to someone also; and yet it didn't cheer me up. Right now I feel better, but am starting to dwell on the prospect of retiring from my daily multiple visits to MFP. It's not something I want to do right now though as I would really like to see how all of us make out with this last challenge for 2017 that we are in.

    @bapcarrier ... thanks for doing all the work for our group challenge. When I did the recording, I always 'felt the pain' for those who had a gain and was cheering on those who lost, and felt sad over those who gave up.

    @verybusybee ... actually, you could have joined the challenge even though you started on here after it began. But you don't have to ... we still like that you come here to share, support. Baby steps ... that's what I needed to do, and still need to do, to make lasting changes in my behavior with food and activity. Unfortunately, for me, it doesn't seem to get easier cause while it's become routine to measure my food before I eat it and to record everything I eat and drink as well as every walk or other physical activity I do beyond normal living I'm still the same yo-yo dieter I always have been. The major difference is that now when I yo-yo I don't go up as much and when I lose again it is to a new low. But slow ... slo slow!

    @regularposters ... there was a post yesterday from someone who was inviting posters on here to come into a YouTube video and subscribe ... you know, I hope, that this type of post is illegal here on MFP. Also that following unknown links to posts could be a disguise for a hack.

    @tdunnegan ... thanks; I don't blame myself for being a Type 2 diabetic ... but I used to feel that way at one time because the disease runs in my family from my mom's line and I was determined not to get it myself. Of all my siblings, I was the last one who finally succumbed to it and probably would not have had that PCOS issue been recognized and treated.

    AFM --- It's time to get off this website and get my Saturday business started. Have a good
    weekend everyone.

    PS ... I just had a real surprise when I looked out the window into my backyard ... just had to come back here and share it ...

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    First time posting on this thread.

    Starting weight 258 lbs, 6 lbs away from being morbidly obese.
    10/20/17 weight 196.6 lbs, BMI finally out of obese category at 29.9.
    1st goal weight 195 lbs
    Ultimate goal weight 160 lbs.

    Might adjust this to 158 lbs to aim for losing 100 lbs. Hard to wrap my mind around the idea of losing 100 lbs.
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    @Nikion901 Niki, go back and read your post from this morning. See the words to Barb on down. Do NOT quit coming here every day. You need this group, and we need you. Never give up. You will find motivation to keep going here.
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    Name: cellosmiles
    Age: 37
    Height: 5'3"

    Start Weight (as of Sept. 16th): 230
    Goal Weight (for Nov. 18th): 223

    Weigh in Weeks (listed by Wednesdays)

    1. Sept. 20: 229
    2. Sept. 27: 226
    3. Oct. 4: 229
    4. Oct. 11: 229.8
    5. Oct. 18: 228.6
    6. Oct. 25:
    7. Nov. 1:
    8. Nov. 8:
    9. Nov. 15:
    Final Weigh in: Nov. 18:

    Weight -/+ this week: -1.2
    Total weight -/+ this challenge: -1.4
    Total overall weight lost this year: -21.4
    Total lost from highest recorded: -28.4
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    Happy Saturday Everyone!

    In better spirits for sure today! The little doggie is doing better; he got cut in between his eyes .. thank god it missed them, but because of the impact his nose started bleeding so it was a mess ... he could not breath so he was doing this thing and all the blood was flying like spray ... so I have blood stains all over the hardwood floors and some walls :o (right on time for halloween for sure!! :D ). The big dog is doing fine, my husband calmed down and decided to keep him, but we do need to get him some training because he needs to calm down.

    In addition to the debacle with the dogs, I also lost my wedding band this week ... even though I have not loss more weight, I guess my fingers are thinner so while I was walking the dogs at the park and it just slipped right off .. so the probability of find it .. close to zero :/

    Then TOM decided to visit as well .... :#

    Anyway, a new week will start and I hope to be able to do better than this one. Is my last week before my trip and would like to get to lose a couple lbs to get to my lowest weight before I am off to the States.

    Have a great rest of the weekend and everyone keep posting!! Its so great to have you all sharing!

    Here a picture I took this Spring in NJ:

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    This week there was no loss for me. Had a few bad days. Hope next week I can catch up
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    Can't recall who suggested to add to our calendars the weight projections from MFP; just did so we will see how accurate they are! ;)

    Thank you!!

    Definitely sounds like a good idea. I will do the same after I complete my diary tonight. I'm visiting my parents in Malta in 5 weeks, so would
    definitely be interesting to see how accurate it is.
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    Sunday Share ...
    Speaking about putting our projected weight into a calendar and checking it against our weight when that day comes about ... I do that occasionally and one of those checkpoints is coming up in 5 days. My Diary says "Are you 230 pounds today? You could be if you had net calories of 1550 a day" .... Well, my net calories were about that and I am off target. What gives? And, what are Net Calories anyway? :s
    ... read on ..
    Here's a quote from a MFP Help question about it ...
    MFP sets your nutritional target as Net Calories which they define as:
    Calories Consumed (Food) - Calories Burned (Exercise) = Net Calories
    This means that if you exercise, you will be able to eat more for that day. For example, if your Net Calorie goal is 2000 calories, one way to meet that goal is to eat 2,500 calories of food, but then burn 500 calories through exercise.

    My issue with understanding this explanation is that I don't ever see anything on my desktop computer that actually says "Net Calories"
    See the photo for one of my days on the desktop ...
    ... however, now that I use a smartphone for MFP I have found it, but don't know how to take a screen shot of it so I can either show it to you or have a photo reference for myself.
    Suffice it to say, the less you eat and the more you exercise (and enter both into MFP), it will do the math and figure that if you had the same Net Calories for each day of the next 5 weeks, you would reach the projected weight.

    Now.did I do that? Of course not! My net average calories for the past 5 weeks have been
    9/17-9/23 = 1576
    9/24-9/30 = 1758
    10/1-10/7 = 1334
    10/8-10/14 = 1767
    10/15-10/21 - 1370
    Average daily calorie intake for the past 35 days is 1561.

    HECK I should be closer to my projected weight than I am ... what's up?
    Well ... several things ...
    It takes 3500 net deficit calories to lose 1 pound ... and to date, from 9/17 to 10/21, my weight has changed by -2.9 lbs. (237.3- 234.4) ... which represents a 10,150 calorie deficit or burn, which is an average of a daily deficit of 290 calories. This in turn suggests that my average TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure from living and exercising) was 1851 calories a day. And, another consideration in the equation ... that I haven't mentioned up until now is ... Does MFP have your daily weight in it's system to give you that projection? Or, is the weight you have in there days or months old?

    So back to me and my math lesson to all of you who are still reading this :) ... If my average daily burn is about 1850 calories, and I want to lose 2 pounds a week, I need to cut 1000 calories and I end up with a NET calorie of 850. I can do that through exercise and food reduction or just from one of them. Which one do you think would be more achievable? Or maybe I should lower my expectations and aim for 1 lb a week, so that I can have a Net Calorie of 1350 a day ....
    --- Only problem is, from looking at my average nets, there were only 2 weeks where I had about that amount of Net Calorie ... the rest of them were no where near it, and my average suggests I'm more of a .50 pound a week loser ... which is really slow and easy to upset!

    Have a Good Day!
    Niki B)
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    @ihp2015 Beautiful photos of that castle, and great walk that you got in!
    @Nikion901 My head is spinning from all the math. LOL Good luck with whatever you decide on how to handle it all.

    Well, I am off on our little trip early tomorrow. I will try to connect when I'm gone but we are headed to Amish country (Holmes County, Ohio) and the Amish aren't much on phones/cell service. It is spotty. Have a good week everyone. I will be back late Thursday and my WI is on Fridays, so I will assess the damage and start a new week. :)
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    b_lisieux wrote: »
    @Nikion901 My head is spinning from all the math. LOL Good luck with whatever you decide on how to handle it all.

    I will be back late Thursday and my WI is on Fridays, so I will assess the damage and start a new week. :)

    Yep @b_lisieux ... weight loss calculating is a lot of very simple math ,,, plus keeping your mouth shut and your feet moving!

    Enjoy Amish country!
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    Thanks for that cause I am having a hard time with the math, it's a little clearer now... I still have to work out my numbers to see if I grasp it.
    I found the place with the 5 week progression, sorry I can't recall who told me but thanks!
    But I need to add the following... I don't exercise (i know I need to start) and some days I'm extremely sedentary. But I have found quality beats quantity. I can go over on calories but if it's low carb, high fiber and high fat my body just seems to function better and loose more. The weeks I go up is when I get into the sugary desserts, pasta and bread... potatoes don't seem to derail me but sugar is just my worst enemy.
    @ihp2015 Really nice photo!
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    And I loved the pic of the deer!

    Are we also going to see pics of Amish country, sounds wonderful!
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    newjax2017 wrote: »
    But I need to add the following... I don't exercise (i know I need to start) and some days I'm extremely sedentary. But I have found quality beats quantity. I can go over on calories but if it's low carb, high fiber and high fat my body just seems to function better and loose more. The weeks I go up is when I get into the sugary desserts, pasta and bread... potatoes don't seem to derail me but sugar is just my worst enemy.
    @ihp2015 Really nice photo!

    Ditto on the nice castle photos.

    Carbs hold on to more water weight than protein does and fat doesn't hold on to anything, it either gets used or goes into storage. But that's only when we eat more than our body needs at the moment based on what we have currently stored in our livers. In the end, the body doesn't know or care what macronutrient you are fueling yourself with ... too much and it will have more to store, too little and it will use stored fuel to burn up.

    The numbers game is how we all try to eat more and still lose weight. Cause ... who wants to feel hungry? Not me.