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    @BarneyRubbleMD that was an interesting questionnaire...said i was a "moderate" binge eater...
    And thanks for sharing your life with us. I find it hard to share. I am a bit of a closet eater. When my hubby lives with me, i have no food issues. But he isnt here right now...and sometimes it is hard to stop!

    @cellosmiles ,

    When I'm at work and other people are around, it's easier for me to stop eating (always feel like they are watching me!) but at home (I live alone) if I start to binge, it's almost impossible to stop (especially if I'm watching TV) and what makes it worse, I don't even feel full after I binge, so, I just keep eating. There can be many things that can trigger binge eating beside just "food" triggers and learning to recognize what those triggers are and what causes them so one can be proactive with them before a binge happens can really help with getting a Binge Eating Disorder under better control. I use to think it was just about "food" triggers but for me, stress can trigger my binges as can meal timing (i.e. if I wait too long before my next meal), as can getting poor or not enough sleep as can not eating enough calories--this was a big one for me as I had always done diets that were just too restrictive in calories for me but I didn't know that until I had an RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) test done to determine the correct # of calories/day I needed to eat to properly fuel my body.
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    @GOINSTD12 I am really sorry for your loss. I can only imagine how life has changed so drastically. Even from far away (and online) tons of hugs <3

    @jam5660 congrats!! looking forward to those cute baby pictures soon!! :)

    Was not sure what the name of the exercise challenge was changed to (or even if it was indeed happened), so I just swap 'challenge' for "plan"

    Holiday Exercise Plan!

    Name: Ana
    Goal: Exercise 3 x week for 45 minutes.

    Nov 22: 3x10+K steps + 1x45 spinning :)

    Weight lost this week: +0.3 :'( (yesterday I ate so many carbs ... ridiculous)
    Weight lost so far: 72.7
    Current Weight: 156.9

    I have not had like gym workouts, but have been trying to walk as much as possible .. I had days of more than 10K steps, so I count that as a win.

    Thursday Truth!
    Getting really hard to focus on good eating habits and exercising. Not sure why I have lost my focus if I want this so much ... am I depressed? Who knows, but I need to kick my butt and get myself back to losing weight.

    Before I go .... Happy Thanksgiving to all! (even to those not in the US) ... thank you for your MFP friendship and support <3


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    I had to pop in to say how very sorry I was to read @GOINSTD12 's sad news. My condolences, and I wish you better health and strength to deal with all that faces you.

    And at the other extreme of life, congratulations to @jam5660 - all the best with your pregnancy.

    No news from me, still chasing down that last pound or so to my mini-goals, but for those of you who celebrate it, I wish you Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends. My heart goes out to our friend so recently bereaved, days like this are so hard at such times.
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    Wow, so much going on and so much information to learn/look into! @GOINSTD12 I am so sad to hear all you have gone thru recently. My heartfelt condolences on the loss of your loved one and then to have your own health problems on top of that. I pray you find peace to deal with everything and that you are able to regain your health and positive outlook quickly.

    At the other end of the scale @jam5660 congratulations!! I am so relieved to hear your news. After you posted about not feeling well for so long that you were going to make a Dr.'s appointment and then you disappeared for a while I was really worried about it's wonderful to find out your "ailment" was for such a happy reason! :)

    @BarneyRubbleMD and @RunawayCurves thank you both for your insightful posts about binge eating and all the struggles involved. I plan to take the test, my guess would be that I have a slight problem but not sure. It will be enlightening to see what the test results indicate. (I realize this is only a portion of diagnosing a binge disorder but it should give me an idea if I truly have this problem or not.) I imagine a lot of us may have it to some extent.

    As for my Thursday truth, @happygirlxxx took the words right out of my mouth! All I can say is ditto and me too!
    "Thursday Truth! Getting really hard to focus on good eating habits and exercising. Not sure why I have lost my focus if I want this so much ... am I depressed? Who knows, but I need to kick my butt and get myself back to losing weight."

    Happy Thanksgiving for those celebrating and Happy Thursday to everyone else! :)
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    Hello -- here we go to face Thanksgiving and all the joy and gratefulness that it holds. I am grateful for the following things:

    1) My wonderful Family and Friends
    2) My job that I am so fortunate to have
    3) I am back focusing on my journey
    4) I found this group to share with
    5) No drama right now with my family (it's been a year)

    So the first day of the challenge, I go to the gym and do 30 minutes on the elliptical. But I make a big mistake and don't stretch before or after. The muscles in my right leg were tight and I strained my knee! Ugh. Doing lots of stretching and ICE on my knee all week. Hopefully after this holiday weekend it will feel better and get me back in the gym.

    Holiday Exercise Challenge

    Name: Cyndy

    Goal: Go to gym 3x a week - At work do the building stairs (3 floors) 2 times a day

    November 22 - Gym 1X - Stairs 2 days... then my knee muscles were strained

    Weight lost this week: -1.2
    Weight lost so far: 2.2
    Current Weight: 217.8

    @GOINSTD12 I am sending my sympathy to you. I was widowed suddenly in 2006 and I know what you are talking about with all there is to do... including figuring out who you are without him. I have been there. So sorry everything else including your health issues have all happened at once. Be strong...

    @jam5660 Congrats on your baby news! What a wonderful surprise for you.

    To everyone else, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.
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    Thursday truth

    Yesterday i went over calories again. I ended up eating a large pizza (minus 1 slice i gave to the dogs to stop me from eating it).

    @RunawayCurves thanks for sharing that. You and barney both mention the trigger foods as grains. And when i had gone grain/potato/rice free from april to july my food cravings eased. Guess i need to really watch those grains...
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    Thursday Truth ... I ate an 8-inch purchased Apple pie today. Really only meant to eat a third of it today ... but it's al gone now. 1700 calories ... that puts me 1000 calories over my goal today.

    Back on the healthy eating train again now. And I am grateful that I ate that pie. I won't want any more for at least 6 months, maybe longer.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone who celebrates.

    PS ... just had a thought ... it took a lot of picking up a fork and shoveling it into the pie ... about 30 minutes worth of time ... wonder if I can call it my 30 minutes of activity today? After all, one arm and a lot of my jaw got a good workout. :)
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    @Nikion901 I might had been better off just eating a pie, rather than all the food I stuffed into my mouth at my friend's Thanksgiving diner! Tomorrow is a new day and since I ate at someone else's house I won't be tempted by leftovers! :( Ah...I'd day no to the exercise LOL.
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    I actually did good with eating this Thanksgiving day after post-logging everything tonight. I knew I'd be over my target calories (2200) & carbs (180) but I did manage to stay under my maintenance calories (2800-3000)--probably the first time that's happened at Thanksgiving in years. I still got plenty full at the Thanksgiving meal with plenty of turkey & gravy & vegetables to eat & mainly tried to control myself with the stuffing (1.25 cups was sufficient after eating everything else first). Everyone else had pumpkin pie first and they weren't thrilled with how it tasted so I opted for a very small slice and only ate 2 oz of it as it wasn't very good, so I didn't want to finish it.
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    Friday Fitness ... it's going to be sunny all day today before it rains tonight ... and the early morning sun streaming through the windows is enticing to go out front to pick up leaves. I got the back yard finished last week and put the equipment away ... but now it looks like I will have to bring them back out of storage ...

    Aw @bapcarrier .... now I must go exercise if I'm going to get any in for my exercise challenge!~ Shucks!

    That pie is still in my taste buds and is standing still in my middle! My weight was up 2 pounds this morning and my mouth is as dry as if I had the 'dry-coppers' from a night of drinking (I can barely recall those days but can still recall the after-effects). It's rejuvenate and repair time.
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    I need to lose 100 lbs. Currently down 24 lbs of it. Makes it easier when you set mini goals
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    Finally I can take a breath and check in here. What a whirlwind few days it's been. All of the holiday festivities are over, as is my birthday, so today life is back on track as normal. After a week of eating things I normally do not eat, from various events/parties not to mention the big TG day itself, then my birthday party, I only gained 3 so even though it was a gain, I was really happy that's all it was. Sent all the birthday foods home with people last night. I enjoyed them but don't want the celebration days to turn into a week.

    Have read everyone's posts and I think I'm up to date. There were many to read since last Tuesday! I just want to say to @goinstd12 how sorry I am on the sudden passing of your husband, and for all that you are dealing with. Many hugs and prayers for you. I was saddened to hear your news.

    Time to get this house, kitchen, and my desk back in order. When I had nowhere to go with something these past few days, I just threw it here on my desk. I'm lucky I found the keyboard this morning. :smile: To be honest, I'm just going to enjoy a day of no running anywhere, no company here, no nothing other than tidying up. We got our Christmas tree up and all decorated yesterday, with the helps of kids and grandkids. I plan to enjoy it today. :smiley: Hoping everyone has a great day today.
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    Sorry I'm not posting goals, I still am without computer.
    I just hope everyone is hanging in there.
    @GOINSTS12 my condolences. I send you my best wishes for strength in this difficult time.
    I need to lose 100 lbs. Currently down 24 lbs of it. Makes it easier when you set mini goals
    You are off to a greAt start!
    @ cellosmiles just wow! Congratulations on your willpower.

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    Saturday NSV ... I made my own Mushroom Barley Soup today and it is delicious. Better than anything I could get out of a can or at the grocery store food bar! ....

    ....PS ... only draw back ... for a family of 1, even a small pot of soup is a lot of soup to have on hand. I do not freeze this soup for holding over ... so it will be my lunches for the next 6 day.
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    Niki, if I like food I enjoy eating it for days, so that's a win in my book.
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    Hi everyone!! I hope those in the US had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday. There have been 1008 posts since I was last on the thread in August; needless to say, I will NOT be going back to read through all of those! LOL! I do see a lot of familiar faces, so I will just re-acquaint myself with all of your lives going forward from here.

    For those who don't know me, or need a refresher, I'm Karen from Chicago. I started MFP in March 2011 and joined this thread (in its previous incarnation) in July 2011. When I started at my highest weight, I was at 247 lbs. and over the first 2 years I got down to 182, and maintained around 185 for 2 years after that. An injury and illness led to a 10 lb weight gain which has now turned in to 15 pushing 20, so I really need to refocus.

    I took a much needed break from MFP, and now I feel refreshed and ready to go at it again. I've managed to maintain my weight right around the 200 mark. I've been fluctuating between 197 and 202, so I decided to check in at the high mark and go from there. I've also reset my goal to 1200 calories/day which is where I started MFP oh so many years ago. It may sound low, but I plan to eat back my exercise calories, so most days I will be consuming more. In addition, I am going to allow myself 2 days/week at 1600 calories to accommodate social events (of which I have many upcoming). I haven't been logging at all, but I know my calorie intake has probably been between 1600-1900 most days, so I will still be below maintenance calories even on the 2 higher intake days.

    My hope is that going back to this stricter level will allow me to shed some weight and start the new year with some momentum. It's so easy to give up at this point of the year and just say, "I'll wait until January 1st to restart." However, I know that plan would mean a free-for-all for the next 6 weeks and perhaps a few additional pounds that I don't want to have to re-lose.

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    Monday Check-in!

    Well my exercise plan will not go too far .... I pulled a back muscle and I can't hardly move :'(

    I guess I could cycle because my legs are OK, however how would I get on / off the bike that I don't know as well as how I would put the cycling shoes ... they are attached to the pedals though, so I can try to just slip my feet in and not strap them .... and just move my legs, no weird arm movements :#

    Oh man .... this is painful!! And on top of it today is super market day, so I usually go food shopping today .... @Nikion901 I wish I had your mushroom soup, I would not mind having that everyday this week and not worry about cooking! I only have in the fridge bread, butter, milk and coffee .. I guess delivery guy will be my best friend for the next days :D

    @skinnyjeanzbound welcome back! Seems you have a good plan laid out! I didn't start logging on MFP until mid January, but started taking better care of my meals around this time last year, so I know you can definitively lose weight even though is the holiday season :smile:

    Well got t go ... I am moving realllyyyyy slooooowwwly and everything is taking forever to do!

    Have a good start of the week!
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    Monday Check-in
    It's been an unproductive week with exercise thus far, only have one 30-minute session in so far. I overate big time on Thanksgiving by eating an 8-inch apple pie that day. So even though my calories, except for that day, have been in the green, with so little exercise I ended up at average calories of 1711 for the week ... close to maintenance ... plus I still haven't shed the pie excess so my weight is up 0.8 this morning over last Monday morning. ... I know if I didn't log everything on MFP it would have been even worse because it is so easy to under estimate the calories we consume unless we are weighing, measuring, logging. That 2 pounds to my mini goal has slipped to being 4 pounds.

    @happygirlxxx - sorry you have pulled your muscle ... hope you used heating pads and ice packs to ease that soreness and stiffness. If you did try to exercise, and if I had been there with you I would have made soup for you ... but I think I also would have butted in and scolded you for doing so. Give yourself a day or two with the compresses for 10-20 minutes several times a day ... and do mild stretching movements. Hope you feel better soon.

    @skinnyjeanzbound - Welcome back.

    @newjax2017 - It's not something I like to do, but have become accustomed to it when I made anything that feeds more than 1. Most of my meals are cooked within 15-20 minutes and I rely heavily of stir-fries, small frittatas or omelettes, salad bowls. But I do cook up a pot of something like soup, stew, chili every week. I have become adapt at making smaller cooks though ... used to be a pot would be 16-20 cups, now it's 8-12. Doubt if I'll get it down to much less though, because I seem to always start with 1 onion, 1 carrot, 2 ribs of celery ...:)