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    @Nikion901 Thank you for the soup recipe! It sounds wonderful. I made some chicken soup yesterday, not nearly as exotic sounding as yours! And I totally agree about how the changes we made from old ways helps us today. You are so right, I never thought about it, but it was way back in the 60s or so when TV dinners, boxed mixes, etc. became new staples/time savers. I think this whole weight loss journey is a transition, as you said. We didn't gain this much weight overnight and it's hard to break old habits but eventually we learn. It may be taking you longer than you want to lose the weight but you have already lost a lot and just look at the newfound eating habits you've got along the way. It's a journey, it's a process, it's a learning curve. Pat yourself on the back. You are doing great.

    @newjax2017 I have no idea why it takes us so long to learn about nutrition and healthy eating and the motivation to get healthier. I ask myself that many times. The good news is that we did, and here we are!

    @cellosmiles I do the pre-logging too when I have an event. (actually I do it every day...I start with dinner and work backwards) Makes me feel in control when I have a social event. And don't beat yourself up over eating the piece of cheesecake. Had you not eaten the one piece, it would have haunted you all day and probably sent you off on an eating frenzy somewhere else. You ate it, you enjoyed it, you took none home and you got back on track. You did great!

    @natashajacques86 Welcome! Niki said it best. You will find a lot of support, motivation, shared stories, pats on the back, etc.. here, but ultimately we are all responsible for what goes in our mouth. Everyone here has the same goal, the same struggles, and we share things that we are proud of, or struggle with, or get good ideas or new ways to look at things, which ultimately I think keeps us going on this weight loss journey. Check in here every day, read the posts, and you'll find a great group that is all here for each other. None of us has to do this alone and that in and of itself can lead to success.

    @happygirlxxx Thanks for that article! Every little tip helps!

    Have a great day everyone!

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    @b_lisieux and @Nikion901 lol yes i enjoyed the cheesecake. And stayed well under my calories for the day as i did a good amount of exercise!

    Does anyone know how to make mfp count both steps and workouts? I dont wear my phone when doing cardio pilates so it doesnt get recorded. Anytime i manually record an steps default to 0 for my whole history too...not just that 1 day!
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    Wow! I wrote a long post yesterday to report in. I guess I didn't click on "Post Reply"... Crazy. Anyway here is my exercise report for last week. My knee is feeling much better so I hope to get into it more this week:

    November 22 - Gym 1X - Stairs 2 days
    November 29 – Thanksgiving fitness walk, knee better started the stairs

    Hope everyone is starting to get into the holiday spirit. I have such a full weekend coming up... I am in a choir and our concert is Saturday. I have to make a "treat" for the bake sale. I made two batches of buckeyes last night and I happy to report that I only ate two! That is NOT what usually happens... so it is a small victory for me. This morning I put them safely in the freezer for safe keeping. LOL!

    Name: Cyndy aka @raindogmaa
    Age: 60 yrs old
    Weight: 216.2
    Initial Goal: 199
    Ultimate goal: 150

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    I just did a great post and inadvertently logged off!! Aaargh! Well

    Thursday truth - I have gained 15 lbs since Sept 1

    I am stressed and eating poorly. A constant report here -- sorry about that. I've decided to stop seeing chiro so much. It leaves me with no gym time. The guy asked me to come 3x a week. Now I'm at 2x. I will cut back to 1x every other week.

    One thing I did learn is that grains and sugars definitely affect my aches and pains. This has been mentioned by others. I never knew that and I am thankful this doc pointed it out ..
    And folks here reinforced.

    So I am cutting out grains and (God help me) sugars. Sugars are a real challenge. That one takes every ounce of willpower for me

    My mother actually was quite good with nutrition. She fed us raw veggies often and baked homemade bread and donuts. Such great memories. In my early 20s I went vegetarian. I read many many books on nutrition. Even with that knowledge, i have blocked it out. Kinda like the cigarette smoker who ignores the label on the package (I smoked a pack a day. Gave it up 30 years ago and didn't gain weight doing it!)

    I have been so close to dropping out of this thread. You are all so kind informed and open, that I simply must stay. I am so grateful for the insights and common experiences.

    I'm posting from my phone so I have to stop as my hands are going numb. Let me just say, I've readbghe posts annd; i love cheesecake, welcome our new member, am jazzed by the exercise posts and wish everyone a wonderfully successful day on your journey tomorrow
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    Thursday Truth: I haven't binged for 13 days!...which has helped me get back on track and drop all but one pound of the weight I had gained from my recent binge-fest (November 10-17).
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    @BarneyRubbleMD good for you!!!! Awesome work!!

    @tdunnegan keep coming to the group because we are here to support you as much as we can ... if there is someone who understand how hard this process is ... definitely all of us and I believe that eventually you will be able to turn around the weight gain .. just need to keep fighting for it! we all do!!

    @cellosmiles same happens to me and I don't know how to fix it either. At first I wondered about it, but reality is that I think that calories are overestimated at MFP so if some got deleted it would compensate for this.

    Friday Fitness!!

    Well not much progress here. I cycled yesterday for 30 minutes, but now my pain is back, but only on one side ... the exact opposite as before, weird!!! I am trying to get an appointment with a chiropractor to check what is going on since I got something similar about a month ago when I went to the US.

    Unfortunately this has not helped with my weight and I have gained like 2lbs this week ... in total this month I have gained 6lbs :'( I am worried that I am losing control and I am going to gain back everything that I loss ... and since I cant workout how to compensate? I don't think I will lose weight without it ... I know some people do, but just eating healthy doesn't work for me :/

    Lets see how the weekend goes and hopefully I can share a loss next week.

    Great start of the weekend everyone!
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    I have finally caught up with the posts, thanks for all the articles and inspiration...I really need it right now. I seem to have gone totally off track. I'm eating all day long, and not exercise. In a real funk! I'm leaving in a couple of hours to fly to Kentucky to see a friend I haven't see in three years, who has several health issues. She has very poor internet service and I don't know how my cell service will be so I may not be on for a few days. I have logged in for the last 322 days straight so not logging will be a problem for me even though it doesn't seem to have helped lately. I find that I log and then I continue to eat and don't go back and update my intake as I'm already over my calories anyway. At least it keeps my mind on what I'm doing even if I'm over my goals. Hoping to get myself thru this without a huge gain. :( I'll let you know in a few days how things are going.
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    @bapcarrier we started at MPF almost at the same time ... I have been here 1 more day, 323 days logging! Have a good flight and a good time with your friend in KY.
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    I see some are really struggling here. Ladies, never give up. Everyone faces a time when we feel like we are falling off track but you came here, you checked in, and maybe that is the little push that will get you back on track.

    @bapcarrier, I hope you can log on so you don't lose your awesome checking in day count. Maybe there is a public place with Wi-Fi if all else fails. Traveling is hard on MFP but you do the best you can do and move on once you are back. Check in here if you can, we will always be here for you. Have a safe and good trip.

    @tdunnegan You don't want to drop this thread. You gained...ok, so what, now you're back. You have a plan. You've got this and you can do it!

    @happygirlxxx You are not losing control. You are here. You can turn it around! I know pain can wear us down. I hope you can be pain free soon.

    @BarneyRubbleMD...way to go! Congrats on the loss and great job on fighting the binging. You CAN do this. You are proving it!

    Wishing everyone a great weekend.
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    Friday Fitness ... we are having a beautiful day out doors today and I wish I had the time to go out and do some more leaf clean-up work in the front yard ... maybe get the put-away lawn mower working again and use it for cutting the last of the new growth of grass and pick up the leaves ... but alas, I just got back from having the car inspected and a haircut, and need to leave the house again in 45 minutes for a dentist appointment ... so no time to do it before I go out again. Just popped on here to record my food thus far eaten ... and stopped by to check this thread.

    I ditto everything @b_lisieux has said, and said the best.

    I had a steady run of logging on to MFP of over 500 days and then my computer crashed and I had to start all over on my counts after the repairs were made ... and yes, that was disappointing to see happen ... however .... I log not to see the count go up but to check up on how many calories I eat ... and I log the bad days just as carefully as the good days. There used to be a time when I would give up logging for the rest of the day, or even for days on end when my eating was out of sync with what I wanted ... and then it dawned on me ... "Who are you hiding the truth from Niki, yourself? You cannot hide it from yourself, you know that, don't you? And, who else can see that log besides you? - Nobody! So why are you trying to hide the bare facts? Is that any help in getting you to be able to get to the point where you can better internalize the effect of the food choices you are making? No ... so why do it? .... Yes, I talk to myself just like that .... some might call that crazy, but I call it living alone.

    Have a great weekend everyone ... wherever you are or are going, whatever you are doing, and be brave ... log your eats and then let it go.
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    Hi everyone! I need some motivation and this was where I found it quite some time ago, so if I can, I'd love to join back up.

    My name is Tracy and I live in ND with my husband, 2 kids and 2 dogs. I had gastric sleeve surgery over a year ago and lost 70 pounds but am now "stuck" between 65-70 pounds. I allowed carbs (which for gastric sleeve patients is a big no-no) back into my life and I've got to be done. My goal is to get down to 180 by the end of the year. That's about 12 pounds away. I know that if I become accountable for my exercise and food I can do it (because I know the last 5 pounds I put on is mostly water weight because of my salt and caffeine intake (also a big no-no).

    My goal for today (baby steps):

    - 50 or less carbs
    - 80+ protein
    - 64 oz water
    - 30+ minutes of walking at the gym

    At my lunch hour...instead of eating crappy food...I'm going to come back on here and read up a bit. Can't wait to reacquaint myself with those that have been here in the past and get to know all the new ones since I last was here.
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    Hello everyone! I want to lose 150lbs, please add me as a friend!
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    Welcome @newcaddy and @watchdezshrink. I think you will find a lot of support and motivation here. Check in often.

    Had a good weekend. And, last night my daughter and son-in-law surprised us and took us out to dinner. Was proud of myself because before we left, I looked up the NI from the restaurant, logged it before we left and felt in total control. Tomorrow night, it's a women's group Christmas dinner at a different restaurant. I'll try to do the same thing. Eating out can be stressful and a guess sometimes. Tomorrow's restaurant is a local one, not a chain, so it's all a guess. Can only log the best I can.

    Hope everyone is having a great Monday!
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    Monday Check-in ...
    While chomping on a Halo mandarin for my mid-morning snack which I was eating it too quickly ... plopping a segment into my mouth, squeezing the juice from it with my teeth and barely chewing it up before swallowing cause it was a bit tarter than I like them.On the last one, I didn't break 2 segments apart and ended up inhaling at the same time as I was swallowing that extra juice; and it went down 'the wrong way'. So, now I have an acid burn feel in the back of my throat and my lungs are irritated and sore. Dummy! ... that's a reminder to EAT MINDFULLY.

    This morning check-in saw a lose over last Monday's weigh-in ... but not really any closer to losing that last 2 pounds to make my 20% loss goal ... whose 'deadline' is only 2 weeks away. We are supposed to have lake-effect snow later on this week ... maybe I will get to burn some extra calories snow shoveling and snow blowing. HA!, what a thing to look forward to :( Time to pull out those DVD's on in-house senior exercises and follow them!

    PS ... hi back at ya @b_lisieux.
    Welcome back @NewCaddy ... I remember you, and hope that you find the motivation and support from this group that you once did. We're all kind of different now, but still very supportive of one another.
    Welcome @watchdezshrink ... I don't 'do' MFP friends ... so I cannot add you .... but stop back to this thread anytime. Always glad to see a post on here.

    Wednesday exercise challenge/goal come up soon ... and I am ready!
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    Woohoo woke up pain - free this morning!!! My back is not stiff and it doesn’t hurt anymore so I think I will at least go for a long walk :)

    Tomorrow I booked a Pilates Reformer class ... first one ever so will be interesting. I have done Pilates on the floor but not with the machine nor 1:1 Trainer. My dad and sister have been doing Pilates for several years now and <3 it so hopefully I will too.

    I am amazed how pulling a muscle can immobilize you and even the simplest tasks are hard to be done ... I looked like a robot moving around my house :p

    Hope you are having a fantastic healthy week!!!
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    Tuesday Goals ... playing a new numbers game with myself today ... anyone wanna join in?
    Here's the game ... Can you guess the calorie count of your meal before you log it?

    Today - guessed 560, actual 613 for my BIG breakfast.
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    Some of you might recognize my name from earlier this year; I was kind of a regular until late March/early April. I got completely overwhelmed/burned out at work, didn't have time to post anymore, and decided that I didn't really need a "community" or a network here. I was wrong!

    Since the spring I've gotten further and further off track, to the point where for the past few months I've been doing pretty much whatever I want. Not exercising or logging into MFP at all, ordering pizza once or twice a month, buying potato chips and cookies at the grocery store, etc. Last month I gradually stopped bringing my lunch to work, and even though I'd always get a roast beef or turkey sandwich from the cafeteria I'd also always get some chips and a brownie/muffin/cookie. Then last week I started letting myself get hot food again (spaghetti, chicken alfredo, etc.). Ugh. :(

    I don't know what made me finally get ahold of myself -- after months of feeling guilty and watching my weight creep back up (I regained half of the 40 pounds I'd managed to lose) -- but for whatever reason this past Friday was The Day. I started logging my food again, bringing my lunch to work, and sticking to my daily calorie allotment. Exercise has always been my biggest challenge, but in September I started taking a weekly tap class (for beginners): I'm determined to continue with tap next semester, and will dust off the treadmill eventually. I've had four consecutive "good" days, and there's no reason why today won't be #5. I've also had my first successful trip to the grocery store, where I didn't buy anything I shouldn't have. In many ways I'm starting over, and I've realized that being part of the community here really was helpful. So, if you'll have me, I'm back. :)

    Name: Jenny
    Age: 46
    Height: 5'3
    Starting Weight: 245
    Current Weight: 225
    Goal Weight: 140
    About Me: I work as a proposal manager, in my spare time I'm a jazz singer, I'm single with no kids, and I live near Washington, D.C. with my dog.

    I look forward to catching up with the folks I knew here before, and getting to know everyone else!
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    @jenny--welcome back to the thread. I recognize your user name from earlier in the year. I also took an MFP break at the start of this school year. I just got so busy at work and the stress of being accountable here was canceling out any benefit of logging and posting in the thread. I'm back to logging daily and plan to post here at least a few times a week. Sounds like you're off to a good restart. :)

    @tracy-- Welcome back to you too! As stated above, I just started back last week as well.

    @happygirlxxx --glad you are no longer in pain. Can't wait to hear about the pilates. I've also done the floor version but never with the traditional machine.

    @niki-- I've been thinking I need to also find some of the old videos I used to enjoy and start doing then in the evenings--especially since I've been very lax about getting to the gym, and the warm weather here seems to have said goodbye for the season, so no more long walks with gunner.

    @b_lisieux -- Great job checking the menu ahead of time. I always try to do that when possible. Dining out is still the hardest part of this process for me. Sunday, I went to a holiday party at a friend's jewelry store--spent the afternoon snacking of mini sandwiches and cheese platters (not to mention a few cookies :open_mouth: ). That wouldn't have been too bad except I didn't realize she had made dinner reservations for a group of us. Needless to say, I was well over my calorie allowance.

    AFM-- As I mentioned above, Sunday was a bust for me, and Saturday I was also way above what I'd planned. However, I had a really good week prior, so at least that's a step in the right direction. Another plus is that I barely ate any of the pasta dinner I ordered Sunday and had it wrapped to bring home. I was hoping my husband would eat it to spare me the task of trying to work those calories into my meals the next couple of days (it was a huge plate!). Then, as my friend and I were walking to the parking garage, a man who is often out panhandling on that street asked if we had any money. I asked him if he wanted my to go container, and he gratefully accepted it. I was happy that he got a good meal, and I no longer had to concern myself with those calories.

    Yesterday and today were again much better though I still haven't made it to the gym.
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    For those who are struggling to get to the gym .... one of my MFP friends recommended; she does the workouts every morning at home and its going quite well for her. The drawback is that is paid, but you do have a free month trial and then its like $15/mo or so (not that bad I think).

    I am going to try it just to change my workout because I think one of the reasons I am not doing it is because I am so bored ... so if there is the free month, why not give it a try, right? Might be just what I need to get me going again :)

    Another app that I used some years back is Nike Training Club and is good as well; used to be free so I guess might still be.

    Holiday Exercise Plan!

    Name: Ana
    Goal: Exercise 3 x week for 45 minutes.

    Nov 22: 3x10+K steps + 1x45’ spinning :)
    Nov 29: 1x60’ + 1x30’ spinning + 1x45’ Pilates :)
    Dec 06: none!! back was hurting :/
    Dec 13:
    Dec 20:
    Dec 27:
    Jan 03:
    Jan 10:
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    I loved Pilates Reformer!!!

    This was only a demo / trial session of 30 minutes, but I left refreshed!! Don't know if indeed I will loose weight with it, but I think it will definitively help to tone my body.

    Some of the exercises seemed simple, but they were hard!!! The instructor is checking all the time the alignment between your movements, breathing, posture, etc so I think you burn calories just from thinking how on earth to do the exercise right !!

    And the reformer machine does look scary, but its not that bad ... I think for me the hardest was the breathing that was so uncoordinated .... once I need to think about it I stop breathing LOL

    I have done mat pilates many times, but this was a totally different level ... definitively recommended to complement more active workout routines :)

    Only negative .... the price! Most where I lived, pilates reformers can get pricey, but some studios do offer group classes so that might not be that bad.

    Oh! And also the instructor hardly speaks English or Spanish, (and since my Italian sucks) I must say I am proud of myself because I was able to follow with not much issues :)