tall ladies - what's your goal weight and/or size?

A post I just saw got me thinking.... I've seen a lot of weight/size goals for shorter ladies over the past few months, but was curious what the tall ladies' goals were. (I'm 5' 11".)


  • I'm 5'10", 205lbs, with a larger body frame. My goal for now is 170, and I'm going to go from there and see if I want to lose more. The lowest I would ever consider going is 145-150.
  • I am 5'11. My goal weight is 150 and TONED!
  • Birdie
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    I am 5' 11" my goal is 165, but I would be happy with 175. Or a size 12. I older and don't really expect to get back to my high school weight.
  • fefe0201
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    Im 5'11" my goal weight is 164lbs,
  • Not as tall as you all but not short either, Lol!

    5"8 and 135 is goal. That's probably 5 pounds lighter than I need to be. I want some wiggle room when I start to up the calories again. So 140 would be closer.
  • I'm 5'10" & I now weigh 151lbs - depending on the ime of day! It's about the right weight for my height & build.

    I started at 185lbs in Jan 2011.

    I am now more focused on my body fat & muscle building which I'm enjoying.

    Good luck!
  • ElleBee66
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    I am 5'11 and my goal is 175 and then I will see how I feel.
  • I'm not sure if you consider 5'6 to be tall but my goal weight is 119 pounds. Currently I'm weighing in at 176 pounds.
  • Love_flowers
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    5"8 and a half.

    Goal weight 139lbs/63kg
  • TriciaAllen7251
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    I'm 5'10 and my goal weight is 175#. I don't care what I weigh, I'm much more concerned with fitness and toning. I would be happy with a size 12 or 14, seeing as I started in a size 34 at 380#.
  • TheFunBun
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    I'm 5'11 and a half! I'd like to be 160 for insurance purposes, but since that's just a few pounds over my lean body mass I'm probably going to have to stop around 180.

    No ideal size, but i would like to try 20% bodyfat. :)
  • coffeerunner
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    I'm 5'9 and my goal is between 130 and 135. Right now I got my goal at 135 on here but if I get there and decide to go 5 more lbs, I got the flexibility. I am really small boned so when I have been that low before it looked fine where as Simone my height with larger bones it would look scary thin. Thankfully, lol, at 152.4 I carry it well - thank god for curves.
  • mjj79
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    Just a little under 5 '10" with a large frame and my goal is 160 to 165, but if I get to 170 and i am toned and not flabby, I'd be happy with that :) I'd LOVE to get into a size 10. The smallest size (in my adult life) I've ever been was a 12. I can't forsee ever fitting into an 8, so 10 is my hope :)
  • Beethoven1827
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    I'm around 5'9", and peaked at 195lb. I'm currently 162lb, and am aiming to get down to around 147lb (or 10 1/2 stone as it is to me!). The slimmest I've ever been in my adult life, I was a few pounds below that, and was a UK size 10-12. I'd love to be a size 12 again, as I've not been there since having children - and the eldest is nearly 11... So that's my aim. I'm doing the couch to 5k plan, and a Zumba class a week to improve my fitness and (hopefully) get slightly toned, too.
  • AMB195
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    I'm 6" tall and currently weigh 168lbs. My goal is 160lbs with toned arms. I think I'm medium frame.

    I was a pretty steady 170lbs for about 3 years after my last pregnancy, but somehow in the last 6 months I jumped up to 180lbs and my clothes all became too small. I found this site in July and have lost that weight. Since I'm doing so well, I've decided to try to get down to 160lbs, which is where I was before I started having children. Truthfully though, it isn't my weight that is bugging me so much now as it is my flabby arms (where did they come from???).
  • ATA: sorry, posted twice
  • Am just under 6" and have no idea about how much I want to weight in the end, still have lots to lose first. Am at 237 at the moment and currently I think that 185lbs is a good aim and then will re-assess. Might never get even there though, especially as I am planning on incorporating some lifting. :-)

    Some of your low weights really are quite scary (from my overweight point of view) - but I still struggle with converting inches/lbs to cm/kg, so that might be why ;-)

    Good luck to all of you!
  • almc170
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    I'm 5'9, currently 165, size 10. I don't really have goal weight, but my current goal is size 8. Planning to re-evaluate when I get there.
  • I am 5'3" and right now I am 145-147 lbs. I want to be 125 lbs or a little heavier. I just want to be toned. I want my legs to jiggle less, I want my love handles to not hang out, I want my arms to look great. :-)

    -- I just realized this is for "tall ladies" and I thought the title was "tell ladies" haha I am a douche.
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    I am 5'11" and my goal is 175 and size 10 or 12 in jeans. I am currently 218 and size 16.