tall ladies - what's your goal weight and/or size?



  • cheekychk
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    I'm 5'11", started at 237 and currently about 200 (bouncing between 199 and 201) on my scale, but my scale is about 7 pounds light. My goal is about 170 on my scale so that I'm within the 178 lbs at the top of the weight range. From there, will see what to do, but I'm thinking that will be good enough. Currently a size 16. Would also like to be firmly within regular sizes, such as a 12 or 14, but have only ever been a 10 at about age 15, so don't expect that again at nearly 40.
  • marz31
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    5'10" here, I think I'd be quite happy at 175 altho at 154, I'd be HALF what I was when I started this losing journey, that would be a cool thing to say, that I'm half the woman I used to be ;)
  • cheekychk
    cheekychk Posts: 16 Member
    Jmeyer925-You look fabulous!!
  • nxd10
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    5'10" and 53 years old. I started at 188 and hit my initial goal weight of 167 (yay!). I decided to keep at it until I hit what I think is better weight of 150. That's where I was when I graduated from college and after each of my kids were born.

    US size 14 is loose now - it used to be tight. I am not buying any new clothes until I hit 150. Except belts and bras!
  • msaestein1
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    I am 5' 11" my goal is 165, but I would be happy with 175. Or a size 12. I older and don't really expect to get back to my high school weight.

    Yes, good point. I think that our height and age go togther. I am just under 5'9", so not as tall as most of you ladies but my sisters are. My oldest sister actually modeled with Brooke Shields' agent back in the 80s. She is 45 and was saying she watned to weigh like 125 again. I immediatly yelled ycuk! LOL We are in our late 30s and 40s. I don't think she or anyone her height and weight should be that low. If your in your 20s maybe 145-150 at the lowest, but 30s and up 160s. My goal is 159 and I am 35, and again 5'9".
  • ksavy
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    I am 6'0", 157 and 22.7% body fat. Its a good weight for my height. I am not overly concerned with losing any more weight, just trying to cut some body fat at this point. I started at 193 and 37.6% back at the end of March, and would like to get below 20%.
  • emuhawk
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    I'm 5'10", with a goal weight of 150. Right now I'm just above that (maybe 153ish) and wearing a small/4 in tops (if I can find ones that fit my broad shoulders, which is often an issue) and either a 6 or 8 in pants.
  • ThickMcRunFast
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    I'm 5'9" , between a medium and large frame, and happy at 148. My goal has shifted to 20% body fat. Anything less than that and I look weird.
  • Channing
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    5'11" with a goal set at 150 or 20% bf. Ultimately I'd like both!
  • Jenn152
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    I am 5'11, large framed, and I have a starting goal of about 190. Once I hit that, I would say I might work towards 180-185 as an ultimate vanity goal :bigsmile:
  • Caligirl_92
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    I'm also 5'11, go tall women!!! lol I started out at 205 am now down to 178. My original goal weight was 155 but the further I get down the more I think 165 is a better goal weight. For my frame I think I would start to look skeletal if i was 155.
  • mcgeesy
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    I am 5'11" and started at 245, presently down to 233. My goal is 160.
  • DeepAsAPlate
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    I'm 5'10" and currently 185 (size 9-12 clothes). Even though my goal is 150, I honestly doubt I'll ever get below 165. I don't think I have the build to weigh less. I'd be fine with a toned 160.

    Also, boobs. I'd like to keep my boobs.
  • ilovemybuggy
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    5'9 - starting weight in FEB was 287 Current weight as of this am 237 (FINALLY HIT 50#) Goal weight 160-165
  • amberrr20
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    im 5'9 and currently weigh 168 and im a size 8. ultimately i want to weigh 140
  • I am 5 10 currently weight 185.5 hoping to get to 175 I feel and look good at that weight
  • lrichardson2360
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    I'm 6'1", currently 224, down from 297. My goal is to be 175. I haven't been that size since I was in my late teens, but I do't think it's out of the question.
  • I'm 5' 10ish, weigh 138 and wear a size 2 or 4. My original weight was about 185 with a goal of 155. When I got there, I still had too much flab! So....I just kept going :smile: I was 11 years old the lat time I weighed 138 and truly never expected to see it again at the age of 49. Amazing what people can to once they decided to just do it!
  • I'm 5'11 and quite small-framed - so I am 130lbs. My goal body fat is 15% (currently 16%). No goal weight.
  • trishajo82
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    OK my turn.........


    Current weight - 272

    Would like to get to 199 (just to see onederland again)-- but have a goal set at 220.

    I am large framed (have a 7 1/4" wrist) --- but have narrow hips.

    If I knew how to add a pic I would........

    ETA: and no, sorry - 5'6" is not "tall" :smile:

    ETA2: see if I can get this pic in here - this was me at about 282 -- I know it looks like I have some big 'ol hips - but I really don't - it's just fat. LOL