tall ladies - what's your goal weight and/or size?



  • nxd10
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    I'm 5'10", with a goal weight of 150. Right now I'm just above that (maybe 153ish) and wearing a small/4 in tops (if I can find ones that fit my broad shoulders, which is often an issue) and either a 6 or 8 in pants.

    How do you do that? I'm also 5'10". When I was dancing and 128 I wore a 10. When I am 150 I can do a 12, I think (I'm 167 and a loose 14 now). And really, I looked SKINNY at those lower weights. My dance instructor told me I was too thin.
  • I'm 5'10 and my goal weight is 125. At 140 currently.
  • jynxxxed
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    OK my turn.........


    Current weight - 272

    Would like to get to 199 (just to see onederland again)-- but have a goal set at 220.

    I am large framed (have a 7 1/4" wrist) --- but have narrow hips.

    If I knew how to add a pic I would........

    ETA: and no, sorry - 5'6" is not "tall" :smile:

    ETA2: see if I can get this pic in here - this was me at about 282 -- I know it looks like I have some big 'ol hips - but I really don't - it's just fat. LOL


    Wow, you are TALL! Amazing job on your weight loss so far, you look great!
  • HeatherSanto
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    I'm 5'10 and I'm going for 160, but I can live with 170
  • wimeezer
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    I'm 5'10" and going for 175 and as toned as I can be
  • AJ_MotherRunner
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    5'8" - currently 150, goal weight 145

    Most importantly right now, I am more concerned with lowering BF % because I would love to be able to see my abs for the first time ever!!!
  • SAME!
    I am 5'11. My goal weight is 150 and TONED!
  • Wabbit05
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    I'm 5'11" I'm going for between 145-150 but mostly just want to be toned. I would like to be a size 8 in jeans and a medium/large shirt. I'm pretty close to being there, and the strength training I'm doing should get me there in a few months!
  • I'm 5'11" and my goal is 140.
  • EmilyOfTheSun
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    I'm 5' 11" as well. I'm looking to get back to my swim team weight of 146! I'm 11 lbs away :)
  • journalistjen
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    I'm 6'0", medium to large frame, and my goal weight is 180 lbs to 200 lbs. I've always been an hourglass shape, and I looked great when I was 180 lbs. I was a size 14 at that weight.
  • BonnieandClyde29
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    i'm 21 and 5'10 and my current weight is 185lbs...i want to get back down to 150lbs and go from there...everyones body is different so if i feel comfortable at that weight then i will just tone and maintain my weight and if not i will go lower :)
  • pixelberry
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    I'm 5'8.5" - goal weight of 140 pounds, hoping to get into a size 6. Just five more pounds to go!!!
  • jackieatx
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    Almost 5'9, starting weight was 165, current weight is 145.5, goal is 144. This is the second time I changed my goal (first was 149) and I think I'm going to change it again to 140 after I hit goal. Maybe.. we'll see what my body fat percentage is at!
  • I am 6' tall and have a large frame. At my lightest I was 180 pounds and frankly I looked gaunt and quite sick. I plan to get to 200 pounds and see how it goes from there.
  • ecsmithbrisbane
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    I am 5 ft 9in current weight 224.....goal weight 160
  • Jenna9797
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    I'm 6 foot 2 inches in my bare feet and I would very much like to get to 220. Denise, one of my support buddies, says that once I get there I'll probably change my goal to something lower but right now, that is where I'd like to get.

    Size-wise I don't really care what size I wear, I care about my shape. I want to lose the fat on my belly and inner thighs, etc. Body Pump has mostly taken care of the flabby arms, yay!
  • amcmullan
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    Im 5'9 and want to be about 160. I really am not concerned about exact weight. I just wanna look good, feel good and be healthy :smile:
  • Journey2013
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    I am 5'9. I currently weigh 255 and wear a size 14/16 top and 16 bottom. I want to weigh between 180 and 190 which should put me around a size 8.
  • CariBgood
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    Well nothing like feeling even bigger than I already am.... I am 6'2 and I need to lose about 100 lbs. My goal weight would probably be right at 200lbs....