50 Shades??

joaniej75 Posts: 136 Member
How many have read this book?:smile:


  • kimg70
    kimg70 Posts: 32 Member
    Loved them!!

    and...I was so into reading that I didn't eat anything!! lol
  • havasquez075
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    my entire office was reading the series....i read all 3 in less than a week ;)
  • shelbiejo
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    I'm half way through the first one....It is very, um, different. I'm not sure if I care for it.
  • joaniej75
    joaniej75 Posts: 136 Member
    I loved them too---i read the first one in a few days----and um---there were things I never knew existed--lol
  • I read all 3 of them in about a week and got everybody around the office reading them. The best thing to happen to my sex life in a long, long time.
  • joaniej75
    joaniej75 Posts: 136 Member
    I was amazed at some of the stuff in the book....it was awesome!
  • joaniej75
    joaniej75 Posts: 136 Member
    i know right--my hubby would say--have u been reading the book again---I think I'll keep it so I can refer back to it..
  • krissyliz78
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    The 1st one was OK. Loved the 2nd one bc there was an actual story behind it. Im suffering through the last 1. Im just not into it anymore. She is a broken record! However I do LOVE Christian!!!
  • Jonalee1977
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    I enjoyed it. You'll find a lot of people who complain about the writing, but E L James doesn't claim to be a writer. I liked the story and it opened my eyes to a lot of stuff. My husband is VERY happy....hahaha!

    If you want a good follow-up, read Bared to You by Sylvia James. I honestly can't decide between Christian Grey and Gideon Cross. YUM!
  • joaniej75
    joaniej75 Posts: 136 Member
    A friend of mine just told me about Bared---(thats all she said) I tried to look for it but couldnt fine it--thanks for giving me the whole title---I will read it!----and my hubby was happy too
  • rjorgy4
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    I read the first one and half of the second one. Believe it or not... I got bored with it!! lol
  • chinita96
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    I can't wait for the second set where it's all in his point of view!
  • kingofcrunk
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    I'm reading the first one and at the moment I absolutely hate it. I can't get into it, I don't care about the characters, I don't feel like there is any story line and I think its terribly written.

    I know most people love it and can't put it down, but it doesn't do it for me.
  • kimg70
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    Have to agree with Jonalee1977

    If you like the series then you will probably love Bared to You, also the first in a series. Book 2 is due out in early Oct.:smile:
  • kelpud
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    Read the first, thought it was ok but not great, not bothered with the others so far, doubt i will either tbh
  • JessicaT2007
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    I can't wait for the second set where it's all in his point of view!

    I know! Just that little taste of it from his POV at the end of the last one makes me want to read the whole series that way!
  • mamo1014
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    I couldn't get into it. I know almost all the women in my office raved about it ...maybe the hype ruined it...who knows
  • kimchi84
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    i read all three books, it was really good, the first book was alot to handle, well for me at least since its was my first time reading exoctic novel, but it became such a good love story :). FYI I don't recommend reading Bare to You, the lady that wrote it pretty much copy Fifty Shades of Grey. When I read Bare to You, I couldn't even finish it because I felt like I was reading a boot-legged version of Fifty Shades of Grey. :)
  • Meh. I'm not interested in reading it. And I've heard that the writing is horrible, but then again, I've also heard that it isn't being read for the storyline lol....
  • mommyhof3
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    I read all 3 books because my friends were raving about them. I enjoyed them; however, some parts made me feel uncomfortable so I skimmed over those (I was brought up in a rather prudish family :blushing: ) I felt the books got better as they went along, second better than first etc.