50 Shades??



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    50 Shades of Gray the sexual version of Twilight both are horrible

  • Honestly.. some of the worst stuff I've ever read. And I went into it knowing the writing would be crap.. I was just in it for the sex scenes (yes I admit it)..and quite frankly - they were boring! Too often, same descriptions, and unbelievable in some cases (seriously..she has a mind-blowing orgasm EVERY SINGLE TIME?).

    Dude was more than a little crazy/psycho too - I wanted to want to love/rescue the character.. but just didn't find him attractive at all!

    Agreed completely. This blog has a really funny summary of each chapter.

    Bump for when I'm not at work lol. Read some of them and they're hilarious, but unfortunately I have to get back to work...boo!
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    My neighbours son bought all 3 as a birthday gift for her. She read them twice! and loved them every time. She insisted I needed to read them and would absolutely love them.

    I read book 1: kinda boring, bad writing, start of a story line. A few days later I picked up book 2: kinda boring, bad writing, terrible sex scenes, not very good porn. Bored with the series. Took about a month before I could pick up book 3: boring, still bad writing, still terrible sex. Couldn't get into it. Put it down at chapter 3. Weeks later picked it up again and finished the book in one evening. The ending of the trilogy was probably the best of all three books. The END of the trilogy was the best thing about the books -- thank God there isn't a fourth book!

    My daughter and d-inlaw saw the books at my house. What are you doing with those books? Are you actually reading them? Shocked.

    My daughter downloaded to her kindle, read first 5 lines and gave up on the books. Bad bad writing. D-inlaw mad that I never picked up the books at the library when my holds came in. I had already read them. She's still waiting to read.

    Improvement in the sex life? No, I don't think so. D/S is, to me, abusive and I'm not into abuse of any kind.

    Want porn? There's no good porn but there is better porn than 50 Shades.
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    Movie???? No, I won't be going.
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    Downloaded all three back to back. Great read!! My poor fiance, couldn't get enough of him!! lol
  • I'm on the 3rd book now....it's taking me forever to get through it. I do find that I have mixed emotions about Christian....in a good way ;)
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    Downloaded all three back to back. Great read!! My poor fiance, couldn't get enough of him!! lol

    looking at the comments and noticing that people are complaining about the bad writing...yeah..I did have a problem with that, but once you get over it, not a bad read. But to each it's own....Just loved being introduced to the "good life". The jet planes, and the cars, and not having to worry about money AT ALL!! Awesome!!
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    I read it.. but lol it didn't peak my attentions that much.. i've read much more .. i don't know erotic.. than this.. yes there was some sexy bits but some of it i was just *rolls eyes* like the whole no.. you know.. gag reflex.. and that she so eagerly took him on.. ffs i'm the same age as her in the book, same innocense to an extent and yet all i wanted to do was scream "god sakes where the hell do you think you're writing such a hypnotic read" but that's just me lol
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    The "please", "oh my", and "my inner goddess" is ridiculous! Read them all cause I had to finish what I started, needless to say, it didn't get any better.

    that part DID get redundant, lol. Was she bi-polar? All in all, from a 1 to a 10, I gave it a 7.
  • Thank you thank you thank you for making my afternoon. I took a break from work to read this post and it made me laugh. I read all of the 50 Shades and they were fine .. you had to work thru them I guess. No different than the heaving bossum, bodice rippers that my mother read sometimes. LOL I read them because everyone was talking about them and I finish what I start...but she will not be winning any awards for writing...just fantasy stuff I guess...

    But your posts this afternoon made my afternoon and actually took me away briefly from my work hell.

    SO THANK YOU! :laugh:
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    A guy who has issues with intimacy (due to his past) and is learning to trust with the help of a girl. And on the other end, a naive girl who is learning to push her boundaries in the name of love.

    Having been in a similar relationship (as YOU put it, not what everyone raves about), I find this part interesting. I'm just starting the first one. Haven't gotten to the steamy parts yet. Watching Ana and Grey's relationship begin is like reading my own story. Telling him about it and having him see it too... priceless. :blushing:
    I don't give a hoot about the writing. I've read amazing authors and lousy authors and it all comes down to what the story says to you, IMO. :smile:

    Wait until you get the the part with the contract...I died. XD

    I've heard about the contract. LOL
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    Read all 3 twice!!! I'm thinking of a 3rd time! I am super hooked and "GREYsessed" I :heart: Christian
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    I'm reading it now...I'm to the part where he gave her "the contract" LOVE IT!!!!!
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    My husband is a VERY VERY happy man ( well now more so ) after me reading them LOL
  • I've lost all faith in humanity
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    I read all three
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    I can't wait for the second set where it's all in his point of view!

    I know! Just that little taste of it from his POV at the end of the last one makes me want to read the whole series that way!

    I loved in book 3 where they gave a chapter on his perspective. I hope all 3 come out from his POV. :love:
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    LOVED the first book...the second was ok....and the third was just hard to get through but I am not much into the lovey dovey stuff..so when it was nothing but f**king I was all over that book but not so much when it came to the romance.
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    I know he was fine as wine however, she was quite drippy. I cannot wait to see who they cast in the movie. They have a lot of interesting choices
  • I totally agree!